Starfield: 10 Beginner Tips to Get You Started

Useful Tips That Will Make Your Journey Across the Starfield Universe Easier!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Starfield is about to unlock for players across all platforms, and fans of Bethesda RPG games are beyond excited to step into this new gargantuan adventure. It can all be a lot to take in for newbies. This is why we have provided some helpful beginner tips to get you started on your adventure in Starfield.

Starfield is a complete RPG package with 1,000 planets to explore, companions to befriend, factions to join and betray, random events to complete, secrets to uncover, and epic moments to enjoy. There are dozens of systems at play here, and some direction is welcomed immediately.

Here are 10 useful Beginner Tips that will guide new players to focus on the right things and make informed decisions. Let’s have a look at them!


Change Appearance Whenever You Want

Change Your Appearance Whenever
An Enhanced Clinic

One of the most important early decisions you make in any RPG is definitely during character creation. Players often spend hours deciding which hair color or nose proportion looks the best.

That’s why the first beginner tip we have for Starfield players is regarding cosmetic changes.

Starfield has an extensive character creator where you can choose everything from your character’s gait to their body fat percentage. What if you’ve spent hours creating a character but later on have a change of heart?

Unlike games like Remnant 2, where you cannot edit your character’s appearance, Starfield does not impose such restrictions on you. You are free to change your character’s looks whenever you want.

Just go to any Enhanced Clinic around the many populated systems in Starfield and pay a small fee to edit your character’s cosmetics.

You cannot change your character’s background once it has been set at the start of the game.


Invest in The Important Skills

Important Skills - Starfield Beginner Tips
Stealth, Security, and Boost Pack Training are Core Skills

You should start investing in the core skills right from the get-go. We recommend leveling up Stealth, Boost Pack Training, and Security first and then moving on to other skills.

Without Stealth, You won’t be able to sneak around at all. It will be impossible to pickpocket or steal anything without alerting the NPCs around you. You need to invest at least 1 point in the Stealth skill to enable stealth in Starfield.

Without Boost Pack Training, You won’t be able to utilize any jetpacks in the game. This means you won’t be able to fly and jump around the low-gravity planets.

Boost Packs are a fantastic tool that can help you become deadly in combat and also help you reach vantage points or hidden areas during exploration.

Without Security, You won’t be able to hack any locked doors or even use the lockpick. It’s a Bethesda RPG, guys; you should be well aware of the importance of lockpicking and hacking your way out of trouble.

Just think of all the crazy loot and secret passages you will miss out on if you don’t invest in this skill. We recommend maxing this skill out. You will never regret it.


Recruit Stealthy Companions

Andreja The Stealthy Companion

As you might remember from previous Bethesda games, your companions do not care if you are stealthy or not. They will often step on traps, get spotted, and run into combat even when you are trying your best to sneak past a sticky situation.

Starfield does things a bit differently. All potential companions you can befriend in the game come with pre-selected stats.

Some companions are good for more offensive players, others for trading purposes and some have higher stealth and pickpocket stats. You should definitely ask Andreja to join your team if you want a stealthy companion.

She already has 4 points in the Stealth skill and 1 in the Pickpocket skill as well. You will eventually meet her when doing the Golden Path story missions. Give her a suppressed weapon, and she will become a deadly assassin.


Change Your Crew’s Gear

Crew Gear - Starfield Beginner Tips

You might have noticed how we just suggested that you give Andreja a suppressed weapon. That’s because you can completely change your companion’s gear by giving them armor, suits, and weapons to wear.

The best part about this mechanic is that any buff the equipment has gets applied to your companions as well.

So, if a suit has increased weight-carrying capacity, your companion’s weight-carrying capacity will also increase. This allows you to transfer more extra items to their inventory.

If you give your companion things like grenades or flashbangs…they will never run out of them. They can carry and use an infinite amount of them [at least for now]. Knowing this, you can ask companions to take grenades and throw them endlessly in combat. Explosions ~ Fun!


