Sebastian Stardew Valley: Everything You Need to Know

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Mir Rafay
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Stardew Valley takes you on a beautiful rollercoaster journey throughout its storyline. The actual experience of the game is drawn from the plethora of characters introduced to you right from the start of your playthrough. In this reference, Sebastian in Stardew Valley is one of the most mysterious characters you’ll encounter throughout the game. 

One of the best things to follow in the game is to pay attention to each character’s storyline. Ultimately, the relationships you create with each villager are what dictate the type of game experience you have. However, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll be able to interact with each villager throughout your daily life in Pelican Town. 

Don’t fret, though! Today, we’ll be covering everything there is to know about one of the most emo characters in Stardew Valley – Sebastian!


Sebastian standing in the Mountain area

Sebastian is a highly introverted individual. He prefers to remain inside his room and interact only with the people he considers to be close to him. Sebastian lives in Robin’s Carpenter Shop, in the basement, to be exact, in the Mountains region located slightly north of Pelican Town. 

He lives with Robin (mother), Demetrius (stepfather), and Maru (half-sister). Not much information is known about Sebastian’s actual father, and he rarely mentions that part of his life. He considers Sam and Abigail to be close friends and can be seen consistently interacting with them throughout the game. All 3 of these characters also form a music band together. 

Like Shane, Sebastian is included in the 12 marriage-eligible candidates of Stardew Valley. He’s also one of the younger individuals on this list – a quality he shares with Alex. He’s technically unemployed but spends a great deal of time working on sci-fi novels, pursuing music, and creating/reading comic books.

Sebastian often mentions feeling mistreated inside his home as Maru is given preferential treatment. It’s also implied throughout the game that Sebastian has a crush on Abigail, although this never materializes. 


Sebastian's initial dialogue being exhausted

Sebastian leaves a very mixed first impression during early interactions. Although it isn’t outright rude, his overall attitude is quite dismissive. He looks pretty uninterested in making conversation and just wants to be left alone, preferably in his room. 

However, it becomes apparent later on that this is just the type of person Sebastian is – a very introverted individual who’s heavily focused on the few things he does. For the most part, Sebastian will remain to himself and not open up about critical aspects of his life until you hit a higher level of friendship with him.

Sebastian’s strange persona and complex method of interaction make him one of the most mysterious characters of Stardew Valley. It takes a while to build up trust and friendship with him, but eventually, Sebastian becomes more open with you about his problems.


Sebastian's Gift Log file in Stardew Valley

Sebastian’s daily routine depends on in-game weather, the current season, festivals, and special events. Following is a breakdown of his daily activities and schedule, including all special occasions and any irregularities.  


On regular summer days in Stardew Valley, Sebastian wakes up at 9 am. Although he’s awake, he still stays in his bed for the next one and a half hours before moving on to work on his computer. He keeps doing this till 3 pm and then heads towards his kitchen.

After exactly half an hour, Sebastian heads back to his room. He’ll stay idle until 4 pm before heading off to use his computer again. At 6:30 pm, Sebastian leaves his house to stand next to the lake in the Mountains region. He stays here for the next 3 hours and lights up a few cigarettes to smoke. At 9:30 pm sharp, Sebastian will head home and call it a day.

Special Occasions

On each Thursday after unlocking the Railroad, Sebastian slightly changes his daily routine. In this case, he’ll now head to the newly opened Railroad area to smoke instead of by the lake as before. Additionally, he’ll return home at 10:30 instead of 9:30 pm.

On each Friday, Sebastian follows his routine until 3 pm. After this mark, he goes to the Stardrop Salon and plays pool with Sam for the rest of the day. He heads home at around 9 and reaches the house by 11 pm. 

Each Saturday, Sebastian wakes up relatively early and leaves his house to visit Sam around 9 am. Both characters meet up in Pelican Town outside Emily and Hayley’s house, where they stay idle for the next two and a half hours.

At 12:30 pm, Sam and Sebastian move into Sam’s room and stay there till 6 pm. Afterward, they head to the small river before Sam’s house and smoke cigarettes. After one and a half hours, Sebastian calls it a day and heads home. He arrives home around 10 pm. 

On Rainy days, Sebastian has two alternative schedules, and he may choose to follow either. In the first case, he wakes up at 9 am and heads to the Beach at 10:30 am. He stays in the general Beach region till 1:30 pm and then moves over to the edge of the pier situated next to Willy’s Fish Shop. Sebastian spends the rest of his day here before walking back home once the clock hits 5.

