Star Wars Eclipse Leaked Details Paint An Amazing Game To Happen

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Last night, The Game Awards gave us a first look at the rumored Quantic Dream game in the Star Wars world. We got the first tease of this a few months ago, and last night was the first official look at the game. However, with the reveal, a few interesting discoveries were made in the world of leaks, including a new entrant into the game who might give RalphsValve a run for their money. They shared Star Wars Eclipse Leaked Details more than a week before the official reveal which has already given their credibility a massive boost.

Star Wars Eclipse Leaked Details – Have you heard of the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?

First things first, let’s introduce the latest entrant into the world of video game leaks. AccNGT is a new leaker on the scene who more than a week ago, linked two key art pieces of Star Wars Eclipse on their twitter.

Twitter timestamps don’t lie. Both images are indeed the genuine article and show that the new leaker on the scene has already built up quite a bit of street cred.

They then added more details to the title.

The details of the Twitter thread share the following details across 3 tweets. The tweet was also dated for December 1st.

ICYMI: All the info I have about Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game:

  • Action-Adventure
  • Based on interactive storytelling
  • Open World
  • Quantic Dream Montreal is very involved
  • Next-Gen Only
  • Multiplayer Elements (Competitive)
  • Ambitious and original project
  • Traditional action gameplay
  • Playtesting in progress / about to start
  • Rather advanced development
  • Non-linear storyline
  • The development of this game is complicated
  • Many engine features and tools had to be added / modified / extended
  • Not far from the announcement
  • Teaser being worked by QD & Unit Image
  • Development started about a year and a half ago
  • In-House Game Engine
  • More playable characters than any other QD game

They added a few more details earlier today about everything Quantic Dream is working on.

And lastly, Tom Henderson added a few extra details of the game:

So far, we have a pretty good idea of what Star Wars Eclipse could be like, but if Tom’s statements are correct, the earliest we will get our hands on Eclipse will be 2024 or 2025.

What are your thoughts on all the details? Let us know in the comments section below!

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