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21 Min Read hosts plenty of weapons and skills that you can use to fight zombies. While having choices is fantastic, it can quickly become overwhelming when it comes to selecting the most suitable option for battle. So, we’ve created a complete tier list containing the game’s extensive set of weapons and skills.

Best Normal Skills Tier List

PhotoNameTierSkill EffectsEVO Skill


Damage, Knockback, and Stops bullets.Defender


Damage and slow.Force Barrier
Molotov in Survivor.ioMolotov


Damage, removes Poison on the ground, and leaves fire patches.Fuel Barrel, Inferno Bomb
Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball


Damage and bounces off of enemies.Quantum Ball
Drill ShotDrill Shot


Damages and pierces enemies.Whistling Arrow
Type-A Drone in Survivor.ioType-A Drone


Launches exploding missiles.Destroyer
Type-B DroneType-B Drone


Launches exploding missiles.Destroyer


Damage and knockback.Caltrops


Deals explosive damage.Sharkmaw Gun
Lightning Emitter in Survivor.ioLightning Emitter


Deals lightning damage.Supercell, Thunderbolt Bomb
Brick in Survivor.ioBrick


Damage and knockback.1-ton Iron


Creates a healing zone.Divine Destroyer
Laser LauncherLaser Launcher


Deals damage with lasers and removes Poison on the ground.Death Ray
Modular MineModular Mine


Explosive AOE damage.Inferno Bomb, Thunderbolt Bomb
Boomerang in Survivor.ioBoomerang


Damages enemies.Magnetic Rebounder

Best Passive Skills Tier List

PhotoNameTierSkill EffectsEVO Skill
Hi-Power BulletHi-Power Bullet


Increases ATK.Revolver, Shotgun
Koga Ninja ScrollKoga Ninja Scroll


Increases your EXP gain.Kunai
Energy CubeEnergy Cube


Reduces the CD of skills.Death Ray, Supercell
HE Fuel in Survivor.ioHE Fuel


Increases ammo and weapon range.Sharkmaw Gun, Caltrops
Energy DrinkEnergy Drink


Restores HP every 5 seconds.Force Barrier
Ronin OyoroiRonin Oyoroi


Decreases damage received.Katana
Fitness GuideFitness Guide


Increases max HP.1-ton Iron, Baseball Bat
Exo-Bracer in Survivor.ioExo-Bracer


Increases active skill time.Defender, Void Power
Ammo ThrusterAmmo Thruster


Makes projectiles go faster.Whistling Arrow
Hi-Power Magnet in Survivor.ioHi-Power Magnet


Increases loot pickup range.Magnetic Rebounder
Oil BondOil Bond


Increases Gold value.Fuel Barrel
Sports Shoes in Survivor.ioSports Shoes


Increases movement speed.Quantum Ball

Best Weapon Tier List

PhotoNameTierWeapon EffectEVO Skill
Void PowerVoid Power


Shoots black holes.Gloom Nova
Sword of DisorderSword of Disorder


Thrusts and launches blade projectiles.Sword of Domination
Lightchaser in Survivor.ioLightchaser


Slashes and sends blade waves out.Eternal Light


Throws out a Kunai blade.Spirit Shuriken


Swings the sword, creating blade waves.Demon Blade
Baseball BatBaseball Bat


Damage, bleed, and knockback.Lucile


Shoots bullets in a wave-like form.Gatling
Revolver in Survivor.ioRevolver


Fires single bullets in the direction you are facing.Reaper

Best EVO Skills Tier List

PhotoNameTierSkill EffectsRequired Skills
Divine DestroyerDivine Destroyer


Fires missiles and provides a healing zone.Medi-drone, Destroyer


Unleashes bolts of lightning and shockwave blasts.Lightning Emitter, Energy Cube


Fires missiles in all directions.Type-A Drone, Type-B Drone
Quantum BallQuantum Ball


Bounces around the screen, damaging zombies.Soccer Ball, Sports Shoes
Whistling Arrow in Survivor.ioWhistling Arrow


Moves around the screen, piercing enemies.Drill Shot, Ammo Thruster


Spawns rotating tops around your character.Guardian, Exo-Bracer
Fuel BarrelFuel Barrel


Throws multiple flame-bearing barrels around you.Molotov, Oil Bonds
1-ton Iron1-Ton Iron


Throws weights at enemies.Bricks, Fitness Guide
Death RayDeath Ray


Calls upon a laser strike, circling your character.Laser Launcher, Energy Cube
Caltrops in Survivor.ioCaltrops


