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Become the best space explorer with this guide!

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Umer Cheema
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If you like to venture into space and explore uncharted territories, the Astronaut career is ideal for your sim. That is why we will show you the complete Astronaut career guide in The Sims 4. This will help you choose the ideal Traits, Aspirations, and other useful things as well.

This is a great career that offers a lot of fancy unlockable items. Plus, you can get a lot of Simoleons as well so that you can pay your bills. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started with our Astronaut career guide.

Astronaut Career Guide

You can get the Astronaut career by browsing the job list.

Like other careers, the Astronaut path also has 10 total levels. Once you reach level seven, you will have the option to choose between two different directions. You can choose either a Space Ranger or The Interstellar Smuggler, depending on how you want to play.

The Astronaut career is available in the base version of the game, and you do not need any expansion packs to unlock it.

LevelJobDaily TasksScheduleSalaryPromotion TasksPromotion Rewards
1InternPlay Chess8 AM-5 PM Mon to Fri$26/Hour
2Module CleanerPlay Chess12 PM-9 PM Mon to Fri$34/HourReach level 2 Logic$581
Astro Solar System Light
3TechnicianPlay Chess1 PM-9 PM Tue to Fri$54/HourReach level 3 LogicReach level 2 Fitness$756
Astro Model Rocket
New conversation interaction “Point Out Constellations”
4Command Center LeadWork Out2 PM-10 PM Mon to Wed, Fri$71/HourReach level 4 LogicReach level 3 Fitness$869
Star Seeker Original Blueprints
Track Satellites on Telescope
5Low-Orbit SpecialistWork Out8 AM-5 PM Mon, Wed, Fri$96/HourReach level 5 LogicReach level 4 Fitness$1130
Portable Galaxy Lightshow
6Space CadetWork Out6 AM-4 PM Mon, Wed, Fri$104/HourReach level 5 LogicReach level 6 Fitness$1299
Mission Control Desk
7AstronautWork Out8 AM-6 PM Mon, Wed, Fri$119/HourReach level 6 LogicReach level 7 Fitness$1689
Salyut Aeronaut Chair
CAS items

Space Ranger

If you want your sim to be someone that follows the rules and makes the universe safe, you should go for the Space Ranger path. Plus, you’ll get a lot of free days as a Space Ranger, so you can focus on other parts of your sims’ life.

Make sure that you have a rocket ship on your lot so that you can complete the daily missions and get promoted further.

LevelJobDaily TasksScheduleSalaryPromotion TasksPromotion Rewards
8Planet PatrolSpace Mission10 AM-6 PM Mon to Thu$179/HourReach level 2 Rocket Science
Reach level 8 Fitness
Build Your Own Rocket Kit
Space Energy Drink Recipe
9Sheriff of The StarsSpace Mission10 AM-5 PM Mon to Thu$297/HourReach level 4 Rocket Science
Max out Fitness
Astro-Bunny Beyond Infinity
10Space RangerSpace Mission10 AM-5 PM Mon to Thu$422/Hour$4567
Apollo Rocket Ship
CAS items

The Interstellar Smuggler

On the other hand, if you are feeling like a troublemaker, you can become The Interstellar Smuggler. Just like the Space Ranger path, you will need to have a rocket ship on your lot to complete the daily missions.

LevelJobDaily TasksScheduleSalaryPromotion TasksPromotion Rewards
8Moon MercenarySpace Mission4 PM-12 AM Sat to Mon, Wed$201/HourReach level 2 Rocket Science
Reach level 8 Fitness
The Monolith
Alien Juice Drink Recipe
9Alien Goods TraderSpace Mission4 PM-11 PM Sat to Mon, Thu$299/HourReach level 4 Rocket Science
Max out Fitness
Zero-G Training Bag
10Interstellar SmugglerSpace Mission2 PM-11 PM Sat to Mon, Thu$413/Hour$5025
Retro Rocketship

Best Traits for the Astronaut Career

The Genius trait will allow your sim to be more focused and learn new things.

Having the ideal traits for your sim can allow you to easily succeed without having to go against their liking. The best trait for the Astronaut career is the Genius trait. It allows your sims to be more focused and easily learn new things as well.

Having the Focused Moodlet will allow you to focus on your fitness skill easily since it is heavily required for this career.

The Active trait allows your sim to get the Energized Moodlet which is quite useful.

Alternatively, you can also choose the Active trait that allows your sim to gain the Energized Moodlet. This will assist you greatly in the later levels of the Astronaut career. 

Best Aspirations

There are a couple of Aspirations that you can choose while creating your sim to ensure that they succeed in this career. While this isn’t necessary, this will help you complete your Aspirations while moving up in the Astronaut career.


The Bodybuilder Aspiration will allow your sim to easily progress their the Fitness skill.

Having the Bodybuilder Aspiration is crucial as you need a lot of Fitness skill for this path. Since you need to max out your fitness, you will naturally complete the Bodybuilder Aspiration while completing the requirements for the Astronaut career.

Plus, this will allow your sim to live longer than other sims, so, that’s always a benefit.

Nerd Brain

The Nerd Brain Aspiration will let you easily build a rocket ship and learn new things.

The Nerd Brain Aspiration will also assist you a lot as you’ll eventually want to build a rocket ship in your lot. Having this Aspiration will make that process easier while ensuring that your sim has a good time learning all the new things.

Cheat Your Way to the Top

You can use cheats to progress through this career path quickly.

Finally, if you do not want to spend hours on getting promoted or making sure that your sim is ready, you can use some cheats as well. This will allow you to promote your sim and reach a certain level without having to do any effort. Plus, you’ll get cool unlocks as well.

You need to first open up the cheat console by pressing:

  • Ctrl+Shift+C for PC
  • Command+Shift+C for Mac
  • R1+R2+L1+L2 for PlayStation
  • All four shoulder buttons for Xbox One

After you’ve done that, type Testingcheats True or Testingcheats On. This will enable cheats and you can now use any cheat in the game. To get promoted, you need to type “careers.promote Astronaut“. Each time you type it, you will gain one level.

Also, if you do not want to directly promote your sim, you can level up their skills instead. Here are a few stats that you should level up if you want to use cheats:

  • stats.set_skill_level Skill_Fitness 10 (Fitness)
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 10 (Logic)
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_RocketScience 10 (Rocket Science)


And there you have it; that’s everything you need to know about the Astronaut career path in The Sims 4. This is a great career path for players wanting to unlock fantastic items and make a lot of Simoleons while they are at it.

Did you manage to become the best Astronaut in The Sims 4? Which career path is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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