Best Equipment Tier List (Armor, Belt, Boots, Necklace)

I just use the Metal set because it looks cool.

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Aside from getting skill and weapon upgrades, you can also improve your equipment to increase your chances of victory. offers a broad range of equipment divided into Armors, Belts, Boots, Necklaces, and Gloves. So, we’ll make your job a little bit easier by providing you with our ranking of the best equipment tier list in

Best Armor in

PhotoArmor NameArmor TierEquipment SetBase HP (Excellent Grade)
Eternal SuitEternal Suit


Eternal Set+300 HP
Voidwaker WindbreakerVoidwaker Windbreaker


Voidwaker Set+300 HP
Armor of quietus in Survivor.ioArmor of Quietus


Chaos Set+300 HP
Full Metal SuitFull Metal Suit


Metal Set+200 HP
Protective SuitProtective Suit


Protective Set+200 HP
Army Uniform in Survivor.ioArmy Uniform


Army Set+200 HP
Carapace in Survivor.ioCarapace


Monster Set+200 HP
Traveler's Jacket in Survivor.ioTraveler’s Jacket


Stylish Set+200 HP

Best Belts in

PhotoBelt NameBelt TierEquipment SetBase HP (Excellent Grade)
Twisting BeltTwisting Belt


Chaos Set+225 HP
Eternal Belt in Survivor.ioEternal Belt


Eternal Set+225 HP
Voidwaker SashVoidwaker Sash


Voidwaker Set+225 HP
Stylish BeltStylish Belt


Stylish Set+150HP
Army Belt in Survivor.ioArmy Belt


Army Set+150HP
Broad WaistguardBroad Waistguard


Protective Set+150HP
Leather BeltLeather Belt


Monster Set+150HP
Waist Sensor in Survivor.ioWaist Sensor


Metal Set+150HP

Best Necklaces in

PhotoNecklace NameNecklace TierEquipment SetBase ATK (Excellent Grade)
Eternal NecklaceEternal Necklace


Eternal Set+60 ATK
Metal NeckguardMetal Neckguard


Metal Set+40 ATK
Stone of CleavingStone of Cleaving


Chaos Set+60 ATK
Voidwaker EmblemVoidwaker Emblem


Voidwaker Set+60 ATK
Emerald PendantEmerald Pendant


Protective Set+40 ATK
Trendy CharmTrendy Charm


Stylish Set+40 ATK
Bone PendantBone Pendant


Monster Set+40 ATK
Army NameplateArmy Necklace


Army Set+40 ATK

Best Gloves in

PhotoGlove NameGlove TierEquipment SetBase ATK (Excellent Grade)
Voidwaker HandguardsVoidwaker Handguard


Voidwaker Set+53 ATK
Eternal GlovesEternal Gloves


Eternal Set+53 ATK
Shiny Wristguard in Survivor.ioShiny Wristguard


Metal Set+35 ATK
Protective GlovesProtective Gloves


Protective Set+35 ATK
Fingerless GlovesFingerless Gloves


Stylish Set+35 ATK
Chaos Gauntlet in Survivor.ioChaos Gauntlet


Chaos Set+53 ATK
Leather GlovesLeather Gloves


Monster Set+35 ATK
Army Gloves in Survivor.ioArmy Gloves


Army Set+35 ATK

Best Shoes in

PhotoShoe NameShoe TierEquipment SetBase HP (Excellent Grade)
Voidwaker TreadsVoidwaker Treads


Chaos Set+225 HP
Eternal BootsEternal Boots


Eternal Set+225 HP
Light Runners in Survivor.ioLight Runners


Metal Set+150 HP
Shoes of ConfusionShoes of Confusion


Voidwaker Set+225 HP
Army BootsArmy Boots


Army Set+150 HP
Layered Snowshoes in Survivor.ioLayered Snowshoes


Protective Set+150 HP
Prosthetic LegsProsthetic Legs


Monster Set+150 HP
Highboots in Survivor.ioHighboots


Stylish Set+150 HP

Best Armor in

Starting things off, we have the equipment that impacts your survivability most: your Armor. This gear offers the highest HP increase out of all equipment in, allowing you to last longer in battle and tank more hits. Some of the higher-class Armor even features game-changing skills, like free revives or even giving you some life steal.

Eternal Suit

Eternal Suit description

Our top choice is the Eternal Suit. It’s tough to beat a piece of gear that literally gives you a second chance at life. After revival, you’re also getting extra buffs of +15% ATK and +15 Movement Speed. The Eternal Suit also boasts an additional 15% HP. What can be better than that?

