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It’s just me against a thousand zombies. What could go wrong?

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu - CS2 & Valorant Expert
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It ain’t easy trying to fight off numerous zombies. You can quickly get overwhelmed and panic if you don’t know what to do. Luckily, I’m here to help you out with 10 tips and tricks to survive longer and win.


May the Force Be With You

Getting the Forcefield in the Lucky Train.

Initially, I overlooked the Forcefield when I began playing the game. In the early stages, it just seemed less valuable compared to other in-game skills. However, once you got a few extra stars into it, it became a force(field) of nature.

The Forcefield acts as a barrier and even provides damage and movement speed debuffs in later levels. This makes it an incredibly powerful ability that would greatly help your survivability in the game. So, if you find yourself dying quite a bit in, my best tip would be to level up that Forcefield.


What’s Better Than a Drone? Two Drones

The Drones in

The Drones in provide some of the best offensive capacity amidst all abilities. They unleash a barrage of missiles in a circular formation, dealing insane amounts of damage. Both Drones are effective for defending against waves of enemies, especially in the early game.

The Type A Drone fires missiles in short intervals but deals decent damage. On the other hand, the Type B Drone dishes out more damage but has longer intervals between launches. It mostly depends on your playstyle which Drone you should pick, but you can’t go wrong with choosing either, or maybe even both.


Keep Moving and Get Crates

Getting Crates in

My best tip for beginners is to move with intent. While many players wander aimlessly in search of enemies, I find it more effective to explore the map, looking for crates instead.

Crates typically contain Gold Coins, which you can use for upgrades outside of the game. However, they can also contain valuable power-ups. The ones you should keep an eye out for are the meat, which heals you, and the bomb, which damages all enemies on your screen. Both of these tools can help increase your chances of living longer in


Last Second Healing

Leaving Meat Heals For Boss Fights.

This next trick goes in tandem with the previous tip. Take note of the locations of the meat items you find. It ensures that you’ll always have a go-to heal whenever you find yourself in a pinch. It’s super helpful in the early game, where you rarely have any passive healing abilities.

Personally, I use this tactic whenever I know that bosses will spawn soon. Bosses will appear every 5 minutes. Once the boss warning emerges, I automatically run close to meat locations for extra healing insurance. 


Burn Baby Burn

Getting the Molotov skill in

The Molotov is another skill that starts up relatively weak but gets progressively stronger the more levels you dedicate to it. Things start to heat up when you’re starting to throw five Molotovs around you. Your enemies will get incinerated before they even come near you.

It’s already strong in the early Chapters of the game. However, that’s only a glimpse of the power that the flames hold. You can unlock its full potential when you get yourself a set of Radiation Gear. You’ll have yourself slaughtering waves left and right.


Run When Zombies Are Starting to Spawn

Running away from zombies in

This next one is both a tip and a trick in Typically, the game involves killing zombies, earning XP, and upgrading your skills to prepare for stronger enemies. However, it can become quite challenging to eliminate enemies when they are charging at you in massive groups.

The best way to counter horde spawns is by running away. I suggest moving in one direction to force enemies to chase you. This reduces the chances of getting swarmed and allows you to deal mainly with the enemies in front of you. Remember, there’s no shame in running, especially in zombie games.


Get Those Heal and XP Skills

The Ninja Scroll and Energy Drink.

The Energy Drink and the Koga Ninja Scroll are among some of the most overlooked passive skills in the game. Both won’t deal insane amounts of damage to enemies but will be better for your character in the long run.

It’s best to start stacking Koga Ninja Scrolls early on in the game. This allows you to gain more experience, resulting in faster level-ups and quickly getting stronger weapons. The Energy Drink is typically best for some mid-game sustain. It helps you survive the large hordes and boss fights while not heavily relying on crates for some heals.


Close The Game for a Quick Reset

Continuing your game in’s main premise is sending an overwhelming amount of enemies to kill you. This can easily happen when hordes start spawning. I can attest to how annoying it can get, repeatedly dying to horde spawns on some of the tougher levels.

I stumbled on this trick when I accidentally closed the game in the middle of an intense session. To my surprise, it allowed me to continue on with my game, but the zombies were nowhere near me. While others may call it cheating, I call it thinking outside the box or, in this case, the app. It works on iOS and Android devices; heck, it even works on Android emulators.


Max Out an Ability as Fast as You Can

Choosing the Defender.

All active skills have corresponding passive counterparts. When these abilities are maxed out and combined, they transform into EVO Skills, essentially enhanced versions of the upgrades. Think of them as the ultimate abilities of champions in Wild Rift.

Acquiring EVO Skills requires a considerable amount of time and levels. They are the most powerful abilities in the game, after all. It’s highly advisable to get skill upgrades early on and stack them fast.  The sooner you get your EVO Skill upgrades, the easier it is to slaughter enemies.


Plan Your Skills Ahead of Time

Planning skills ahead of time.

The final entry in our tips and tricks guide for you today is to decide which skills you want to get ahead of time. It allows you to focus your attention on more important things. This also helps out when determining which EVO Skills you want to get.

Planning makes the game less chaotic than it already is. It also gives you the advantage of accounting for synergies and combinations that work best within your build. Of course, some improvisations will still be necessary at times due to the game’s RNG nature.

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