Saints Row Reboot: Release Date and All We Know

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Bilawal Bashir
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The new Saints Row reboot is nearly upon us, and in a couple of weeks, we will be able to run around and bring chaos to the streets of Santo Ileso. Volition has been dropping trailers and previews left and right, so we know pretty much everything there is to know about the Saints Row reboot release date and what the game will contain.

The highly anticipated reboot of the Saints Row series will have extensive customization, the series staple chaos, many weapons to choose from, and the ability to play the game with one other friend. This time around, don’t expect superpowers and aliens to be here. The developers are returning to the streets and bringing a much more grounded experience.

There will be a long wait for Grand Theft Auto 6, and we haven’t seen any other wacky open-world crime game in a while. So, the Saints Row reboot release date holds a special place in people’s hearts who just want to watch the world burn.

Saints Row Reboot Release Date

Saints row reboot

The new Saints Row reboot release date is August 23, 2022.

Previously, the game was supposed to release on February 25, 2022. But, the developers delayed the game in November last year.

The Saints Row 2022 will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/s, and PC. The game will also feature cross-play, but it is only limited to cross-generation in one family of consoles. For example, people with the PS4 can team up with their friends on PS5. Similarly, people on Xbox One can play with gamers on Xbox Series X/S.

The game will also see a day one release on Nvidia GeForce Now, so people with capable hardware can stream it on the release date.

Saints Row Customization

Customization in Saints row reboot release date

Character customization has been a staple of the Saints Row series, and it seems the developers are ramping it up this time around. The Saints Row Boss Factory is a customization tool that allows you to create your own main character.

Customization in Saints row reboot release date

The customization goes beyond anything we have seen so far in the series, allowing you to make a totally unique character. The Boss Factory is available right now, and you can make your own boss before the Saints Row reboot release date and upload it once the game releases.

Saints row reboot weapons

While we’re on the topic of customization, all the weapons in the game will be customizable. This feature is in the previous Saints Row game, and it is good to see it here as well. From adding new modifications to your weapon to changing the color and skin, you’ll be able to express yourself through your killing machines in this game.

Saints row reboot cars

Car customization is back in full force as well. The previous Saints Row games already had good levels of customization. The new one is taking things to a whole another level. This isn’t as fleshed out as the best racing games or the best Need for Speed games. There is certainly a large variety for you to tinker with. From changing how your car handles to upgrading its stats and from changing the colors to deploying full-body modifications. There is a lot for you to experiment with cars.

Saints row reboot base

That’s not all. Your Saints headquarters is also customizable here. The developers have really outdone themselves, allowing you to completely change the look of your base. From what we have seen, there are plenty of options both for the exterior and interior of your gang headquarters.

And then there are clothes and outfits. There are multiple shops in the game world that you can visit to purchase new drip for your boss. The clothes range from normal to extremely wacky. In true Saints Row fashion, if you feel like it, you don’t need to wear any at all, either.

Saints Row Reboot Story

New saints row story

There is a new city, there is a new style, and there are brand-new characters for you to befriend. It is a reboot in the true sense of the word, offering everything fresh to the players. Volition said that the reboot was necessary to keep the series moving forward, and we think that’s one of the best ways to handle the story. After all, you can’t go much further than space and virtual reality run by aliens.

The Reboot Touch

Saints Row reboot designer Damien Allen states, “It’s exciting and daunting. That’s the best way I can describe it. What in that world feels true to the Saints Row franchise? We have had so many ideas throughout the course of this project, and hopefully, we can pluck all the best ones and put them together into a cohesive story, game, and world.”

Saints row reboot release date gangs

The developers are leaning toward something between Saints Row 2’s seriousness and Saints Row 3’s wackiness. As long as there are no superpowers, most fans of the old-school games will be satisfied here.

The game is bringing a new cast of characters, so the fans of Johnny Gat, Shaundi, and the gang will be a little disappointed. The new cast has four big players, all bringing something different to the table. UX designer Kenzie Lindgren speaking with GamesRadar said, “here’s something really freeing about being able to create brand new characters that have no strings attached – there’s nothing that you have to fall in line with,”

Saints row reboot gangs

You’ll be going up against rival gangs in the game. There are 5 different ones to fight against and all of them have dedicated areas, gang looks, and weapons.

Saints Row Reboot Gameplay

Saints row release date

There have been plenty of hands-on preview events, and we have gotten impressions from multiple Internet personalities and publications. Some are totally in love with the reboot, while some have genuine concerns about the gameplay. Especially surrounding the shooting mechanics.

The specific brand of stupidity and absurdness of the Saints Row series is in full effect here, so there will be genital punches. However, the more absurd weapons of Saints Row 3 and 4 will be missing this time around. There is a huge emphasis on melee combat, including special finisher moves that you can pull off once a meter fills up. There is still going to be a weapon wheel that allows easy access to multiple weapons wherever you are.

New saints row driving

New additions

The developers have made car combat a lot more polished. You can ram other cars off the road, just like Burnout games of the past. Many cars also have a dedicated perk that you can activate while driving, this adds to the driving experience. You are also able to surf the roof of the car and shoot back at enemies. This is reminiscent of the Just Cause series. 

Wing suit Saints row reboot release date

Speaking of Just Cause, come the Saints Row reboot release date, you’ll be able to wingsuit around the beautiful city of Santo Ileso. There is now a dedicated roll button too so you can roll away from all your worries.

Side Quests

New saints row driving

Apart from the main story, there are several side missions that you can indulge in. They range from dragging a mobile meth lab to giving bad reviews at restaurants and businesses.

Of course, Insurance Fraud is in the game as well. It’s a fun mode that allows you to throw yourself in front of oncoming vehicles and rack up your insurance payouts. Insurance Fraud has been a series regular and is extremely fun to engage in. We are sure the developers are keeping other side missions under wrap as well.

Saints Row Reboot Characters

Saints row reboot characters

You play as the Boss, a fully customizable main character that you control. Then you bring in three other people from other gangs to form your own criminal enterprise. There is a nerdy guy Eli who came to Santo Ileso to run his own business. There is Neenah, a getaway driver and an ex-member of the Los Panteros Gang. Lastly, there’s Kevin, a DJ belonging to the Idols criminal faction.

Saints row reboot shooting

These are the characters Volition has shown off extensively in their trailers and media releases. We are sure there are more characters for you to engage with during the main story. The reception of the new characters has been lukewarm, as fans are not happy with their quippy dialogues. It remains to be seen how well fleshed out all these characters are. We are sure we can check them on the Saints Row reboot release date.

New Saints Row Location

Saints row reboot desert

The game takes place in Santo Ileso, which is inspired by the American Southwest. There are nine different territories in the city, each with its own different feel and aesthetic. For example, the Rodeo District is home to the rich and famous in the city. El Dorado is the gambling hub, kind of like a small Las Vegas.

Saints row reboot city

From the trailers, the Saints Row reboot has large open spaces as well as densely populated city areas for you to explore. Combine that with some pretty fast transportation, and you have a recipe for a good exploration-based video game. The inclusion of the wingsuit is not to be downplayed here. It will add a level of verticality and much-needed spice to the open world formula.


The new Saints Row reboot is shaping up to be one hell of a ride for both the fans and newcomers alike. The fact that you can play the game with another friend makes it an exciting playground for co-op shenanigans.

We’ll have more details about the game once it releases on August 22, 2022.

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