Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch Gets Major Update for Online Play

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch is a game that was met with a lackluster reception by critics and fans. The games biggest flaw was its lack of variety in mini-games and the lackluster online mode. Nintendo Japan has just announced a major online update to remedy the 2018 title and breathe new life into it.

Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch – The Party’s Getting Started

When Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch released back in 2018, fans and critics alike were underwhelmed by the games lack of offering. The multiplayer mode became stagnant very fast and the lack of variety in mini-games also made fans put the games on their shelf to gather dust fairly quickly.

After all these years, Nintendo has decided to do the game some justice with a major online update that is looking to add 70 mini-games, 2 on 2 party online mode, and standard party.

The english patch notes are live.

The Japanese trailer shows a lot of new game modes and delivers the message fairly easily, but an English trailer which should release in a few hours from now or sooner will soon put all the new details for us in a clearer language.

Super Mario Party is only a few years late to the party, but if you still have the copy on your shelf, the update is definitely worth giving the game a second chance if and your friends are looking to revisit the game or perhaps play a Mario Party title that doesn’t require emulation.

The update is said to roll out later today, April 27th 2021. This will be a free update that is available to all Nintendo Switch owners of the title, and in addition will require Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play the game and your friends will need the subscription too.

This is a pleasant surprise from Nintendo but to bring attention back to an almost 3-year-old title is truly remarkable. Perhaps the studio has plans of announcing a new entry sooner rather than later?

With E3 rolling closely, we might expect some good news from Nintendo for 2021 as we still don’t know what to expect from them for this year.

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