Voidwaker Windbreaker

Voidwaker Windbreaker description in

The Voidewaker Windbreaker deserves recognition as one of the sickest-looking pieces of Armor in the game. However, it also backs it up with a unique Berserk effect that gives your skills the ability to absorb HP when you’re about to die. This only works one time per battle but does reset upon revival.

Armor of Quietus

Armor of Quietus description in

The final entry for our must-have S-tier Armors is the aptly named Armor of Quietus. Like the previous gear, the Armor of Quietus also provides a unique buff: the Deathword. It allows the player to enter Soul State for 10s instead of dying. You are fully invincible during this time. If you happen to defeat the final Boss within the given 10s, you’ll successfully claim victory.

Full Metal Suit

Full Metal Suit description

Think of the Full Metal Suit as a budget Eternal Suit. It offers a similar but a little bit worse revive passive. The Full Metal Suit only gets you to 50% HP once you die. However, it’s still a useful effect that you can’t find on other Armor, easily earning its spot in our Armor tier list.

Protective Suit

Protective Suit description

The Protective Suit is one of my personal favorites because of its radiation effects. It emits radiation pulses whenever you’re hit, giving you an extra layer of protection. It’s surprisingly powerful during the early levels and works incredibly well with an admittedly niche, radiation-based build.

Army Uniform

Army Uniform Description in

It’s starting to feel like a Call of Duty campaign mission with the Army Uniform. The Army Uniform gives you a glimpse of being a war hero by gaining the Inspire effect after killing Elites/Bosses. Inspire heals your character by up to 10% HP per 5 seconds until you are hit. It’s a great effect that ensures you’re always healthy, even after challenging Boss fights.


Carapace description in

No turtles were harmed in making the Carapace Armor. Jokes aside, it’s a pretty valuable piece of equipment on levels with an overwhelming amount of bullets flying around. This is because the Carapace reduces bullet damage by up to 10 times. However, 10 times isn’t a lot, especially when your screen is full of enemies, which is why it’s not exactly the most OP Armor in

Traveler’s Jacket

Traveler's Jacket description in

It’s lonely down here in the bottom where the Traveler’s Jacket sits. It increases healing from all sources by an underwhelming 20%. This means that you’ll need to have access to other healing sources before utilizing the Armor’s skill. As you can guess, this makes the Traveler’s Jacket weak, especially when compared to others on the list.

Best Belts in

Next, let’s talk about that thing that goes around your waist and somehow gives your character extra HP. Here’s our list of the best belts in

Twisting Belt

Twisting Belt description

Are you feeling lucky? Equip the Twisting Belt and see how lucky you truly are. It allows your skill damage to fluctuate, dealing anywhere from 80% to 160%, depending on the Belt’s level. This offers insane value and can make or break a level.

Eternal Belt

Eternal Belt description in

The Eternal Belt takes the final S-Tier spot in our Belt tier list. It’s a solid alternative to the Twisting Belt, especially if you want more defensive capabilities. It triggers a 3-second window of invincibility every minute. This allows you to reposition or regroup before the zombies start to swarm you again.

Voidwaker Sash

Voidwaker Sash description

It might be surprising to see an S-Grade weapon down in A-tier, but the Voidwaker Sash just doesn’t provide as much value as its other brothers. Its Hardened buff can be useful but is only triggered after killing 500 enemies, making it extremely clutch or straight-up useless. At least, the Eternal Belt triggers when enemies are about to hit you.

Stylish Belt

Stylish Belt description

Imagine having an all-blocking shield to tank damage for you: that’s precisely what the Stylish Belt brings to the table. It gives you protection that blocks damage for every 200 enemies that you slay. It only stops damage once, so if you need shields again, you’ll have to kill another 200 enemies.

Army Belt

Army Belt description

The Army Belt can buff you up with two effects, depending on the Grade you have it on. You can get Inspire starting from Excellent Grade with a matching Shockwave Shield. You also get Dominator for Epic Grade-level Army Belts. Dominator gives you an extra 100% damage and movement speed, along with CD reduction every time a Shockwave is triggered.

Broad Waistguard

Broad Waistguard description

The Broad Waistguard emits radiation pulses when you are healing. The damage scales based on the amount of healing done, making it a clutch skill for low-health situations. Unfortunately, other than that, its effects are useless, so it shouldn’t be one of your go-to options.

Leather Belt

Leather Belt description

The best part about the Leather Belt is its unique look. It gives you a 5% healing buff every time you loot food for a maximum of 30% healing increase. Honestly, it’s more of a nice to have rather than a straight-up necessity. The other Belts just outclass it in more ways than one.

