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Mix and match till you get it right.

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu - CS2 & Valorant Expert
8 Min Read’s wide range of armor, weapons, and skills allows for mixing and matching different components to create unique builds. Early on, I only used the highest tier available in my inventory; little did I know that it was a big mistake. I could’ve optimized my gear and breezed through some of the harder levels. Learn from my mistake.

I’m sure many new players are in the same boat, so I’ll do my part to help. Here are the top builds in

I opted not to include Tech Parts since they mainly alter the Active Skills and provide the same stats across the board. However, I will suggest Pets and others to round up your build. These aren’t locked in, though, so feel free to play around with it.


Crit Build

The equipment requirements for the Crit Build.
The equipment requirements for the Crit Build.

Recommended Pets: Croaky, DD-6
Recommended Skills: Hi-Power Bullet, HE-Fuel, Energy Cube
Equipment: King, Eternal Gloves, Voidwaker Emblem, Lightchaser, Eternal Suit, Light Runners, Waist Sensor

Let’s jump straight to the Crit Build. It’s one of the most popular within the community because it’s straight-up OP; It doesn’t matter which enemies or levels you face, you’ll crit all over them. It’s one of those builds you can’t go wrong with, especially if you enjoy an aggressive playstyle.

It centers around using King at the highest Star-level you can get her. The Eternal Gloves and Voidwaker Emblem pairing also provides added crit rates and ATK to your character, no matter your HP. When fully decked out, the Crit Build can allow you to melt away at enemies and Bosses with ease.


Revive Build

The equipment requirements for the Revive Build.
The equipment requirements for the Revive Build.

Recommended Pet: Neemo, Cheshire
Equipment: Eternal Necklace, Eternal Gloves, Eternal Suit, Eternal Belt, Eternal Boots/Light Runners

Honestly, the Revive Build is just the Eternal Set with some variation. It’s one of the best builds you can use in because of the insane survivability that it gives you. Imagine having three chances to defeat a level; that’s just next-level OP,  in my eyes.

While none of the builds force you into taking specific Pets, this is the only exception. I highly advise using Cheshire as your Deployed Pet and evolving him to Legend ASAP. Its Nine Lives passive essentially gives you an extra chance, giving you a whopping four lives per level. I don’t even think you’ll need them all at any stage.


Void Build in

The equipment requirements for the Void Set.
The equipment requirements for the Void Build.

Recommended Pets: Rex, Cheshire
Recommended Skills: Drones, Lightning Emitter, Soccer Ball, Drill Shot
Equipment: Voidwaker Emblem, Void Power, Voidwaker Handguards, Voidwaker Windbreaker, Voidwaker Sash, Voidwaker Treads

The S-Grade equipment in is some of the best in the game. This automatically makes dawning a complete Voidwaker Set incredibly strong. The synergies built within the gear offer a solid mix of damage and defenses, making it great for all types of players.

The Void Build encourages ranged attacks, focusing mainly on the Void Power weapon, creating chaos through its black holes. When paired with the Apex Species and Berserk abilities from the Voidwaker gear, your character becomes a one-person wrecking crew.


Radiation Build

The equipment requirements for the Radiation Set.
The equipment requirements for the Radiation Build.

Recommended Pets: Rex, Murica
Recommended Skills: Molotov, Drill Shot, Durian, Soccer Ball
Equipment: Emerald Pendant, Protective Gloves, Protective Suit, Broad Waistguard, Layered Snowshoes, Kunai

The Radiation Build is one of my personal favorites since I’ve had so much fun playing it. It’s often slept on in favor of flashier setups, but you can’t deny the AOE power you gain from it. Radiate incredible damage and let your deadly aura do all the talking.

As you might’ve guessed, you need to take the Protective Set to get a full radiation build. Match it with a Kunai and ranged skills, and you’ll get yourself a radioactive area building around you in no time. It works exceptionally well against large hordes, making it easy to keep them in check. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a favorable match-up with Bosses, so I advise against using it in Ender’s Echo.


Ranged Build

The equipment requirements for the Ranged set.
The equipment requirements for the Ranged Build.

Recommended Pets: Rex, Neemo
Recommended Skills: Drill Shot, Durian, Soccer Ball, Lightning Emitter, HE Fuel, Ammo Thruster
Equipment: Kunai/Void Power, Metal Neckguard, Eternal Gloves, Eternal Suit, Twisting Belt, Eternal Boots

If you want to deal all your damage from afar, then the Ranged Build is your best bet. It’s great for AFKers and passive players because once you’ve got the right gear and skills, the auto-targeting does all of the hard work. You just have to sit back, relax, and watch the zombies fall one by one.

The auto-targeting Kunai or Void Power should be your primary weapon of choice in this build since the others just aren’t as good. Pair them with ranged skills that bounce around the screen, and you won’t even have to move a finger. Topping it off with some ATK buffs from your gear and call it a day.


Chaos Build in

The equipment requirements for the Chaos Build.
The equipment requirements for the Chaos Build.

Recommended Pet: Murica, Chesire
Sword of Disorder, Stone of Cleaving, Chaos Gauntlet, Armor of Quietus, Twisting Belt, Shoes of Confusion

The final S-Grade build highlights the Chaos equipment. Right out of the gate, it isn’t as great as its other top-tier brothers. The Chaos Set involves a ton of uncertainty and can either be fun or annoying. It’s not something that I’d often recommend to players who are aiming to clear levels in

However, the Chaos Build does have its place. It’s perfect for players looking for a break from traditional gameplay and wanting to mix things up. You’ll never know what is in store for you when using it, making it a great way to adjust on the fly and have a lot of fun.


Boss Build

The equipment requirements for the Boss Set.
The equipment requirements for the Boss Build.

Recommended Pet: Rex, Neemo
Recommended Skills:
Lightning Emitter, Soccer Ball, Drill Shot
Equipment: Army Nameplate, Army Gloves, Army Belt, Eternal Suit, Light Runners

Finally, the Boss Build is for those pesky boss fights that you just can’t seem to defeat. It’s perfect for the early game and Ender’s Echo. It also works excellently as a more attainable substitute for some of the S-Grade gear builds, which can be pretty expensive to max out.

The Boss Build prioritizes the Army Set because of its Inspire effect. Pairing it up with an Eternal Suit for some revival and the Light Runners for extra damage and defenses, then you’ve got yourself one heck of a Boss and Elite fighting machine. Round it up with a weapon of your choice, and you’re primed to defeat those mobs.

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