Pets Tier List – Best Pets, Ranked (2023)

They're all so cute!

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu - CS2 & Valorant Expert
7 Min Read is filled with a wide collection of skills, equipment, and weapons to help you survive the horde. However, you can also bring your own companions to help you in battle in the form of Pets. Honestly, I just chose whatever Pet looked the strongest and called it a day. But these creatures can actually have a huge impact on the outcome of your games. So, here’s the best Pets in featured in our tier list.

The Best Pets in is like an animal shelter, catering to 9 different Pets. Among these Pets, you can bring one into battle, enabling its Active Skill. You can also choose up to an additional two Pets to assist you, activating its Passive Skill. Both skill types significantly affect the field, so it’s essential to choose wisely.

Note: I didn’t include Gary in our Pets tier list because it’s unlikely that he will ever return to the game. I’ve only included the currently available Pets that can help you win more levels in

PhotoPet NamePet TierActive SkillLegendary-Grade Deployment Skill


Spit AttackSuper Inspiration


CacophoniaUtmost Loyalty
Cheshire in


ScratchNine Lives


Bubble BulletTime Stop
DD-6 in


LaserSatellite Cannon


Water ShotSupper Battle Lust
Murica in


Shelly in


Turtle SurgeSuper Tough Skin


Croaky Description

Topping our list of the best Pets in is the green amphibian Croaky. Croaky is by far the best Pet in because of its insanely powerful Spit Attack. It unloads a 200% ATK damage over two seconds, leaving those zombies dead before they come close.

Croaky can also provide a 10% increased crit damage when Evolved to Legendary Grade. Once again, Croaky leaps away with one of the best Deploying Skills out of all Pets in


Rex Description

Man’s best friend comes in clutch as a trusty Pet in Rex only loves to receive belly rubs from humans. If zombies come anywhere near, he barks at them with his Cacophonia skill. It deals 250% ATK damage, with a 1-second cooldown.

His Legendary-Grade Deploying Skill adds some defensive capabilities to your build. Rex’s unwavering loyalty shines as he willingly tanks 30% of all damage you receive. Now, that’s what I call a good boy.


Cheshire Pet Description in

Not everyone is a dog person. If so, then Cheshire is the perfect match for you. Cheshire is a cute little cat that packs quite the punch. It’s cute when unprovoked but deals 200% ATK damage using its sharp and deadly claws, with a 0.5-second cooldown. If things don’t work out, Cheshire can always live its life out on the streets of Stray.

We all know the saying, “Cats have Nine Lives.” Well, that holds true in Chesire’s Legendary-Grade Deploying Skills allow both the player and Chesire to get back up on their feet when taking fatal damage. Nine Lives nullifies fatal damage and heals everyone back up to 50% HP. Talk about an OP skill!


Neemo Description provides an obvious nod to Disney’s Finding Nemo, with their own version of Neemo, the pet goldfish. Neemo may be swimming around in his small glass bowl, but don’t underestimate it’s power. The Bubble Bullet shoots an explosive bubble for 200% ATK damage.

Unlock Neemo’s mystical Time Stop by Evolving it to Legendary Grade. Time Stop activates when your HP drops below 30% and freezes all enemies for 5 seconds. During this time, you and Neemo are invincible, allowing you to reposition and regain your composure. Time Stop alone would make Neemo one of the best Pets in if only it was easier to obtain.


DD-6 Pet Description in

Who said that robots won’t make good companions? DD-6 is proving the haters wrong, dishing out an insane 400% ATK damage using his Laser. He fires not one, not two, but three total burning lasers, incinerating any zombies it touches. DD-6 also takes clear inspiration from droids within the Star Wars franchise.

If you’re looking for a purely damage-based Pet in, then you simply can’t go wrong with taking DD-6. Its Satellite Cannon Deploying Skill calls upon a powerful AOE blast, dealing 1000% ATK damage with a 5-second cooldown. Satellite Cannon deals the most damage out of all skills from Pets in


Crabobble Description

Neemo isn’t the only sea-loving Pet in Crabobble brings a Water Shot to battle, dealing 500% ATK damage to enemies. Each bullet penetrates up to two enemies, making it a decent skill for thinning out the horde of monsters.

Crabobble’s Legendary Deploying Skill is a bit underwhelming, giving the Pet a 30% ATK and skill cooldown. While it’s far from useless, it would’ve been amazing if it reduced the player’s CD as well. Nevertheless, Crabobble is still a great choice; just don’t mistake it for one of the crab Pokémon, or else you’ll hurt its feelings.


Murica Pet Description in

Murica is the sole commander of the skies in Its Active Skill is Dervish, where it uses its strong wings to create a whirlwind that deals 350% ATK damage to enemies. It can penetrate through all enemies and has a 1-second cooldown. Murica is slang for “America,” where their national bird is the Bald Eagle – the type of bird Murica is based on.

As a predator of the skies, Murica makes use of his Crush Deploying Skill that unlocks a 5% chance to deal ten times the damage of a normal attack. Unfortunately, this only works on enemies below 50% HP because Murica can smell weakness in his foes.


Shelly Pet Description in

Alone in C-tier is Shelly, the sea turtle. Its AOE Turtle Surge attack definitely looks good on paper, mainly since it deals 300% ATK damage. However, it’s a bit unreliable and hard to hit, which is one of the reasons Shelly isn’t that great.

Turtles are known for having extremely hard shells. Shelly gives justification to that claim through her Super Tough Skin Deploying Skill. Its shell helps protect it from harm, reducing the damage it takes by 60%. While it may look good, it’s a very disappointing Legendary-Grade Deploying Skill when compared to what the other Pets provide.

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