RUMOR: Sony and Konami Have Signed Deals for MGS, Silent Hill, and Castlevania

A New Rumor Could Mean Konami Is Coming Back

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • A new Castlevania game could be coming
  • Metal Gear Solid hinted at by Jez
  • All titles could be exclusive to PlayStation

We already know that Silent Hill 2 will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive title and is being developed by Team Bloober, but according to some new information from Jez Corden, Sony, and Konami are looking to have a more lucrative relationship that involves all of the legacy Konami IP’s that they are looking to bring back, two of which are only rumored at this point.

Sony and Konami Could Be Bringing Classic Games Back

In an initial rumor by another industry leaker, Shpeshal Nick, Jez Corden quote retweeted that he had heard the same rumor spoken by Nick in the Podcast.

In a reply to the above tweet, Jez continues and adds in that he has heard that Castlevania could also be part of the deal as well.

All 3 IP’s are effectively the reasons why Konami is famous in the first place, while we already have confirmation of Silent Hill 2, official word on Metal Gear Solid Remake and Castlevania is still scarce. We haven’t had new entries to either IP in years, except for the latter getting remasters, and being the most absent, skipping the entire PS4 generation.

With a PlayStation showcase still rumored, we still don’t have a date for that either, but only time will tell if the news does indeed mean the revival of Konami to the gaming world.

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