Stray Has Been Rated in Australia – Announcement Soon?

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Stray is easily one of the more obscure yet intriguing games of our time. Playing the role of a cat trying to get home, we have talked plenty about the game but are still in the dark for a releases date. A recent rating for the game in Australia could hint at a potential release date soon.

Stray has been rated in Australia – PEGI and ESRB Next?

A few weeks ago, Stray got rated in Korea, and today, the game got rated in Australia. It was granted a PG Rating for Mild science, fiction, and violence, but otherwise, it looks like the game is greenlit for a global release very soon.

Stray rating in Australia

It has been almost 2 years since the game was first revealed in 2020, and updates regarding the release date have continued to play a cat and mouse game with gamers. From the brief gameplay video we have seen, we know that this is going to be another indie game that fans will probably have a good time playing unless you’re a dog person.

The game is set to release for PS4, PS5, and PC in Early 2022, but so far we have had no updates on the release date yet. Hopefully, we can count on an announcement sooner rather than later.

It is currently exclusive to the PC and PlayStation with no plans for an Xbox version announced yet. It is also not known if the game is a timed exclusive or not.

We haven’t heard from Annapurna Interactive or BlueTwelve in a while about the game’s release plan, so we can hope with the end of Early 2022 soon approaching, we get some news on a release date any day now. Perhaps the game could also get delayed?

What are your thoughts on the feline platform adventure title?

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