Sony Announces Price Increase For PlayStation Plus Subscriptions

A Price Hike For Plus

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Sony has announced an increase for all tiers
  • It covers all regions
  • Takes effect immediately

In their latest blog post to announce the latest titles for the essential lineup, Sony ended the lineup by also sharing grave news of a price increase across all the PlayStation Plus subscription plans.

Here Are The Price increases for PlayStation Plus

It seems that after Microsoft, PlayStation has now announced a substantial increase in the prices of the service, this will take effect on September 6th, 2023 and will be as follows:

PlayStation Plus Essential 12-Month Subscription
79.99 USD | 71,99 Euro | 59.99 GBP | 6,800 Yen

PlayStation Plus Extra 12-Month Subscription
134.99 USD | 125,99 Euro | 99.99 GBP | 11,700 Yen

PlayStation Plus Premium 12-Month Subscription
159.99 USD | 151,99 Euro | 119.99 GBP | 13,900 Yen

Keep in mind, this will not impact present subscribers and will only take effect once you have to renew your subscription. People who are already subscribed to any PlayStation Plus plan are not subject to the increase, but at the time of renewal may have to do so to the new prices.

This is news that just hit fans out of nowhere, and while the service had a good price previously, fans are now outraged at the new plan and what it offers.

What are your thoughts on the price increase? Let us know in the comments section below.

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