8 Skins That Look Better in CS2, Ranked

Cody Ryan
Cody Ryan
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Do you own skins that are less popular in the CS:GO community because of a lack of visual appeal? Well, fret not, as there are chances that those skins will look much better in the new source engine introduced in CS2.

The lighting of the newly implemented graphics in CS2 has revived many mediocre-looking skins and made them more popular among the players. Here is a list of improved CS2 skins that look better than they did in CS:GO.


Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel

Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel

Date Released: July 1st, 2014
Price Range: $803.23 – $1,121.57
Case: Operation Breakout Weapon Case

Coming up at the number one spot is the Blue Steel paint finish on the Butterfly Knife. It is probably one of the most underrated skins in the market and is considered a budget knife skin due to its low pricing. In CS:GO, the skin looks dark and bland. But in the latest update to CS2, there is more shine added to the skin, which makes it pop more and resembles the Vanilla Butterfly Knife. It also resembles a blue gem which is a plus.

If you are short on budget and want a shiny-looking playskin, which is also identical to the Vanilla Skin, then this is your best bet.

The prices for the Blue Steel skins for all the knives are guaranteed to skyrocket in the market when CS2 is released. The Blue Steel finish on any knife makes it one of the best CS2 skins to own.


AWP | Sun in Leo

AWP | Sun in Leo

Date Released: May 26th, 2015
Price Range: $12.04 – $18.69
Case: N/A

The AWP Sun in Leo is arguably the best budget AWP now that it has gotten a more detailed look in CS2. The dark blue color of the skin made the zodiac signs and patterns on the skin barely visible in CS:GO.

Now that the graphical improvements have been implemented in CS2, the pattern on the skins is more visible than before. The sunlight gives the skin a purplish tone which makes it a great sight.


M4A1-S | Moss Quartz

M4A1-S | Moss Quartz

Date Released: November 18th, 2019
Price Range: $15.92 – $15.16
Case: N/A

The next spot goes to the Moss Quartz skin for M4A1-S, which is part of The Norse Collection released three years ago. The skin is not very popular among the players. You will rarely see anyone using the Moss Quartz skin for their M4A1-S when there are much better options available. It is mainly due to the dark greenish paint of the skin, which makes the pattern on the skin barely visible unless you are out under the sun.

But in CS2, the Moss Quartz skin has received a massive visual update. A touch of light green color has been added to some parts of the weapon rather than keeping the entire weapon dark green. With the sunlight shining directly on the metallic skin, it is now brighter and more visually appealing than it was before.


Glock-18 | Twilight Galaxy

Glock-18 | Twilight Galaxy

Date Released: May 26th, 2015
Price Range: $117.33 – $227.14
Case: N/A

Another skin that has gotten a massive glow-up in CS2 is the Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy. Compared to the dull blue color that looked like it was pasted on the top of the pistol, now it has a more luminous and sparkling effect that makes it stand out as one of the most beautiful skins in the game.

As expected by the immense visual buff, it has completely changed the appearance of the weapon for good, which has also increased the price of the skin drastically.


Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

Date Released: December 18th, 2013
Price Range: $53.17 – $79.56
Case: eSports 2013 Winter Case

The Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption has received much criticism in the past due to it looking pixelated and pretty basic in CS:GO despite its high price, but it is no longer the case in CS2.

The texture on the skin now pops out more than before due to the lighting change of Source 2. It has a mystical blue shine which you can see under the sunlight. The handlebar also has a 3-D effect on it now. Match it with some blue stickers, and you will have a shiny blue craft.


Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco

Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco

Date Released: April 15th, 2015
Price Range: $0.50 – $1.27
Case: Chroma 2 Case

Next on the list is the Desert Eagle Bronze Deco, which is an extremely cheap Desert Eagle skin but very much underrated in CS:GO. The pattern on the gun and the paint finish look very cheap on the skin in CS:GO. However, that is not the case in CS2.

The Bronze Deco skin has gotten a complete visual overhaul in CS2, with the silver part looking shinier than before and the bronze part looking more like gold. If you are into combinations of shiny silver and gold, then this is the skin for you.


Five-SeveN | Copper Galaxy

Five-SeveN | Copper Galaxy

Date Released: February 12th, 2014
Price Range: $7.03 – $12.44
Case: CS:GO Weapon Case 3

Coming at the next spot is the Five-SeveN Copper Galaxy, which features a yellowish finish on the top of the pistol. The lack of lighting in CS:GO makes the top of the pistol look like a corroded metal.

The skin looks miles better in CS2. The lighting in the game gives it a gold shine on the top and removes the dark yellowish tone. It looks minimalistic and is pretty good skin to match with yellow/brown gloves.


CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu

CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu

Date Released: March 15th, 2017
Price Range: $5.80 – $11.20
Case: Spectrum Case

CZ75-Auto Xiangliu is an excellent choice if you want a playskin that looks pretty with pink and gold snakes engraved on it. The textures on the skin are more detailed now that the light is properly reflected on the weapon.

The price for this skin has risen since the beta release, and it is undoubtedly going to increase more when the game launches. If you cannot afford it from the marketplace, try some luck opening the Spectrum Case.


This is my list of the best eight skins that look better in CS2. The prices for all of these skins have spiked, and they will spike more as CS2 releases. You can make a quick profit on these skins by buying now and selling them when CS2 is available for everyone.

There are dozens of other skins that also look good in CS2. If you know any other underrated gems, let us know in the comments.

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