Should You Pick Faelin Or Faerin in Remnant 2 (Explained)

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Abdul Muqsit
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As you finish exploring Losomn and collect both masks for the mural in the Palace Courtyard, you’ll unlock a massive door. Behind this door lies the courtroom of Faelin and Faerin, the main boss of this world. Now you might be wondering whether you should kill Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2.

We’ll help you answer this question and decide whether you should kill Faelin or Faerin based on the kind of build you are running in Remnant 2. This detailed guide will discuss how to choose between both options and their differences.

How to Switch Between Faelin and Faerin in Remnant 2?

Lever - Choose Between Faelin and Faerin

First, let’s understand how this gimmick works. Upon finding the two masks for the mural you see in the screenshot above, you’ll unlock the main door to the courtroom. There is a lever in the middle of the mural that, when activated, switches between the Malefic and Beatific Gallery.

You’ll only be changing who you visit inside the courtroom. The rest of the castle stays the same. Faelin resides inside the Beatific Gallery, while Faerin awaits you in the Malefic Gallery.

You can visit both rooms and talk to both Faelin & Faerin. Both will task you to kill their counterpart and take a Sigil from them as a reward. This is where the question arrives; who do you kill?

We have a complete guide on how you can kill Faelin or Faerin right here!

Faelin or Faerin (Difference)

The boss fight, movesets, and their difficulty are exactly the same. Faelin represents light and has a rather appealing and confident tone. Faerin represents darkness and sounds like a tyrant. The only difference is the weapon part and the Sigil you get at the end.

The kind of weapon and character build you are running will decide who you’ll kill here in Losomn. One drops a weapon part for a powerful Long Rifle, while the other lets you craft a mighty Melee weapon.

Faelin's Court

You should kill Faelin if you want to get your hands on a powerful Long Rifle (Deceit) and a ring that increases mod power regen for critical hits.

Here’s everything the boss drops upon defeat:

  • Lumenite Crystal x 6
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  • Strange Object
  • Imposter’s Heart (used for crafting Deceit)
  • Faerin’s Sigil Ring (Increases Mod power regen by 10% for every crit. & weak spot you hit)
Faerin's Court

On the flip side, you should kill Faerin if you are running a melee-focused build. Killing the dark king will equip you with a weapon to craft the Godsplitter Melee Weapon.

Here’s everything Faerin will drop when you beat him:

  • Lumenite Crystal x 6
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  • Strange Object
  • Melded Hilt (used for crafting Godsplitter)
  • Faelin’s Sigil Ring (Increases Mod power regen by 10% for Melee damage)

Once you’ve defeated either boss, talk to their counterpart to finish the quest and get the Sigil. You can take the weapon part to McCabe at Ward 13, and she’ll craft it into a weapon if you have the remaining mats.

Now that you know the difference between both bosses, you can focus on the main thing and plot a strategy to defeat Faelin in Remnant 2.

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