Sons of the Forest Release Date and Everything We Know

    Anyone who enjoys open-world survival games has probably played or at least heard about The Forest. An ultimate top-of-the-line game that received universal acclaim for its gameplay and plot when it was published back in 2012. So, how about it? Its sequel is coming out, and it’s not that far away either. Sons of the Forest release date has been revealed by the developers and publishers, Endnight Games Ltd., and none of the fans can wait for it to drop! 

    A horror open-world survival game that will surely pump your heartbeat. If you enjoyed playing The Forest, then you will love Sons of the Forest even more. The former quickly became a fan favourite, and the developers are aiming for the same with the latter. It’s going to be more wild, freakish, and spooky. That being said, it’s bound to be an amazing journey completing the storyline. 

    Sons of the Forest 2022
    Credits: Endnight Games

    Not a ton of info is available related to the game but there have been several leaks that give us some hints about what to expect. Besides, the three trailers of the game that have been released across two years, just increase the intrigue. Keeping that in mind, let’s take an in-depth look at everything the game will have to offer once it arrives on our PCs. 

    Sons of the Forest Release Date

    The much anticipated Sons of the Forest release date is set for 20th of May, 2022, as revealed in the latest trailer of the game, a month-and-a-half ago. Uploaded on IGN’s official YouTube channel, the trailer had a lot of things to look at. We’ll be discussing all the details throughout the article. 

    Sons of the Forest Release Date
    Credits: Endnight Games

    Furthermore, Endnight games announced the release date of Sons of the Forest in a recent tweet: Even though SOTF was set to be released in 2021, it was postponed due to some unknown reasons.

    So, gear up and be ready because there is not a lot of time left. Currently, we are just four months away from jumping into the island of terror. 

    Sons of the Forest Trailers

    As told above, there have been three different trailers released for the game over the course of two years. The first one came out back in December 2019, and it was more of a teaser really than a trailer. 

    Via Endnight Games Official

    Afterwards, we had the second trailer released by Endnight Games in the last month of 2020. This time around, it showed some more glimpses of the game and added information. 

    The second last trailer had the same helicopter crash happening and we fell on an island that was full of bizarre creatures and cannibals hungry for some human flesh. The latest Sons of the Forest trailer further forwards the story. and shows more of the gameplay.

    The game was set for a 2021 release, but unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic came in its way. Nonetheless, the latest trailer released by IGN on November the 30th, 2021, promises a lot. 

    Trailers Breakdown

    So, we can see the character holding a weapon in his hands, to proceed with. Afterwards, he is seen building some sort of a tent and igniting a fire. There’s not a lot of food on the island, so he has to hunt down a turtle to keep up. Didn’t need to eat it raw though. Anyway, we then see a mannequin hanging and birds pegging it. The trailer continues and now the cannibals can be seen and we have an axe in hand to defend.

    The trailer also shows night scenes and not gonna lie, it looks really scary. We further see the use of tasers, a skull that scares the ugly beasts, a mask, and a crossbow. 

    We also get to see a weird creature that has conjoined torsos, Virginia, the multi limb woman, and a monster that is literally throwing dead mutant babies. Check out all three trailers to see all of this for yourself in order to get the real feel of the game.

    Sons of the Forest Gameplay

    Having looked at the Sons of the Forest release date and its trailer details, let’s take a look at how the gameplay will be like. 

    The sequel has a lot of advantages over its prequel of course. The graphics are way better and the gameplay looks more clean and smooth. It’s obvious since there is a gap of 8 years between both parts. The AI of the game will be much more advanced and the behaviour of the characters according to their mood will have a great role to play. 

    Via Endnight Games

    Moreover, there have been advancements in the forest as well. New characters have been added along with some new locations. The digging and crafting have been upgraded and now you can make better equipment, walls, benches, armour, etc.

    Via Endnight Games

    We have a laboratory where you can design new items using the scanner. Digging has been added and the devs have said “Certain traps will also benefit from digging; you can also dig into some cave entrances, and possibly bury bodies if we can get that looking good.”

    Besides, you will be having multiple weapons in your arsenal. The gameplay, obviously, is going to have a first-person perspective so it won’t be really hard to get a grip on it. However, it is not going to be just a first-person shooter. There are many more aspects to the game apart from the weapon fights. 

    Via Endnight Games

    Multiplayer Game Mode

    Sons of the forest game modes will include a multiplayer one as well. Here, you can play alongside three different people and survey the entire island, protect each other, build items cooperatively, make your plans together and much more. Just stay as a group and survive the forest. 

    Credits: Endnight Games

    New Beasts and Creatures Await alongside Some Old Foes

    Unlike The Forest, where we will be engaging with far more vicious enemies and beasts. Most of the old ones will return, but there is an entry of the latest creepies as well. Let’s take a look at what we will be dealing with in the terror-struck forest. 

    Beforehand, there are multiple types of cannibals and all of them differ in their hostility and attacks. 

    First up, we have the regular cannibals. There’s no need to be terrified of them because displaying them the skull of another cannibal can simply scare them away. They can be hostile, although not to the same extent as certain others.

