Stardew Valley Multiplayer: How to Play Co-op With Friends

Join forces and build your dream farm with friends in Stardew Valley's multiplayer mode.

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If you get bored with playing Stardew Valley solo, a good option is to try Stardew Valley multiplayer. It allows you to team up with up to 4 players and work together in the same multiplayer world. This guide will discuss how to play Stardew Valley multiplayer in detail.

This guide covers everything you should know about Stardew Valley co-op. It is helpful for every player who wants to enjoy a new in-game experience and play the game with friends.

Multiplayer Mode in Stardew Valley

There are two options to enjoy co-op with friends in Stardew Valley: as a “host” and as a “farmhand.” Below, we tried to cover each in detail each way. We also mentioned some difficulties you might face while playing co-op. 

How to Start Multiplayer Stardew Valley

Starting Multiplayer in Stardew Valley

There is good news if you want to become a host. The process is straightforward and doesn’t differ depending on the platform you use to play the game.  

First, open the game and head to the title screen. Here you should select the option Co-Op and then open the Host tab. From here, click the button Host New Farm to start the multiplayer mode.

Consider that profit margins can only be set for each player when you create the new word. So, make sure to set the preferable settings while creating the world.

You can also join the single-player mode and build a cabin for each player who joins your game. Afterward, you should save the file and head to the main screen. Open the save file using Co-Op so other players can join your game.

How to Start Split-Screen Mode in Stardew Valley

If you want to enjoy co-op on the same device, you can run Stardew Valley in split-screen mode. Follow the instructions below, and you will learn how to do it in a few minutes.

  • Start the save in single-player mode and then build a cabin for each player who will join the game
  • Connect an extra controller to the device you use for split-screen 
  • Open the main menu and head to the Options tab. Here you should scroll down and opt for the button Start Local Co-op

You will start split-screen mode and play the game together.

How to Join Multiplayer in Stardew Valley

Joining the LAN Game in Stardew Valley

If you want to join the co-op game, everything depends on the device you use to play the game. Check the list below; you will find a detailed guide for each platform.


  • Add another player to Steam Friends to enjoy the game together. Feel free to use invite codes
  • Use split-screen mode
  • Use IP Address to connect to the same world

Xbox One

  • Use Xbox Live Gold to join remotely
  • Use split-screen mode(up to 4 players)

PlayStation 4

  • Use PlayStation Plus to join remotely
  • Use split-screen mode(up to 4 players)


  • Join via the special Join tab if another player is your friend
  • Join remotely using Nintendo Switch Online
  • Pair up devices located close to each other
  • Use split-screen mode

Restrictions Of Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode in Stardew Valley also has restrictions; you should be familiar with them to enjoy the co-op without any problems. In the list below, we collected all the restrictions you will face in the game.

  • There is no cross-platform except Windows – macOS
  • Split-Screen on Switch is limited to two players
  • Split-Screen can not be combined with remote multiplayer
  • You need subscriptions to enjoy remote multiplayer on consoles

That’s it with Stardew Valley multiplayer mode. If you have any questions about the co-op, please leave them in the comment section. We will try our best to give you the fastest and the most accurate answer as soon as possible.

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