Still Wakes The Deep Is A New Horror Game That Goes Deep

A New Horror Game That Explores New Depths

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Coming in 2024
  • Coming to Xbox Series, PC, and PS5
  • Will be day one on Game Pass

Still Wakes The Deep was announced at the Xbox Showcase and is coming to PC and consoles in 2024. The game has atmospheric horror which is easily the strong suit of The Chinese Room, the developers of the title, and we got a first look at some brief gameplay clips in the trailer shown at the showcase.

Still Wakes The Deep – Don’t Wake The Deep

Still Wakes The Deep is a new horror game that is set in 1975 and tasks the main character with saving the crew of an oil rig from a terror that is from another world. The game has a lot of atmospheric horror elements and is something fans of the genre will thoroughly enjoy playing.

Here is a look at the first trailer.

The game looks really good, and we know that the title could make more appearances at future shows, so this is one title we are keenly keeping an eye out for at future shows. A new horror game from the company was long expected.

A proper release date or window was not shared but we know that the game is coming in 2024 for the PC, Xbox Series, and PS5, with the title being a Day-One on Game Pass title as well, which is great if you are subscribed to the service.

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