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Who's your favorite Operative in Shatterline?

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We are all familiar with popular FPS titles such as Call of Duty and Valorant, but Shatterline is considered to be one of the hidden gems in the free-to-play category. Developed by Frag Lab, this gem has a blend of these two games mentioned with a hint of Overwatch and the pacing feeling like Apex Legends.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best character agents that you can use in Shatterline in both PvP and PvE game modes as well as a summarized tier list table on which of these characters you can use.

Similar to Overwatch and Valorant, these characters also have their own assigned roles, which are the following:

  • Trooper These characters have powerful offensive and crowd control abilities that can turn the tides of a fight. Its passive abilities include faster regeneration and reload rate.
  • Recon – Specializing on flanking and laying down traps, these characters can go to elevated places using their grappling hooks, giving players an unfair advantage in camping out for enemies if they know their maps well.
  • Exo – If your playstyle relies more on movement and melee combat, you can utilize Exo characters to put pressure on your enemies early on. Kicking boxes or vehicles can eliminate them easier due to the Exo’s enhanced strength.
  • Support – These agents are responsible for keeping the team alive with their healing ability kits. Its passive abilities can quickly revive downed teammates, and they can also act as self-sufficient attackers.

PvP and PvE Tier List


  • S-Tier: Orbit
  • A-Tier: Malva, Strix, Mongoose
  • B-Tier: Brisa, Pill
  • C-Tier: Kite, Ram


  • S-Tier: Orbit, Malva
  • A-Tier: Strix, Mongoose
  • B-Tier: Pill
  • C-Tier: Brisa, Kite, Ram

Best Characters In Shatterline (Ranked)



Orbit Character Card

Orbit is one of the most powerful agents that you can use in Shatterline. This trooper has an overpowered ability kit in both PvE and PvP situations. Its Spy Drone can detect multiple enemies at once on the map, and your teammates can take care of flanking, or you can use your Swarm Grenade to finish them off.

Its ultimate ability Crystalline Injection can emit powerful salt spikes out of Orbit’s, which deals AoE damage to anyone near him. Not only that, but also it gives the player boosted armor for a limited time, increasing its chances of survival. In PvE situations, this can be useful as a last resort ability when being surrounded by elite enemies.

If your play style is more of an aggressive attacker, Orbit can be very annoying in PvP battles. So it’s best to get rid of him right away if you want to secure a winning round.



Malva Character Card

Malva is the go-to support character in Shatterline because of its healing kit that can accommodate your entire team throwing Medkits in the area to assist teammates. Additionally, she can also be a self-sufficient fragger with her Drone Pinscher that can chase down enemies with its powerful shocks.

Having her in your fire team during co-op missions can also increase the entire team’s survivability. For example, her Healing Station ultimate ability can heal multiple teammates at once. In a PvE situation, if both of Malva’s teammates are down, she can deploy Healing Station and revive safely despite being surrounded by hordes of enemies.

Malva can also act like Bridgitte in Overwatch 2 where she can directly toss Medkits to her teammates to instantly heal themselves.



Strix Character Card

Strix is the tutorial character that you’ll initially play in Shatterline, and her ability kit has similarities to Sage’s kit. Her Wall Grenades can create chokepoints in the map causing enemies to either charge through or reposition,

Her ultimate ability unleashes a powerful M.556 Volcano, a high-speed, six-barrel heavy machine gun that can pummel through hordes of enemies. Using Strix in both PvP and PvE game modes makes her a reliable character in any situation. For example, she can use her Wall Grenade in co-op expeditions where the team gets hoarded with enemies, and she has a small window to safely revive teammates.

Strix can also use her Crystalline Grenade to emit a small AoE damage field that damages enemies that pass through it.



Mongoose Character Card

Mongoose is a Trooper that has a balanced ability kit in Shatterline. His kit relies heavily on grenades such as the Frag and Smoke Grenade, which are standard military tech. Mongoose’s ultimate ability is a grenade launcher that can take out a group of enemies.

Although he has the most “boring” ability kit since it’s already common to see these in modern FPS shooters, he can make a good support fragger in Shatterline. An example is if Mongoose is paired with Orbit, he can use the Spy Drone intel provided by Orbit, and Mongoose can surprise enemies with his grenades.

Another example is if Mongoose notices that his team wants to charge enemy lines, he can set up a Smoke Grenade to make the enemies guess where his teammates will pop out.



Pill Character Card

Pill is a hybrid Support in Shatterline, where he can focus on reviving dead teammates quickly while providing crowd control through his Stasis Field, where he throws a projectile that freezes enemies in the area.

He also has a Med Drone that can watch an area for a limited time. Once either he or one of his teammates dies, the drone can automatically revive while deploying cover smoke. Pill can turn the tides of a fight if you can time the ability usage perfectly.

His Crystalline Shotgun ultimate ability actually feels overpowered as it can somewhat act as a mini-grenade launcher similar to Mongoose’s ultimate ability. These Crystalline pellets can deal damage over time.

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Brisa Character Card

Brisa is one of the best Recon flankers that you can use in Shatterline. Her ability kit reminds us of multiple FPS titles. For example, her Tactical Cloak reminds us of Sombra’s Stealth ability in Overwatch, but this one doesn’t make her completely invisible.

Her ultimate ability is a Crystalline Rifle, which is a long-range sniper rifle that reminds us of Chamber’s Tour De Force ability in Valorant. What sets her apart from the other agents is that she can either be used passively or aggressively.

If you’re the type of player who’s good at hiding and recognizing map exploits, you can take advantage of her Glass Mines. These mines almost kill enemies instantly in PvP. Or you can use your Tactical Cloak to hide from enemies or try to flank them from behind.

However, in co-op situations, we feel like there’s little impact with her ability kit and players might overuse her cloaking that they forget to assist their teammates in fighting the enemy hordes.

Here’s a little trivia for you: the voice actor of Brisa is also the same actor who voiced Raze in Valorant. So you might as well call her Raze from an alternate universe.



Ram Character Card

Ram is an Exo specialist that has a mix of melee and ranged abilities. He has a Throwing Axe that can kill an enemy with a single hit. However, this can be a difficult ability to pull off since Shatterline is a very movement-heavy game but it does feel satisfying once you hit someone with this.

He also has a Gravity Strike ability that damages and pushes enemies away, somewhat similar to Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier from Overwatch. Ram’s Hyperdash ability does a pouncing ability that can kill everyone in one hit, but it will take time to get used to since you need to know how to navigate through obstacles in the map.

In our opinion, Ram is somewhat a hit or miss when it comes to mastering his ability kit. The fact that Shatterline is already fast-paced will make him hard to master. Not unless you’re a Lucio user who’s used to moving around all the time.



Kite Character Card

Kite is, so far, the weakest character to use in Shatterline because it’s going to require you to use a lot of tactical brain power. Although he looks like Ghost from Call of Duty, don’t be fooled by his badass looks.

His ability kit has a Mini-Wall Grenade is a weaker version of Strix’s Wall Grenade, giving the player limited time cover. He also has a Remote Mine that requires you to manually activate if you see an enemy nearby your trap.

The only time Kite can shine in a firefight is if he activates his Crystalline Revolver ability, which unleashes powerful projectiles that can instantly kill enemies. Additionally, these projectiles also leave a trace of deadly energy in their path that can also damage enemies that are caught in it.

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And that wraps up our guide! We hope you found this ultimate character list in Shatterline helpful. Now you won’t have a hard time picking which character to use during PvP and PvE scenarios. Who’s your favorite character so far? Do you feel like the devs need to add more characters for variety? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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