In the second scenario, he uses his computer at 10:30 am instead of visiting the Beach. Once the in-game timer hits 3 pm, Sebastian will leave for the Stardrop Salon and spend the rest of the day here. In the Salon, he can be found next to the sofa at the far right (the room containing the Journey of The Prarie King arcade game). He’ll go back home at 9 and arrive by 11 pm. 

On the 4th of Summer, Sebastian has his annual medical examination. Due to this, he leaves his home at 10 am and heads over to Harvey’s Clinic. He stays in the waiting room till 2 pm before heading into the examination room. The checkup lasts 2 hours, after which Sebastian heads directly back to his house and stays there for the rest of the day. 


Sebastian follows the same routine for both his regular schedule and special occasions as he did in the Summers (mentioned above). 


Sebastian standing near the lake above Pelican Town

Following his regular schedule in Stardew Valley, Sebastian wakes up at 9 am and starts working on his computer by 10:30. Once the clock hits 12, he leaves his house to walk by the lake in the Mountains region. After two hours, Sebastian moves to the Mines area and stands near its entrance. 

He’ll remain in this area for another hour and then walk to the opposite end of the lake at 3 pm to smoke a couple of cigarettes. He can be found near the bridge of the lake while doing this. At 4 pm, Sebastian heads back home and enters his kitchen. He’ll stay here for one and a half hours before starting work on his computer again. This continues till 9:30 pm, after which the character goes to sleep. 

Sebastian follows the same schedule for all special occasions as he did in the Summers (mentioned above). 


Sebastian’s schedule for Winters is precisely the same as that for the Summer season (mentioned above). There is, however, one other special occasion to cater to in the Winter.

Special Occasions

On the 16th of Winter, Sebastian wakes up at 10:30 am and goes directly over to his computer to work. At exactly 3 pm, he leaves his room and moves to the kitchen area. After staying here for half an hour, Sebastian will return to his room (to the computer again). 

Once the clock hits 5, the character leaves his home and moves toward the Beach region in anticipation of the in-game Night Market event. He’ll attend the event till 11:30 pm before heading back home. 

After Marriage

If you achieve a high enough level of friendship with Sebastian and eventually get married, his routine for each Monday and Friday changes. 

On Mondays, he’ll wake up at 6 am and stay inside the farmhouse for the next 3 hours. Afterward, he leaves to visit the Mountain area. He stays here for half an hour and then walks inside the Town Square of Pelican Town for another half hour. At 10:30 am, Sebastian heads to the Mountain Lake and stands near his favorite spot where he used to smoke cigarettes. 

At 1 pm, the character visits his mother, Robin, and stays there for the next 4 and a half hours. By 5:30 pm, Sebastian decides to call it a day and heads back to the farmhouse. He stays inside for the rest of the night and goes to bed at 10 pm. 

On Fridays, Sebastian again wakes up at 6 am and stays inside the farmhouse for 3 hours. This time, however, he’ll go to the Beach region instead of the Mountains. He arrives at the area by 11 am and goes over to stand at his old spot (edge of the pier located next to Willy’s Fish Shop). After staying here for 4 hours, Sebastian visits the Stardrop Salon, where he plays pool with Sam till 9:30 pm. He then leaves the Salon and heads back to the farmhouse, going to bed at 11 pm this time around. 

Heart Events

Sebastian's 0 friendship dialogue in Stardew Valley

Heart events are special interactions you can experience with each character after reaching a certain level of friendship with them. In Stardew Valley, Sebastian has the following heart events that you can unlock and experience. 

Two Heart Event

To trigger Sebastian’s two heart event, you’ll have to enter his bedroom with him inside. It features the character working on his computer as you enter the room. He’ll ask you to wait for a bit as he’s busy at the moment, and you’ll have two options to choose from. 

Regardless of what you pick, Sebastian will walk up to you and apologize for making you wait. You’ll again have two options to choose from – you can either complement his room or ask him what he was doing on his computer. Both options offer different responses from the character.

Sebastian will then receive a text from Sam to hang out with him and Abigail, which he refuses to do. For the last time, you’ll be presented with two options to pick from – both of which offer alternative dialogue options from the character. At the event’s end, Sebastian will return to his computer table to resume his work. Note that all of the choices you make during this event only offer separate dialogues with Sebastian and have no effect on your friendship level with the character.

