She Drifts Sea Gifts: A Complete Guide to the Lost Ark Quest

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Are you looking to complete the Lost Ark quest, She Drifts, Sea Gifts? If so, you’re in the right place! This guide will provide you with what you need to know about the completion of this quest, giving you almost everything you might need to finish it.

The Lost Ark She Drifts, Sea Gifts Quest is a great way to earn some loot and experience. You can complete the quest either solo or with the co-op sailors. Moreover, this quest is absolutely perfect for new players who are looking to progress to a new ship, the “Astray ship,” and for players who are simply in it for the coins.

What Is the She Drifts, Sea Gifts Quest

Two boats going through big ancient relics

The She Drifts, Sea Gifts quest is a part of your relationship with Lost Ark’s character, Una. And in case you still can’t figure out what the game is about, it takes you on a journey across its world in search of ancient relics and mythical treasures. No, seriously, by mythical, I mean it literally. Anyways, this task is only one among many tasks assigned to you daily by Una.

The difficulty in the Lost Ark’s She Drifts, Sea Gifts is not particularly mentally stimulating. However, the actual hardship lies in keeping up the routine of doing it for quite some time to get to the final reward, which is the Astray Construction Blueprint.

In this particular quest, the game tasks the players to collect a series of sea gifts in order to gain XP, coins, loot, and other rewards. You can complete the quest either solo or with a group of friends or with the co-op sailors. This quest is perfect for players who are looking for easy XP and coins. And since this quest can be a tad bit difficult to finish on your own, here’s what you should do, divided into three steps.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that it will be much faster and easier to do Una’s task with a group of people rather than on your own, you since it’s harder to progress the quest on your own for like half a month. For that reason, I would suggest inviting your friends to complete it with you, or simply wait and join the co-op sailing crew for each daily task.

How to Finish It?

Lost Ark She Drifts WSea Gifts
That’s the least busy day. Photo via: @DovazX’s video on YouTube.

The first thing you have to do is to sail to Arthentine or Vern. Una’s quest will almost always be available there for you to complete. Once there, you’ll have to wait for the time that the quest spawns daily, which can change from time to time. Regardless, you have to make sure that you prepare for it by sailing to Arhtentine first.

Why? The game has a long traveling time between places. Actually, most of the time, if you’re far away from the location for a time-dependent quest, you will miss it. Sixty percent of the time happens all the time. So fasten your gears and beers; you have got a long road to look up to.

The second thing you will want to do is read Una’s letter by pressing “F5.” This step is enormously substantial to the completion of the task and to the overall progress of Una’s task. Meaning if you don’t read Una’s letter, you’ll get the rewards of finishing She Drifts, Sea Gifts, but you will not receive progress on Una’s task.

Supposing you want to buy the Astray ship, you will want to pay attention to the second step mentioned above. And finally, the third step. It’s either the instinct of doing something like a brain-mushed monkey would do or just the desire to be stupid. Regardless, all you should do is head for wherever ships are and spam the button “Q.”

You will be able to finish the quest from the first three “Q” presses, but you can still spam as long as the event is going so you can keep earning rewards. Nevertheless, any further loot you will get after the first three “Qs” will not translate into progress to Una’s task. Meaning you’ll only get loot after finishing the task.


Although pretty tedious, She Drifts, Sea Gifts is a great excuse for any of you to explore the world of Lost Ark. And let me tell you, despite the fact that I don’t favor games belonging to the same genre, it’s gorgeous. Again, by following the aforementioned steps, you have technically guaranteed yourself the quickest way of completing it.

Grinding enough with following the outlined steps will pave your path to getting the Astray Ship. Just remember that it’s a matter of time, patience, and commitment. And as always, did you find the guide helpful? Did we miss something? We’re always happy to hear from you down in the comment section.

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