Sonic Frontiers Complete Sonic Skill Tree + All Skills

Sonic can use so many new attacks that not only look cool but also deal a lot of damage!

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Sonic Frontier Complete Skill Tree

Sonic Frontiers is finally out, and players are loving it. The highlight of the game is that it features a massive open world where you can roam around as Sonic and do what you like. You will find various enemies across the map and even run into bosses from time to time.

As such, Sonic has a slew of attacks that he can use to his advantage and take down these enemies. If you are curious to know about the Sonic Frontiers complete skill tree, you’ve come to the right place. We will show you all the skills and how you can use them. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

Complete Skill Tree in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers skill tree
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Sonic Frontiers features 15 total skills that you can unlock using Skill Points. However, 3 of them will be automatically unlocked after you free Sonic’s friends during the Open Zone gameplay.

Sonic performing the Cyloop skill.
SkillSkill Points CostHow To ExecuteAttack Desc.
Cyloop1Hold Y/Triangle while moving“Run around while leaving a light trail. After creating an enclosure with the light trail and then releasing the button, various effects can happen.”
Phantom Rush3Passively activated“When the combo meter is maxed out, Phantom Rush is activated, resulting in attacks being 1.2 times more powerful. Phantom Rush lasts until the combo meter reaches 0.”
Sonic Boom5Hold LT/L2 during midair or combo“A high-speed kick that unleashes shockwaves that pummels the enemy.”
Air Trick5Move D-pad in midair“Air Tricks can be performed when sparks surround Sonic while he is in the air. Perform Air Tricks to earn Skill Pieces.”
Wild Rush10Press LB/L1 +RB/R1 + X/Square“A high-speed, zigzagging attack.”
Stomp Attack10Press B/Circle during a combo“A stomping attack that swoops down from above on to the enemy”
Auto Combo20Passive Skill“Battle skills that have been unlocked will be automatically activated during combos. However, damage dealt will be reduced. After unlocking a skill, you can toggle auto combo ON/OFF from Options.”
Quick Cyloop20Press Y/Triangle during a combo“Quickly Cyloop around the enemy when the Cyloop meter has maxed out and turns blue. The meter fills up with every attack that hits an enemy and can be used continuously when it is still blue.”
Homing Shot30Press RT/R2 + X/Square in midair“Launch a volley of energy spheres at the enemy.”
Loop Kick30Press RT/R2 +B/Circle midair“A looping, rapidly accelerating kick attack in midair.”
Spin Slash40Press A/X during a combo“Surround an enemy with a multi-hit spinning attack.”
Recovery Smash50Press A/X when the prompt appears“If Sonic is thrown back by an attack and successfully execute the on-screen prompt before he hits the ground, he can immediately counter with Recovery Smash.”

Automatically Unlocked Skills

The skills mentioned below are the ones that will be automatically unlocked after you unlock Sonic’s friends in the world.

SkillHow To ExecuteAttack Desc.
Grand SlamPress Y/Triangle + B/Circle when the prompt appears“Unleash a powerful attack by following the on-screen prompt.”
Cyclone KickHold X/Square during a combo“Launch a powerful attack that delivers a flurry of hits as Sonic ascends.”
Cross SlashPress RT/R2 in midair, then press A/X in midair“Circle the enemy and let loose a stream of shockwaves.”

How to Get Skill Points

Unlocking Skill Points can get a bit tedious since you have to do a lot of grinding to unlock all skills in the tree. However, if you know the best ways to get these points, you will have a great time and easily unlock all the skills.

By far, the best way to gather Skill Points is to go fishing. Yes, you heard that correctly. A Sonic game allows you to go fishing. Fishing is a great way to spend your time in the game as this minigame is quite interesting and you can get tons of tokens.

Once you have enough, you can trade the tokens to get Skill Pieces (Skill Points) and unlock new skills. Plus, you can also look for various green canisters spread across the map and open them. While they don’t always guarantee Skill Points, they are still a great way to earn all types of resources.

Apart from this, you can obviously beat up enemies and get rings and level up from them. However, be careful since some of the enemies can be quite difficult if you are a newer player.

How to Unlock Skills

To unlock the skill, you have to enter the menu by pressing the relevant keybind on your keyboard or controller. Then, navigate to the separate Skills section and unlock whatever you prefer. When you have enough Skill Points, you will see an exclamation point pop up to show that you can unlock a new skill.


There you have it, that is everything you need to know about the Sonic Frontiers complete skill tree. The game allows players to unlock various attacks to use and defeat the bad guys. This makes the combat fresh and avoids getting repetitive. Plus, having more skills at your disposal is a great tool to have.

Which skill did you like the most? Have you unlocked all of them yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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