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Stardew Valley is a complex game with a huge amount of depth given to all its core functionalities. The characters of the game, in particular, are given a huge amount of focus. After all, it’s the relationships that you conjure up with them that ultimately shape your overall game experience. Shane in Stardew Valley is one of the most important characters you’ll encounter.

Whether it’s tiny intricate details like knowing how to get clay in the game or major aspects like the best tips to start your farming life, being aware of the game’s objectives and lore is essential for you to have a good start in your new life in the valley.

Here we’ll be focusing on one of, if not the most troubled characters of Stardew Valley – Shane.


In Stardew Valley, Shane is a resident of Pelican Town who lives in Marnie’s Ranch along with Marnie, Jas, and Vincent. According to dialogue, Shane’s renting a room from his aunt Marnie and helps with chores around the house in return. 

He’s very commonly seen working in the Joja Mart or spending his evenings in the Stardrop Salon. He is a bachelor and is 1 of the 12 eligible marriage candidates in the game.

Viewing his lore, Shane suffers from depression, an extreme form of which is seen during his 6-Heart event. Much of the dialogue you share will also feature pessimism about his life and generally wanting to find escapes from reality. 


Shane 10 Star Dialogue

Shane is visibly annoyed during most of your early interactions with him. That could partly be because of his severe alcohol problems and partly because he avoids most social interactions.

Nevertheless, his character building is very prominent throughout the game. Initially in Stardew Valley, Shane comes off as a grumpy character who’s constantly rude and rejective of you. His dialogues are mostly aggressive and cold, which portrays him as a closed book. 

This, however, changes as you increase your friendship points with him. Over time a very noticeable difference is seen in him as you become better friends. He becomes much more open and develops a welcoming attitude towards you. He also becomes more inclined to have conversations and shares deep dialogues with you in later stages of friendship.

Shane works 8-hour shifts from 9 am to 5 pm in the Joja Mart on most days. He’ll avoid interacting with you during this time. While working, Shane wears a Joja Mart shirt and can be found stocking items in the middle aisle.

Completing the Community Center results in the closure of the Joja Mart, making Shane lose his job as well.

On weekends with rain, Shane will work in the Joja Mart at the same time slot as on normal days. He visits the Stardrop Salon on most evenings and can be seen drinking Beer next to the fireplace.


Shane Character Log

Shane’s daily activities in Stardew Valley depend upon several factors, such as the day, weather conditions, and game completion. His routine is also dependent on the current season and will change with each new one. Here’s a rundown of his key activities during each season.


If you haven’t yet fixed up your community center, Shane will leave for work (in the Joja Mart) every morning at 7 am. He’ll work there till the evening and leave for the Stardrop Salon at 5 pm. Here, he can be found drinking Beer, which he’ll stop at roughly 11 pm and then head back home to Marnie’s Ranch.

On Saturday, Shane leaves Marnie’s Ranch and heads for the Pierre General Store at 12 pm. Similar to weekdays, he goes to the Stardrop Salon in the evening at 5 pm and heads back home at 11 pm. He follows an identical pattern on Sunday but instead stays at home till 6 pm and then leaves for the Stardrop Salon. He stays here till midnight and then heads back home.

If you’ve restored the community center, Shane loses his job at the Joja Mart. This causes him to stay inside Marnie’s Ranch till 2 pm on weekdays, after which he leaves for the Stardrop Salon. He spends his entire day here drinking Beer and heads back home at 11 pm.

On the Weekends, Shane will leave Marnie’s Ranch at 12 pm and head towards Pierre’s General Store. He’ll stay here till 5 pm, after which he visits the Stardrop Salon. He heads back home from the Salon at 11 pm.


If you haven’t yet fixed up your community center, Shane follows a similar pattern on weekdays as previously mentioned for the Summers. The only difference is that in this season, he leaves for work 10 minutes late and comes back home from the Stardrop Salon with the same delay.

Shane follows the same schedule on Saturday in the Winter season as he does in the Summer. On each Sunday, however, Shane keeps standing in Marnie’s kitchen the entire day from 9 am to 2 am!

If you’ve restored the community center, Shane will follow the exact same routine for all days as he does in the Summer. 

He follows roughly the same routine as this winter one in both the Spring and Fall seasons, with any changes being incredibly minor.

Heart Events

Stardew Valley Shane 6-Heart Event
Source: brutecass

Here’s a rundown of each Heart Event you can experience with Shane once you reach the specified friendship level.

Two & Three Heart Events

After reaching a friendship level worth 2 hearts with Shane in Stardew Valley, entering the Cindersap Forest anywhere between 8 pm and 12 am will trigger his Two Heart Event. 

During this event, a cutscene is displayed, showcasing your player sitting with Shane. Here, he shares a Beer along with details regarding his depression with you. Ironically, he also warns you about consuming too much alcohol.

Reaching 3 hearts of friendship with Shane triggers his Three Heart Event, which causes you to receive the “Pepper Poppers” recipe in your mail the following day – addressed to you by Shane. 

