Season 2 for Modern Warfare 2 Revealed

Season 2 key art revealed, let’s slip of new offerings

Ralph Valve
Ralph Valve
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  • Return of World at War’s favored ‘Castle’ map
  • Warcom operator, ‘Ronin’ to make an appearance

Starting in the month of February, Season 2 for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 will deliver all-new offerings for players; ushering in major updates, new cosmetics, and content kicking off the new year.

Modern Warfare 2 appears to be harboring back to the classics for Season 2.0, welcoming back World at War’s favored ‘Castle’ map, alongside the return of Warcom operator, ‘Ronin’ featured from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the face of Modern Warfare 2’s expected Season. 

Season 2 Art Revealed

Right now, not an awful lot is known in regards to expectations for Season 2, though as we approach the new-year, official information should begin to surface concerning a road-map and what to expect. By now, fans are already knee-deep in Modern Warfare’s Season 1 update, so this should come only as a tease of what’s in store. 

Although we are a ways from Infinity Ward’s new season of content, Modern Warfare 2’s offerings throughout the next few months should suffice with the release of the Season 1 Reloaded update, scheduled to arrive on December 14, 2022. It will be Warzone 2.0’s first major update after its November 16, 2022 release. The update will also bring Raids, a new three-player co-operative mode, branching out Modern Warfare 2’s story. 

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    • They need to introduce Plunder again. what did they have in mind with stupid DMZ playing against 90 percent bots, it’s multiplayer.. not campaign. Give the people the option to get kills and respawn. Why bother with a new operator? Is that what people asked for? not everyone enjoys Battle Royale 100 percent of the time.

  • They made a new game with same bundles. They will go down, very down. They could put time investment and work in WZ1, who was the best game ever. They ruined all with implementing all mw bocw and vg into one. Then ruined all of them with bugs and they couldn’t handle the community requests. New map, better weapons with balance … For many of us, MW2 is “good” as Battlefield 2042 is… Shame Activision, shame…

  • Dont bash people who actually enjoy playing that game mode.

    Only babies make fun of other people enjoyment in life.


  • I agree, they need to bring back Plunder. I know quite a few people that are annoyed this mode is not available. They also need to add Solo and Quads to DMZ mode.

    • DMZ has a solo mode but you still play with other squads it’s easy if your looking to pick off players for their loot.

  • I’m sick and tired of playing the same maps over and over again….. Be creative and come out with NEW stuff for a NEW game for crying out loud…. That sh*t is pathetic……

  • 100% true. As well, every player that pre ordered was looking forward to terminal, and Afghan, along with the many iconic maps from old, but no! In their infinite wisdom of molluscs, they didn’t give any….at all! This isn’t mw2! It’s just a shitty version of a toilet bowl of thoughts from woke garbage men! Complete shite! The only people who like it are those that never really got to enjoy the dynamics of the original, or they were completely owned in the old one, so the new maps are refreshing to them, as the maps are built for roaches, with so many tunnels and throughways, that there’s no way for a 6 man squad to close a section off from invading idiots that don’t think about k/d. To them a great game is 100-99. I see it different as a great game is where a team gets owned and shite on because they didn’t learn anything during the game to improve their own game.

    • You said “woke” when describing this game. Lol its people that use the same buzzwords that can’t formulate their own thoughts.

      A 100-90s name IS a good game. You’re just sad because you play too much and are dad you have to go against people your own ‘skill’ level.

      You want to “close” a section? Get good and stop camping lol.

  • Agree Rich. Having everyone in together and bounties to kill other players just creates a toxic community. No chance for a casual player to experience the mode. Maybe also a pve mode only.

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