Spider-Man 2 Voice Actors Are Teasing Something

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Spider-Man Miles Morales Screenshot from Steam

It seems that the voice cast for Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 are having a very good discussion amidst themselves, talking about Venom in particular who was the highlight of the reveal trailer, which is presently the only trailer we have seen so far for the game. While the last time it happened, it was a false alarm, this time the voice actor for Peter Parker and Miles Morales is also in on the tease.

Spider-Man 2 Voice Actors Are Teasing Something Coming

It seems that there might be something happening behind the scenes, in relation to Spider-Man 2. A few months ago, we fell for a similar ruse when Venom’s voice actor, Tony Todd revealed his latest show. While this present tease did start from Tony Todd again, Yuri Lowenthal (Peter Parker), and Nadji Jeter (Miles Morales) also chimed in on the tweet.

Here is the original tweet in question.

While the last time was a bit of a reach due to how Insomniac and Sony managed to get through the whole of 2022 without ever dropping any new information about Spider-Man 2, we do know that the title is set to release later this year, but no new trailers or gameplay has been shown thus far. This could mean that a potential showcase is on the horizon.

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