Pay Off Bounties

Pay Off Bounties
Self-Service Bounty Clearance station

Another very important beginner tip for new Starfield players involves managing your bounty status. We all know how much you want to become an infamous space pirate. Doing so requires you to perform mischievous deeds like murder, theft, arson, etc. These deeds will eventually cause a bounty to appear on your head.

Once a bounty price is set, the local authorities of the system you are in will start looking for you. Now… you have the following options:

  • Get Caught: Just let the coppers catch you and put you in jail. Going to jail means you will lose all XP until you hit 0 on your current level, and all of your stolen items will also be confiscated.
  • Pay the Authorities: You can pay the bounty on your head once the authorities come to arrest you. Doing so will also result in all of the stolen items in your inventory being confiscated.
  • Run & Fight: Stay on the run and keep racking up more bounty. The authorities looking for you will also become more and more aggressive as time goes on.
  • Pay Off The Bounty: The fourth and most plausible solution is to pay off your bounty at a Self-Service Bounty Clearance station. These stations are located in almost every major city in the game and can also be built on your outposts. Paying your bounty this way wipes your slate clean and allows you to keep the stolen goods.


Use the Wanted Trait

Use the Wanted Trait

You get to choose 3 traits at the start, during character creation. These traits will incur some permanent modifiers to your game with some downsides as well. One of the traits you can select is Wanted.

This trait allows you to gain a damage boost whenever your HP is low but the con is that a group of bounty hunters will constantly hunt you throughout your adventures. This is not a con but an added benefit.

You can easily fight off the bounty hunters and claim their loot. They drop high-end loot from ships, weapons, suits, and other materials. Just wait for the bounty hunters to appear and then kill them to claim their loot. ~ The Hunter Gets Hunted.


Visit Your Parents Often

Mama's Boy - Starfield Beginner Tips
Visiting Your Parents

This next beginner tips in Starfield is related to your parents in-game. You can also have parents whom you can visit in Starfield based on a trait you choose during character creation. You should definitely opt for this trait as visiting your parents is very beneficial.

They offer insight on your missions, and give you random gifts. These gifts often include weapons, suits, and high-tech ships. Besides, who doesn’t want loving parents who are always proud of your achievements?


Crimson Fleet Pass

Crimson Fleet Pass - Starfield Beginner Tips
A Crimson Fleet Pirate Freebooter

If you complete the Vanguard missions, you will eventually meet the Crimson Fleet. This is a faction of pirates, and joining them could be very beneficial for you.

You will often encounter Crimson Fleet members out in the universe as you explore new systems and planets. They will not attack a fellow Crimson Fleet member and allow you to walk past them and go about your business.

This can be helpful for players who are not interested in conflicts and prefer to be as stealthy as possible.

Oh, and you can also farm them for items and XP points. To do that, make sure you have a suppressed weapon, the stealth skill, and then sneak behind a Crimson Fleet member to shoot and loot them. Just make sure the others don’t see you.


Use EM Weapons

EM Weapons Are OP
An Electro-Magnetic Weapon

Electro-magnetic weapons in Starfield can be used to stagger and stun any target. These weapons are OP in the sense that you can easily disable human enemies without actually killing them. You will see a blue bar appear above their health bar, and once this bar is filled, the target will go down.

Once a target is incapacitated and on the ground, you can use a pickpocket to steal anything they have on them. This lets you avoid any murder charges and stick to theft instead. ~ The lesser evil, amirite?


Mine Asteroids

Mining Asteroids

Building outposts and crafting other modules in the game requires a boatload of inorganic resources. You can farm these resources on almost all planets in the game, but anything you pick up will consume mass storage and will eventually make you Encumbered.

This problem can be avoided entirely if you start mining asteroids. You can mine the asteroid belts in space while sitting inside your spaceship and using the guns to destroy the massive rocks.

These rocks will drop inorganic resources, which will automatically be transferred to your ship’s storage bay. Your ship can obviously hold a lot more than your personal inventory. And, you don’t even have to press any buttons as all the materials get auto-collected.

Final Thoughts

These were the 10 most important beginner tips we could think of for players who are just starting their adventures in Starfield. Let us know how many of these tips you found to be helpful in the comments below, and keep visiting WIG for more things, Starfield!

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