Sons of the Forest All Controls List Revealed

Saad Muzaffar
Saad Muzaffar
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Endnight Games has just bestowed us with Sons of the Forest and we’re having an absolute blast playing the game. If you are not sure about the controls for Sons of the Forest, no worries! We’ve got the complete list for you right here!

Plus, if you aren’t sure of where the save file location for the game is, we’ve got you covered!

All Controls in Sons of Forest (Keyboard and Mouse)

Here’s a look at all the controls in Sons of Forest if you are using a keyboard and mouse:

ControlAssignment / Mapping
CrouchLeft Control
Jump Space
RunLeft Shift
GPS TrackerM
Walkie TalkieT
Rotate RightR
Rotate LeftQ
Primary ActionLeft Click
Secondary ActionRight Click
InteractLeft Click
Alternate InteractRight Click
Place Element Left Click
Toggle Place ModeRight Click
Tertiary ActionMMB
BackLeft Arrow
Cancel StructureX
Toggle Book ModeX
Book Flip Next PageRight Click
Book Flip Previous PageLeft Click
Cycle Grab Bag CategoryQ

All Sons of Forest Controller Controls

If you are using a controller (Xbox / PS), here are the control mappings you’ll have for the game:

ControlAssignment / Mapping
ForwardLeft Stick Up
BackwardLeft Stick Down
RightLeft Stick Right
LeftLeft Stick Left
CrouchRight Stick Press
DropB / Circle
InventoryDown Arrow
Jump Y / Triangle
LighterLeft Arrow
ReloadX / Square
RunLeft Stick Press
TakeA / Cross
DismantleX / Square
UtilityRight Arrow
GPS Tracker
Walkie Talkie
BookUp Arrow
Rotate RightRB / R1
Rotate LeftLB / L1
Primary ActionRT / R2
Secondary ActionLT / L2
InteractLT / L2
Alternate InteractRT / R2
Place Element RT / R2
Toggle Place Mode
Tertiary ActionSelect
SleepA / Cross
SaveB / Circle
Skip Y / Triangle
Reset Y / Triangle
SelectA / Cross
BackB / Circle
Cancel StructureX / Square
Next PageRB / R1
Previous PageLB / L1
Toggle Book ModeX / Square
Book Flip Next PageRT / R2
Book Flip Previous PageLT / L2
PlaceX / Square
Cycle Grab Bag CategoryLB / L1

Does Sons of the Forest Support PS / Xbox Controller?

Yes, Sons of the Forest has full controller support for both the PS, Xbox, and other various third-party controllers. As you can see from the controls we’ve listed above, the developers have done a fine job of laying out the mappings in an easy and discernable manner. So, you shouldn’t have to fiddle around too much with the settings.

What do you think of Sons of the Forest so far? Are you happy with the download size or are you struggling with some crashes? Let us know in the comments section down below, see you there!

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