Waist Sensor

Waist Sensor description

The final entry in our best Belts in, or in this case, worst, is the Waist Sensor. Its game-changing effect gives you a 20% movement speed increase whenever you’re above 50% HP. That’s it. Although the Epic-grade variant offers a bit more defense, providing a -20% to damage taken when above 50% HP.

Best Necklaces in

Moving on to those dazzling ornaments you put on your neck. These are our picks for the best Necklaces in

Eternal Necklace

Eternal Necklace Description

Claiming the throne as the best necklace in is the Eternal Necklace. Its effect allows you to deal extra scaling damage, depending on the health of your enemies. Additionally, it also deals extra damage to full HP enemies. It’s extremely powerful against Bosses and Elites, quickly draining their health.

Metal Neckguard

Metal Neckguard description

Seeing the Metal Neckguard ranking so high might be a shocker, especially with two S-Grade Necklaces still up for grabs. But that’s just a testament to how good the gear is. The Metal Neckguard amplifies your first and last (on Epic Grade) Passive Skills by 30%. It doesn’t scale, and it stacks up. It might involve a bit of chance, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best Necklaces in out there.

Stone of Cleaving

Stone of Cleaving description in

The Stone of Cleaving is one of the newest pieces of equipment introduced into Despite it being new, it’s already a great item to equip. It automatically creates a mirage/duplicate of your character every time damage is taken. The mirage won’t attack enemies but will radiate a slowing aura. You can only have 1 mirage at all times.

Voidwaker Emblem

Voidwaker necklace

The last S-Grade Necklace is the Voidwaker Emblem, which unfortunately falls into our A-tier. It supplies a solid maximum of 40% additional damage and 40% crit rate (Legendary) but only triggers at 50% HP and lower. The worst part is that it scales; the lower your HP is, the higher the buffs. While it’s great for low HP situations, you’ll rarely be in them. Besides, who wants to be playing with death just to get a buff, right?

Emerald Pendant

Emerald Pendant description

The Emerald Pendant may be bright and shiny, but you wouldn’t want to get too close. It creates a radiating aura that damages enemies over time. This makes for a solid passive damaging skill that doesn’t take up any of your Active Skill slots. It’s powerful alone but gets extremely deadly when put into the right build.

Trendy Charm

Trendy Charm description in

The Trendy Charm is not only stylish like these Fortnite skins but also a useful piece of equipment in It adds an extra 2% cooldown reduction to your skills for every 200 enemies slain. This stacks up to a maximum of 10% for Excellent and 30% for Epic. This makes it a worthy substitute if you don’t have the S-Grade necklaces yet.

Bone Pendant

Bone Pendant description in

Would the monsters be less of a threat if they moved at a slower pace? Would they be less deadly? No, right? Well, I guess it’s agreed that the Bone Pendant has a pretty bad effect. There really isn’t much to it. It slows enemies. It slows them even more on Epic Grade. That’s about it.

Army Necklace

Army Nameplate description

The Army Necklace has the potential to be good when used correctly. It provides the Inspire buff after killing Elites and Bosses. All your damage dealt will be increased by 20%, with an increase of 50% on Epic-Grade items. Frankly, it’s quite good, but the other Necklaces in are just better.

Best Gloves in

If I’m being honest, all Gloves in are impressive in their own right. Overall, none of them are inherently bad and are all usable in-game. I highly encourage experimenting with distinct builds. That being said, here are our picks for the best Gloves in

Voidwaker Handguards

Voidwaker Gloves description

The Voidwaker Handguard takes the top spot with its special buffs, Destructive Nature, Blood Suppression, and Sanguine Aura. Destructive Nature instakills enemies under 20% HP (not applicable to Bosses), clearing waves in storms. Blood Suppression gives a significant 50% damage boost to Elites and Bosses. Finally, Sanguine Aura applies Wither, which causes enemies to lose 1% HP per 0.1s. All of these effects add up to form the best Glove in

Eternal Gloves

Eternal Gloves Description

It’s no surprise that two S-Grade Gloves go back-to-back here. The Eternal Gloves have a solid argument to be the top choice in with its added 20% ATK when HP is over 50% and an extra 10% chance to crit. We haven’t even mentioned the +10% crit rate and +100% crit damage when it’s upgraded to the Legendary Grade. Now that’s a lot of damage.

Shiny Wristguard

Shiny Wristguard description in

Closing our S-tier is the Shiny Wristguard. It’s not an S-Grade equipment, but it sure feels like one. It creates minor explosions every time you kill a monster, which includes the explosion itself. This could then lead to a massive chain effect, causing explosions after explosions left and right. The blasts are also great to look at for your viewers if you’re streaming live.