    Credits: Endnight Games

    The cave cannibals are the second group. They’re a bit indolent and won’t get into too many fights. The majority of them may be found in caves.

    Lastly, we have the strongest cannibals, the masked ones. They will be hostile not only towards you but also towards other cannibals. Their whole tribe wears a golden mask and if you somehow 3D print it, they won’t attack you but rather take your side. 

    Apart from them, there will be more mutants as well. We can see fingers and twins in the latest trailer alongside a blob-like creature that was throwing dead mutant babies. In addition, there is a shark that can be aggressive but can also be killed.

    Sons of the forest gameplay
    Endnight Games

    One of the creatures is Virginia, the lady with three legs and hands. That’s what Endnight Games had to say about her.

    “She doesn’t give you missions or anything like that; you can try to have her like you, ignore her, scare her off, how you interact with her is up to each player and we hope everyone will have really unique interactions with her.”

    Buildings and Locations for our Assistance

    Players can create of find buildings all around the map. They’ll help you hide, camp, or use them for other purposes. The following are some of the structures visible from the trailer. It also includes those told during interviews by the developers.

    We will be having solar panels for charging purposes. Heaters are also there to keep you warm. There are small fences as well made up of sticks. There is log flooring as well that can be used as a base for something to be built on. We can make walls and shelters as well. Log cabins will be of good use and lastly, there will be campgrounds that we can construct using all these materials.

    Via IGN Youtube

    As far as the locations are concerned in SotF, there are three main ones as of now. First and foremost, there are caves. However, they can be very terrifying to visit at night. Secondly, there is a helicopter crash site of course from where the game will begin. From the looks of it, this will be our spawning area.

    On top of that, there is going to be a bunker underneath the ground. The player will have to dig his way through to find it. A very important component of the game, the 3D printer is is located there. 

    Endnight Games

    Sons of the Forest won’t be having the map that its prequel had. Rather, the map this time will be way bigger. Quoting the developers, that’s what they had to say on this, “The new map is about 4-5 times the size of the first game.”

    We are sure you can’t wait for the Sons of the Forest release date to arrive, can you?

    Keep your Weapons Out

    As the saying goes, an attack is the best defence. You have to be on your toes at every instant and defend yourself against the monstrosities out there. For that purpose, you will be having a variety of weapons in your inventory. Make sure to utilize them properly.

    Sons of the forest weapons

    The weaponry includes shotguns, grenades, explosives, combat axes, tasers, pistols, and surprisingly, a guitar. These can be seen in the trailers but we can expect more additions once the game officially launches. 

    Nonetheless, all of them can do a lot of damage and are necessary for staying alive in the environment we will be in. Regardless, keep one thing in mind. You will be having very low ammo on the guns. The game focuses more on melee combat rather than using bullets. Therefore, saving them for an emergency will be beneficial. 

    Endnight Games

    By the way, the enemies won’t be hostile at every moment. In some instances, they will be friendly and try to talk to you, or just mind their own business. However, things can get ugly at any moment. 

    Handy Items and Consumables

    There are dozens of items that you can use in order to survive in the forest. Some of them include binoculars, arrows, scanners, wire, explosives, flashlight, mask, night vision goggles, stealth armour, rope, meat, etc. There are many more items as well that will make their way once the game releases. 

    Now coming to the consumables, we have the ready-to-eat meals which are the most essential item for survival. Additionally, there will be some snacks here and there on the island which will provide a much-needed boost. 

    Which Platforms will Support Sons of the Forest

    Endnight Games Ltd. will only release the game for PC at this time. However, there’s no need to be disappointed based on their recent track record. The Forest was first launched on PC by the developers, though it was quickly followed by PlayStation and Android.

    Looking at this, we can only hope that the sequel follows the same route, and the console owners can enjoy the upcoming hit as well. If you’re a PC gamer though, start the countdown until the Sons of the Forest release date arrives. 

    Sons of the Forest System Requirements

    Regrettably, the official system requirements for the game have not been communicated by the developers as of yet. Anyway, we might see the list of specifications soon as we move closer to the release.

    However, here are the expected system requirements of SOTF from several sources out there on the internet.

    Minimum Requirements

    CPU: 2.4 GHZ

    RAM: 4 GB

    Operating System: Windows 7

    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or ATI Radeon HD 3850

    Sound Card: Yes

    Pixel Shader: 4.0

    CPU: 2.4 GHZ

    RAM: 4GB

    Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon HD 5850

    Sound Card: Yes

    Operating System: Windows 10

    Pixel Shader: 4.0

    From the trailer though, it looks like you need to have your PC up-to-date to enjoy the game in its full glory. So why not take a look at our ultimate list of Gaming PCs that will work as a Pro for you.


    This is all we knew about the Sons of the Forest release date and its details. The game is bound to succeed looking at its forerunner and what we can see from the trailers. It’s just a matter of days now before we get our hands on it and the addiction grows. 

    Want to stay updated by the regular News and Leaks coming from the gaming industry? Don’t forget to check out our News archive. Lastly, I would appreciate your opinions by heart. Let me know about them in the comments section below.

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