Four Heart Event

Shane’s Four Heart Event is pretty significant in his story-building. It has no time restrictions and triggers once you enter Marnie’s Ranch after reaching a 4-heart friendship with him. 

The cutscene features Shane fainting in his room while Marnie examines him. Upon her request, you throw a bit of water on his face, which causes him to abruptly wake up. The numerous cans of Beer in his room make it clear that Shane had been heavily drinking. 

Marnie proceeds to ask him about his future goals and plans to which Shane responds that he “hopefully” won’t have to stick around long enough to have plans for the future.

Jas, his goddaughter, hears this and runs away in tears. Marnie runs after her leaving you and Shane alone in the room. He apologizes to you and then immediately passes out from the severe intoxication.

Six Heart Event

Shane’s Six Heart Event, on the other hand, is the most severe showcase of his depression and one of the darkest cutscenes in Stardew Valley. It will only trigger if you enter the Cindersap Forest during a storm or rainy weather. Additionally, the game time has to be between 9 am-8 pm, and you need to have reached 6-hearts of friendship with Shane for this to occur.

The cutscene itself shows Shane half passed out at the edge of a cliff. He’s heavily drunk and suicidal. He asks you for a reason to not roll right off the cliff, to which you can respond with 4 option boxes. Unlike most heart-event choices, all of these keep your friendship level with Shane unaffected and only offer different dialogue options.

No matter what you do, your character ends up taking him to the Clinic, where Harvey suggests Shane go to a counselor. The following day, Shane comes to your house, apologizes, and explains that he’ll see a counselor. You’ll now have 3 option boxes to choose a reply from. Each of these will affect your friendship level this time around. 

Seven Heart Events

In Stardew Valley, Shane has 3 Seven Heart events; each requires you to have at least 7-hearts worth of friendship with Shane, along with fulfilling further conditions.

The first event triggers once you enter Marnie’s Ranch after experiencing Shane’s Six Heart event. It shows Shane having a more positive outlook on life, cutting back on drinking, and becoming more expressive to both Marnie and Jas. 

The second event will happen if you have a 2-heart friendship with both Emily and Clint. If you enter the town between 10 am and 4 pm, you’ll find Shane filming an advertisement with Emily and Clint. This is for a contest announced by Joja Mart. He explains that the winner will receive a 10,000g prize and asks you to be a part of his scene.

Shane’s third and final Seven Heart event is identical to his Three Heart event. In this, he shares a cooking recipe with you through your mail. He’ll leave the same note in the mail as before, but the recipe this time will be for the “Strange Bun” item instead.

Eight & Ten Heart Events

Shane’s Eight Heart event requires you to reach an 8-heart level of friendship with him. You’ll also have to enter Marnie’s Ranch with Shane present. It shows him painting a sign labeled “Fresh Eggs” in the room behind the kitchen. He’s very happy during this cutscene while he talks about his future plans and ambitions. 

His Ten Heart event will become active if you reach a 10-heart friendship and leave your house before 6:30 am. Furthermore, you’ll have to enter the Bus Stop located between your farm and Pelican Town between 4 pm – 6 pm for the cutscene to appear. 

During this, Shane asks you to go watch a game of Gridball with him – to which you agree. During the event, Shane thanks you for your support during his phase of depression. Both of you share a kiss and then return to Stardew Valley.

Fourteen Heart Event

Shane’s final Heart Event (excluding the special Group Heart Event) will occur if you enter Pelican Town on any day except Friday after reaching a 14-heart friendship with him. It has three different parts, each of which shares the same story.

You and Marnie catch Shane visiting Stardrop Salon, causing you to believe that Shane has been drinking again. The next part of this event features you confronting Shane about this, upon which you find out that he’s only been visiting the Salon to play the arcade games placed next to the snooker table.

You and Marnie then apologize to Shane. He reassures you that he’s leaving alcohol for good and is now looking forward to a happy and healthy life.

Gifting Preferences

Apart from items to which the sentiment is universal, the table below shows all items and Movies that Shane in Stardew Valley loves, likes, dislikes, hates, or is neutral to.

LovedIt Howls In The Rain, Wumbus, Hummus Snack Pack, Joja Cola, JojaCorn, Personal Pizza, Nachos, Stardrop Sorbet, Beer, Hot Pepper, Pepper Poppers, Pizza
Journey Of The Prairie King, Mysterium, Natural Wonders, All Eggs (Except Void), All Fruit (Except Hot Pepper), All Move Food Items (Except Loved and Disliked)

All Types of Milk
The Brave Little Sapling, The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch, The Zuzu City Express, Apple Slices, Black Licorice, Cappucino Mousse Cake, Kale Tea, Panzanella Salad, Truffle Popcorn, Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Daffodil Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Magma Cap, Morel, Purple Mushroom, Seaweed, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root
HatedPickles, Quartz
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