Sundering Glare Destiny 2 Explained

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Sundering Glare is returning to Destiny 2, and players are stoked about it. It’s a powerful mod that we’ve seen once before – so having it come back a second time around for Season 18 is enough to drum up some excitement about the current META.

What is Sundering Glare, though? And why should you care?

Well, I’m going to run you through what the mod is and how it works. By giving you a basic understanding of what it does, hopefully, you’ll get why people are buzzing with excitement at the thought of Sundering Glare making its Destiny 2 comeback.

Sundering Glare Destiny 2 Explained

Sundering Glare Destiny 2 - Nightmare Harvester
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Sundering Glare is a Seasonal Artifact mod that costs six to equip and goes on your Class item. Its effect reads “Rapid precision hits against distant combatants weakens them for a short duration.” So, shooting enemies in the head from far away makes you do more damage to them for a few seconds. There are a lot of keywords there and no actual numbers, so let’s dive behind the curtain a little bit:

  • Distant combatants – Any enemy you shoot at over 40m away will count as a distant combatant.
  • Rapid precision hits – The number of precision hits needed to proc Sundering Glare in Destiny 2 varies from weapon to weapon – but each shot must hit within two seconds of the previous shot landing, and they must land on the same target.
  • Weakens them – When the game says “weakens them” it means that the target will take more damage, not that it will deal less damage. In this case, it takes 20% more damage while Sundering Glare is active.
  • For a short duration – The “weaken” debuff lasts 12 seconds and has a cooldown of around four seconds.

What Does Sundering Glare do in Destiny 2

Put that all together, and Sundering Glare can be read as followed:

Multiple precision hits on a target 40 meters or further away will make that target take 20% more damage for 12 seconds.”

It’s not as elegant as Bungie’s explanation, but it’s an actual explanation and not a bunch of keywords stuck together.

Why is this important, though? Well, not only does it work in Crucible with scout and sniper rifles, but it also stacks with other debuffs. In case you were unaware, in Destiny 2, you can generally only stack one debuff and one buff. So, you could stack Well of Radiance with Sundering Glare, but nothing else would then be applied. However, during Season of the Chosen, Sundering Glare stacked with other debuffs like Divinity and Tether. This meant we were capable of outputting crazy amounts of damage that we otherwise couldn’t come close to.

It’s unclear whether Sundering Glare will come back in that original capacity, or whether it’ll be “fixed”. Either way, it’s going to be an important piece of Season 18’s META, so get comfortable with it.

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