What is the Shortest Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 (Save Arabella)

Save the cute Arabella from the clutches of the evil Kagha!

Abbas Ahmad
Abbas Ahmad
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BG3 is loaded to the brim with exciting quests spanning different Acts, and fans are having an absolute blast tackling anything they can get their hands on. However, many have been asking about the shortest quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, as most are pretty long.

Briefly put, the shortest quest in BG3 is easily the Save Arabella side quest you can take up as you explore the Druid’s Grove in Act 1. Apparently, Arabella is a child Tiefling who stole something from the Sacred Pool and is being held captive by the Druid leaders. Speaking to her parents will initiate the side quest.

While you’re at it in the Druid’s Grove, learn how to Save the Goblin Sazza. Alongside this, you should also know how to level up fast to prepare your party for the upcoming war. That said, this quickfire guide will show how to complete the side quest, as you can easily mess it up.

Why is Save Arabella the Shortest Quest in BG3?

Most quests in Baldur’s Gate 3 will send you down a long path that can span entire Acts and will have you spending hours on end before seeing it to completion. Saving Arabella, however, is refreshingly short and highly gratifying as you can finish it right after picking it up.

It will only take a few minutes of your time, but it is worth completing as your choices here will determine the little Tiefling’s fate in subsequent Acts! There’s no combat and a few skill checks to pass only.

Save Arabella Quest Location

Save Arabella Quest Location BG3

To receive the side quest, head past the ox pasture to the coordinates (259, 535), and you’ll overhear a commotion between the Tieflings and the Druids. Once the crowd scatters, interrogate the distraught Komira and Locke – Arabella’s parents – to learn that the Druid Kagha is restraining their child for stealing an idol from the Sacred Pool.

Offering help to bring back Arabella and talk some sense into the Druids will effectively start the quest.

Save Arabella Walkthrough

Now that you’ve started the quest make your way to Kagha and Arabella behind the Stone Door in the Sacred Pool.

  • Proceed to the Sacred Grounds to learn that Kagha wants to meet you. From the looks of it, she’d like to thank you for protecting the Grove from the Goblin attack, but there’s more to it.
Kagha Wishing To Speak With Tev
  • Interact with the Stone Door at 224, 527 in the ritual area to enter the chamber. You’ll witness Kagha and her snake threatening to kill Arabella for attempting to steal the Sacred Idol.
Interact With Stone Door to Enter Kagha Chamber
  • Since Tev likes to poke their nose everywhere, you can butt right in to prevent the snake from striking for a brief moment.
  • After that, quicksave here, as the ensuing dialogue requires pulling off a difficult Persuasion or Nature check. So, having at least one character proficient in these skills is best.
Pass a Skill Check to Save Arabella
  • Succeeding in any of the skill checks will compel Kagha to set the little Tiefling free, and she’ll return to her parents.
  • Head back to Arabella’s parents and inform them of the good news. They’ll express their gratitude by rewarding you with Komira’s Locket, an accessory that’ll prove helpful in later parts of the game.
Tev Earns Komira's Locket For Completing Quest

In doing so, you’ve successfully saved Arabella. However, if you’ve failed the skill checks or chose to remain silent, Arabella will die. Sadly, you’ll then have to report back to the parents of her demise.

But if you stick long enough in the Grove and pick up the Investigate Kagha quest, an interesting cutscene plays between Kagha and Arabella’s parents. However, that’s best left for another discussion!

Final Thoughts

That covers our guide on the shortest quest in Baldur’s Gate 3: saving Arabella. You’ll see your efforts bear fruits as the little Tiefling blooms into an excellent sorceress later on in the game.

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