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So you're telling me I can use a cat as my Hero? Sign me up.

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In, every element of your setup, ranging from weapons and abilities to your choice of characters, holds great importance. Each part is crucial to your success, and a single misstep can lead to defeat. This is why it’s essential to optimize your build to defeat those zombies. Here’s a Hero tier list that I’ve created to help you with your decisions.

There are a total of nine usable Survivors in Most of them can be unlocked by using Shards or by purchasing the Survivor Pass. Unfortunately, two of the nine Survivors are event exclusives. Both Spongebob and Squidward can only be obtained through the Deepsea Survivor Support Brawl event and are no longer unlockable. This is why I’ve decided to exclude them from the list.

PhotoHero NameHero TierSkillsRequired Shards to Unlock
King in Survivor.ioKing


Survivor Instinct, Sixth Sense, Lucky Kill80 King Shards


Moonshade Slash, Nitoryu, Evo Unleashed80 Tsukuyomi Shards
Yelena in Survivor.ioYelena


Automatic Pistol, Projection Haste, Enhanced ProjectionObtained from Season 11 Survivor Pass/ 40 Yelena Shards


Listening Bug, Cash Trade, Sting Op80 Worm Shards
Wesson in Survivor.ioWesson


EM Grenade, Drillmaster Perk, EM Field80 Wesson Shards


Medi-drone, Tech Breakthrough, Advanced Medicine50 Catnips Shards
Common in Survivor.ioCommon


Pointless, Expired Plan, Helter SkelterFree/ Default Survivor


King description in

A name fitting of her placement, King is at the top of the character game. All of her skills are just great. It doesn’t matter if she’s at 1-Star Level because she’ll get you with that added 8% crit rate per level. At 3-Star Levels, King becomes even more dangerous with a flat 50% crit rate and an added 25% crit damage bonus to boot.

However, at the 6-Star Level, King is at her peak. She obtains the Lucky Kill passive, where all critical hit failures aren’t accepted and will result in recalculation. This increases the overall amount of crits you can dish out. King is just no match for the other Heroes, and she’ll undoubtedly help you get that Victory.


Tsukuyomi description

Tsukuyomi and her pink flowered outfit may look all charming and bubbly, but she’s a deadly Hero when used in combat. Her 1-Star skill is Moonshade Slash, where she lets out a strong slash in the direction she is facing, similar to that of the Katana. Nitoryu allows Moonshade Slash to be upgraded on all evolved bladed weapons, further increasing its power.

Finally, Evo Unleashed frees Moonhalo Slash (the EVO for Moonshade Slash) and allows it to be used for any of the main weapons. I highly suggest picking up Tsukuyomi for the Katana/Sword lovers out there. Her skills just add so much damage to the blades, making them one of the best weapons in


Yelena description in

Yelena might be a nod to Marvel’s Avengers Black Widow since Yelena is also her sister’s name. She’s just as deadly as the widow with her Automatic Pistol skill, where she gets to use an all-purpose gun as her weapon. Her 3-Star skill isn’t that great, giving her a +5 movement speed boost whenever Projection is active.

Finally, the 6-Star Level skill is Enhanced Projection, where her critical hits extend the duration of a Holo Projection (the EVO for Automatic Pistol). This can be pretty powerful if you have a crit-focused build, allowing you to keep on extending the Holo Projections you throw out.


Worm description

Leading the charge of our B-tier Heroes in is Worm. Worm is a great spy, so great that his skill is the Listening Bug. He digs deep into the enemies’ weaknesses and vulnerabilities, increasing the damage that they take.

Worm’s 3-Star skill is a passive called Cash Trade, where his collision damage is significantly reduced, along with an increase in his projectile damage. Finally, Sting Op (Listening Bug’s EVO) can force enemies to retreat, creating a safe space for you to move in.


Wesson description in

Closing the B-tier is Wesson. Wesson looks a bit like Snake from Metal Gear Solid because of his eye patch and hair. His skills involve electromagnetic devices like the EM Grenade he throws at enemies. The Drillmaster Perk strengthens his EM Grenade with a chance to call in some backup and deal some insane AOE damage.

Finishing up Wesson’s skills is his 6-Star ability called EM Field. EM Field enables him to create a protective barrier that can block enemy attacks. Wesson is a solid character in if you prefer a more AOE-focused build. Otherwise, the other Survivors are way better and offer more than Wesson does.


Catnips description

The cute and lovable Catnips starts out the list, bringing heals that can last for days. Using Catnips unlocks the Medi-drone Active Skill, which is a field drone that creates a healing zone between intervals. Catnips is an advocate for drone freedom, evident by its 3-Star skill, Tech Breakthrough. It allows all drones to be freely paired, creating some very unique combos.

Last but not the least is the 6-Star skill Advanced Medicine. This skill just doubles the healing drone’s effect. This applies to both the Medi-drone and the Divine Destroyer (Drone EVO). Catnips may not be that great as a Survivor, but at least you can create an all-feline lineup by pairing it with Cheshire the Pet.


Common description in

The Hero that started it all is finishing our best characters in tier list. Common is the free/default character that all of us start with. He does well carrying throughout the chapters, but once you unlock other Heroes, it’s best to equip them immediately.

Common loves his threes. Pointless adds a 3% buff to all skill damage. Expired Plan gives an extra 3% range to all skills. Finally, Helter Skelter reduces all skill CDs by 3%. Like they say, all good things come in threes. Unfortunately for Common, three is not enough to rank him higher. At least he can work with almost every type of equipment in the game.

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