7 Slowest Cars in Forza Horizon 5

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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We’ve talked about the fastest cars in Forza Horizon 5 many times. There are some real mean monsters waiting for you to tame them in Mexico. But what about the opposite end of the spectrum? Well, here we are today, about to take a look at 7 of the slowest cars in Forza Horizon 5.

As always, the cars discussed in this list were measured with their stock kits, without any modifications to the car. You’d be surprised how slow some of these cars are. Let’s take a look at them!


Austin-Healey Sprite MK1 1958

Austin-Healey Sprite MK1 1958

Top Speed: 88mph
Price: 20,000CR

Lets kick things off with the Austin-Healey Sprite MK1 1958. This classic sports car comes packing a 0.9L naturally aspirated engine that generates around 45 bhp~.

We’ve tested these cars on the airfield patch in the jungle to ensure that they have a long-enough track to reach their top speeds.

The Austin-Healey Sprite has a 4-speed RWD transmission & weighs around 664kg. This car has very poor acceleration but somehow manages to climb upto a top speed of 88mph, making it the fastest car on this list.


Morris Minor 1000 1958

Morris Minor 1000 1958 - Slowest Cars Forza Horizon 5

Top Speed: 76mph
Price: 20,000CR

Up next is another classic car: The Morris Minor 1000 1958 model. According to our test run, this car can reach a top speed of 76mph~. Morris Minor has a 1L naturally aspirated engine that generates around 37 bhp~.

Just like the Sprite, this one has a 4-speed RWD transmission & weighs around 800kg. While the car definitely is quite slow, it handles rather well on both asphalt and dirt.

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Land Rover Series III 1972

Land Rover Series III 1972 - Slowest Cars Forza Horizon 5

Top Speed: 74mph
Price: 20,000CR

We tested the Land Rover Series III 1972 and were able to push its 2.2L engine to around 74mph on the airfield track. This AWD jeep can produce 69 bhp and weighs 1405kg.

You’ll definitely feel the heft when driving it on roads. Despite being a D class car, it still performs rather well when you go off-roading with it.

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Ford Anglia 105E 1959

Ford Anglia 105E 1959 - Slowest Cars Forza Horizon 5

Top Speed: 72mph
Price: 20,000CR

Ford made this front-engined classic back in 1959. This car has a 1.0L naturally aspirated engine and can produce upto 39bhp. This car doesnt have too much going for it and will require substantial upgrades to raise its performance metrics if you plan on using it frequently.

Despite having a 800kg~ body and a rather small 1.0L engine, we were able to push the Ford Anglia 105E to around 72mph~ in FH5.

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BMW Isseta 300

BMW Isseta

Top Speed: 56mph
Price: 45,000CR

We are now entering the domain of micro cars. First is the BMW Isetta 300, a 1957 German car that has a 300cc single cylinder 4-stroke engine that pushes roughly 13bhp~.

This RWD micro car can acheive top speeds of around 56mph and weighs 417kg~. Did you know that there are crazy wheelie builds for the BMW Isetta? Check the linked guide for more details on how to make this micro car do insane wheelies.


Peel Trident 1965

Peel Trident 1965 - Slowest Cars Forza Horizon 5

Top Speed: 47mph
Price: 25,000CR

The Peel Trident 1965 is hereby dubbed the second slowest car in Forza Horizon 5. It can reach a top speed of 47mph. This is a 2-person vehicle, housing a 48cc engine that produces 4 bhp.

The Peel Tident 1965 weighs around 160kg~ and is only outclassed in being a slow car by another car of the same company.


Peel P50 – Slowest Car in FH5

Top Speed: 43mph
Price: Varies (Auction House)

The Peel P50 is the slowest car in Forza Horizon 5. This micro car was made for one person and houses a 49cc engine that produced around 4 bhp. You dont even get a reverse gear in this car because of how lightweight it is. (It weights around 141kg~).

Since it is such a small car, you are given a handle on the back to change its direction from a standstill and dont really need the reverse gear. The P50 can reach a rather scary top speed of 43mph and must be handled with care.

Since you’ve already seen the slowest cars in Forza Horizon 5, we recommend checking out the best X Class cars as well. Your garage can never have enough cars. If you like such lists, then head over to WIG, where you can browse through the rest of our FH5 coverage.

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