Four Heart Event

The four heart event requires you to enter the Mountain area anywhere between 11 am and 5 pm. The cutscene shows Sebastian, hard at work, maintaining/fixing a motorcycle in the garage attached to the left side of Robin’s house. 

Sebastian explains that the motorcycle belongs to him, and he sometimes likes to leave the valley as an “escape” and go on long rides. He then hints at the possibility of the both of you going on a ride together – to which you can choose to agree or disagree. Neither option will affect your friendship level with the character. 

Six Heart Event

Similar to the two-heart event, Sebastian’s six-heart event in Stardew Valley requires you to enter his bedroom with him present inside. You’ll be able to play a mini-game called “Solarion Chronicles: The Game” within the heart event with Sebastian and Sam. 

At this point, you’ll have to choose between 3 options to select the character class you want to have within the game. Your friendship level with both Sebastian and Sam remains unaffected by your choice. Afterward, the mini-game will begin and will extend for the rest of the heart event. 

Eight Heart Event

Sebastian standing near the Community Center area

To successfully trigger Sebastian’s eight-heart event, you’ll have to visit the Beach region between noon and 11 pm on any rainy day. 

The cutscene features Sebastian standing on his spot at the edge of the pier situated next to Willy’s Fish Shop. As you move up to him, he opens up about his anxiety and how he feels anxious with other people. Sebastian further adds that he feels comfortable whenever he’s around you. Towards the end, the character opens up an umbrella in the rain, and both of you stand together under its shade. 

Ten Heart Event

Sebastian’s ten-heart event occurs in the Mountain area if you enter it between 8 pm and 12 am. A cutscene is triggered, which features the character standing outside his house with his motorcycle.

Sebastian explains that he is about to go on a ride and asks you to come along. He takes you to a small mountain with a view of the city and explains that he often prefers coming to this spot. He’ll then open up about his feelings to you and confess. You’ll have 4 options to pick from – each offers different dialogue scenarios, but none will affect your friendship level. 

Before the event ends, both of you hold each other and share a kiss. 

Fourteen Heart Event

Sebastian’s fourteen-heart event in Stardew Valley is only accessible after you’ve married him. Additionally, there are 2 different parts to the event – each with its own requirements and characteristics. 

Part 1

The fourteen and last heart event for the character triggers if you enter the Mountain area between 6 am and 7 pm. The event features Sebastian standing near the lake, looking visibly worried. Upon your arrival, he seems relieved and asks for your help to catch an injured frog hiding in one of the bushes near the lake. 

After some attempts, both of you successfully capture the frog that, at this point, is severely injured. You’ll then have 4 options to choose from – your choice won’t affect your friendship level or the outcome of the event. In the end, it’s decided that both of you will nurse the frog back to health.

Part 2

The second part of the fourteen-heart event will trigger if you enter your farmhouse anywhere between 6:20 am to 7 pm. This one showcases Sebastian standing in the spouse room of your house, where he’s set up a small house for the frog. 

The character explains that the frog is in better health but wonders if he’ll be lonely living alone. You then have two options to choose from – both of which offer alternative dialogues. Once you exhaust the dialogue options, you’ll again have 3 alternatives to choose from.

Sebastian will give you a different reply based on the alternative you choose. Whatever you select, Sebastian’s room will permanently be changed into a sanctuary containing frogs after the event ends. 

Gifting Preferences

Sebastian standing next to Pam's house in Stardew Valley

The following table analyzes Sebastian’s gifting preferences in Stardew Valley. You’ll find all the items that he loves, likes, is neutral to, dislikes, and hates. Do note that this list excludes any and all items to which overall villager sentiments are universal. 

LovedFrozen Tear, Obsidian, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi, Void Egg, It Howls In The Rain, Mysterium, Stardrop Sorbet, Jasmine Tea
LikedFlounder, Quartz, Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture, Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World, Wumbus
NeutralAll types of Fruit (excluding Fruit from Fruit Trees and Salmonberry), All types of Fish (except Carp, Flounder, and Snail), All types of Milk
DislikedAll types of Flowers (except Poppy), Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Daffodil, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Magma Cap, Morel, Purple Mushroom, Salmonberry, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root, The Brave Little Sapling, The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch, The Zuzu City Express, Black Licorice, Cappuccino Mousse Cake, Joja Cola, JojaCorn, Kale Smoothie, Panzanella Salad
HatedAll types of Artisan products (except Coffee, Green Tea, and Oil), All types of Eggs (except Void Egg), Clay, Complete Breakfast, Farmer’s Lunch, Omelet
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