Sonic Frontiers Leaked Japanese Trailer Doubles on Open World

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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A new Sonic Frontiers Leaked Japanese Trailer is giving us a glimpse at the open world that is the unique selling point for the upcoming title, but the jury is still out on whether this bold new risk from SEGA will pay off, or will it be another lesson for them for Sonic games? Only time will tell.

Sonic Frontiers Leaked Japanese Trailer – Looks impressive

The latest Sonic Frontiers Leaked Japanese Trailer comes from Sonic 2 movie screenings currently happening in Japan. The trailer is being shown between the movie screenings in the country, so this does show a mix of rendered and gameplay in the mix, which is still impressive.

The leak originated from Twitter.

Sonic Frontiers is going to be a feature presentation at Gamescom in a few days, and hopefully we see something for the game at the event that can turn skeptics into believers of the game.

It’s no secret that fans are still very divided on what has been shown on the game so far, with SEGA saying that they are fully confident in the product and there is no need for a delay on the title, as such we will have to take SEGA to their word and see if the final product is evident of their bold bet.

With the best selling games for Sonic so far being Sonic Mania and Sonic Origins, it’s better for SEGA to stick with stuff that works and perhaps skip the 3D Sonic affair entirely, as that is a bet that seldom, if never pays off.

Sonic Frontiers is still a game that deserves a fair chance at being played before passing judgement and that is something we will all be able to do for the game later this year, while a release date still evades us, we know it will come toward the end of 2022, with speculation hinting at a November 2022 release date.

What are your thoughts on the future of the Hedgehog? Do you think Sonic Frontiers will be another learning block for SEGA or does it have the potential to prove that Sonic is indeed capable of doing 3D after all?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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