RUMOR: Sony Experience Could Take Place on July 8th

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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It seems that Jeuxvideo, one of the biggest names in gaming news in France, has confidence about Sony Experience (Sony’s answer to E3) could take place on July 8th. While a show is long overdue from them, we can only hope the date is real.

Sony Experience could take place very soon

Sony Experience is going to be the event where Sony announces the software lineup for the PS4 and PS5 for the rest of 2021, going into 2022. While E3 saw Microsoft, Nintendo, and other publishers share their lineup for both years, Sony and EA are still the two big publishers who have left out their lists.

Considering the phenomenal show put forward by Microsoft, and even by Nintendo, many fans have their eyes fixed on Sony on presenting some top-tier titles for release.

JuexVideo believes that the show can take place on July 8th, but as this is a rumored date, we don’t recommend taking a day off until its official news.

While the publication hasn’t shared how they have their confidence in that specific date, perhaps there is something the publication knows that we don’t.

For now, we recommend taking the news with some salt. The other show you should be excited for in July will be EA Play on July 22nd.

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