Protective Gloves

Protective Gloves description

Similar to the Shiny Wristguard, you can trigger an effect when monsters are killed when the Protective Gloves are equipped. However, it doesn’t occur on every death, but the radiation ring that it leaves behind can still deal substantial damage. Like we’ve been saying all list long, don’t underestimate the power of radiation equipment in, especially if you have a complete set.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves description

If you’re looking for firepower, the Fingerless Gloves might be the key. It offers a 1% chance to instakill enemies, which may not sound like a lot, but it’s definitely helpful against huge waves. However, the best part is the extra 3% damage for every 200 monsters killed, up to a maximum of 30%.

Chaos Gauntlet

Chaos Gauntlet Description in

Down here, leaving everyone stunned, is the S-Grade Chaos Gauntlet. Killing an enemy will result in it being revived or taking another one with it to the grave. If revived, Final Penance will kill that enemy again and trigger Deathly Judgment. Finally, if the enemy you revived isn’t slain within 1s, it will simply be exiled, restoring some of your HP.

I know there’s a lot going on here; the Chaos Gauntlet is just complicated. I recommend staying away unless you can get the higher Grades.

Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves description

The Leather Gloves give you a flat 5% chance to crit on each attack. The Epic-Grade effect also provides an added 50% crit damage with a bleed effect on top, making your crits deadlier. Overall, it’s excellent to equip on crit-based builds because of the solid increase it supplies.

Army Gloves

Army Gloves description in

Don’t forget about the Army Gloves. It’s lowkey the best piece of equipment from the Army Set because of it’s increased damage to Bosses and Elites. A stable 20% damage buff is very noticeable, but it can be further increased to 50% for Epic-Grade Army Gloves, allowing you to melt right through Bosses/Elites.

Best Shoes in

The final equipment tier list in this guide are the shoes. Get your feet ready because here are our picks for the best shoes in all of to equip them whenever you can.

Voidwaker Treads

Voidwaker Treads description

The Voidwaker Treads turns you into an apex predator, hunting zombies as your prey. It grants a 10% movement speed increase per 500 enemies killed, up to a total of 50%. Now, that alone may not seem too great, but its Legendary-Grade effects scales your damage based on the difference between you and your enemies’ speeds. This makes it insanely broken, especially against the much slower Bosses.

Eternal Boots

Eternal Boots Description

The Eternal Set always provides top-tier equipment, and the Eternal Boots are no different. They make you feel like the Ghost Rider and leave a trail of fire behind every time you walk. If that’s not OP enough for you, the Legendary effect adds a slow together with increased damage.

Light Runners

Light Runners description in

It seems that the Light Runners are next, bringing not only swag but damage to the mix. The damage you take gets decreased by 20% for 3s every time you are hit. This makes it a clutch skill that can spell your doom or keep you in the game. But that’s not all. It can also increase your damage by 20% for 3 seconds after killing an enemy. Now, that’s what I call power.

Shoes of Confusion

Shoes of Confusion Description

Once again, the S-Grade Chaos Set gear falls down to the A-tier. The Shoes of Confusion looks strong on paper, especially since it can give you immunity to dying. However, its unpredictable nature causes more harm than good if you can’t get it to Legendary Grade. The shoes certainly live up to its name, causing confusion to whoever equips it in

Army Boots

Army Boots description

Ten-hut! Wake up, soldier, and strap up those Army Boots before fighting Elites and Bosses. It gives you Inspire after killing Elites or Bosses, giving a 30% movement speed boost. However, its best aspect is the extra 30% skill CD that it gives whenever you’re Inspired. This only activates on Epic-Grade Army Boots, though, so make sure to upgrade it before using.

Layered Snowshoes

Layered Snowshoes description in

The Layered Snowshoes will allow users to leave radiation rings as they move. They have a decent radius and will inflict damage to enemies who enter the rings. The Epic-Grade effect is also fairly okay, increasing your base movement speed by two.

Prosthetic Legs

Prosthetic Legs description

Don’t worry. No animals were harmed in making the Prosthetic Legs, only zombies. The description says that “it doesn’t look usable for humans,” and frankly, I think it’s right. It gives you little reason to use it since its effects are mediocre. You’ll get +1 base movement speed. The only thing worth mentioning is the 1% healing every 3 seconds on Epic-Grade.


Highboots description in

Finally, the Highboots grants you the Forced March passive for every 200 monsters killed. Forced March lasts for 5 seconds, granting you a 30% boost to your movement speed. The Epic-Grade effect adds more buffs, making you immune to bullets and a 20% decrease in collision damage whenever Forced March is active.

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