Sony Has Another Hardware Before PS5 Pro

Sony Could Be Working On Something Before The PS5 Pro

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Revealed by reliable insider on a stream
  • No details revealed yet
  • Will launch before the PS5 Pro

According to a recent stream of Tom Henderson on YouTube, he hints that Sony is working on a piece of hardware that will be released before the PS5, but was unable to share details on what the hardware could be. Considering the recent reports of the lackluster response to the PSVR2, fans can only wonder what the next hardware could be, perhaps giving the VIta second life.

Sony Has An Ace Up Their Sleeve

In a recent stream on Tom Henderson’s YouTube, he states that Sony is working on a new hardware that is set to release before the PS5 Pro. While the details on this hardware are not revealed by Tom, we can expect him to share a report on it in the future (possibly). However, this also has fans wondering what the mystery hardware could be.

Skip to 13:50 to hear the talk about the hardware

Sony wouldn’t be at fault for trying to revive the handheld market once more. While the company used to be known for handhelds with the PSP and the PSVita, both of those handhelds were not able to hold up against the bigger competitor, Nintendo. However, the recent popularity of the Steam Deck, paired with other competing devices could mean Sony sees an opening in the market for a new handheld. This is of course speculation on our part.

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