Bounces around the screen, launching spikes in every direction.Durian, HE Fuel
Sharkmaw GunSharkmaw Gun


Launches a huge explosive rocket.RPG, HE Fuel
Thunderbolt BombThunderbolt Bomb


Throws a trio of bombs that release the rage of thunder.Modular Mine, Lightning Emitter
Inferno Bomb in Survivor.ioInferno Bomb


Throws a trio of bombs that release the flames of inferno.Modular Mine, Molotv
Magnetic RebounderMagnetic Rebounder


Launches two huge boomerangs in a circular path.Boomerang, Hi-Power Magnet
Force Barrier in Survivor.ioForce Barrier


Creates a red forcefield which damages and slows.Force Field, Energy Drink

Best Normal Skills Tier List

Let’s jumpstart by dissecting the Normal Skills in Normal Skills, also called Active Skills, are the weapons and upgrades used to damage enemies. Here’s our Normal Skills tier list in


Guardian description

Our choice for the best Normal Skill in is the Guardian. The Guardian starts off with 2 tops that revolve around you. Every upgrade adds an additional top, increased damage, and spin speed. It’s incredibly useful for shredding through enemy lines like they’re paper.


Forcefield description

Many players, myself included, love including the Forcefield in their builds in It’s great because it creates a zone around you that makes it hard for zombies to penetrate. While the range may not be big, it’s still perfect for creating your own space while providing that extra layer of protection.


Molotov description in

The Molotov is one of the best weapons in for zone control. It decimates hordes and works really well against all types of monsters. Unfortunately, the Molotov is hard to use while moving, which is why it’s best to limit your movements to maximize the effects. Don’t worry; You won’t have to pull out CSGO lineups for this molly.

Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball description

Kicking things off in our A-tier is the Soccer Ball. This black and white chunk of rubber bounces around the map, hitting multiple enemies along its path. It boasts impressive range, deals solid damage, and doesn’t even need to be aimed. One side effect is that it makes you want to get up and play FC 24.

Drill Shot

Drill Shot description

The Drill Shot literally shoots a drill bit into enemies. It’s a great skill to get because it requires no aiming and pretty much passively damages and pierces through enemies. Additionally, it’s the prerequisite for one of the best EVO Skills in

Type-A Drone

Type-A Drone description

The Type-A Drone launches numerous small missiles in a clockwise direction. It’s effective at making enemies explode but possesses a relatively short range. Compared to its brother, it releases a greater quantity of missiles faster. However, it sacrifices some attack power in the process. It also requires a bit of aiming, which can be tougher during the game’s later stages.

Type-B Drone

Type-B Drone description in

Rounding up the Normal Skills A-tier bunch is the Type-B Drone. It fires a cluster of missiles in a counter-clockwise direction, delivering exceptional explosive damage to enemies. The Type-B Drone may be slower and dispense fewer missiles than its counterpart, but it compensates with higher damage. Both drones bring significant value to the table, especially if you can get their EVO upgrade early on.


Durian description

Unlike in Zelda, these Durians don’t restore health; they take it away. The Durian offers good damage paired with a knockback effect. It’s a decent pickup, especially for the smaller maps. Plus, it’s also funny seeing a large flying Durian bouncing all over your screen.


RPG description

As powerful as the name seems, the RPG doesn’t live up to the hype. While it does inflict area-of-effect damage, its sluggish speed and underwhelming attack multiplier hold it back. It’s rarely the better choice, and you can definitely do more with the other Normal Skills listed above.

Lightning Emitter

Lightning Emitter description in

You might be surprised to see a fan favorite like the Lightning Emitter this low on the list. Let me explain. The Lightning Emitter’s exceptional damage is hindered by its slow fire rate, along with its limited targeting capability. It’s also worth noting that the Lightning Emitter’s EVO Skills are among the best; it’s the Normal Skill itself that isn’t.


Brick description

Honestly, you’re probably better off building a Minecraft house with the Brick. Aiming the Brick can be hard since it’s falling from above, making it challenging to consistently hit enemies with. Not to mention the limited durability, which hinders its offensive output.


Medi-drone description

Imagine having your own personal doctor with you along the way? Well, Medi-drone is just that. It supplies you with a personal healing zone, providing instant percentage-based heals per tick. Unfortunately, it’s an exclusive skill only available when you have Catnips equipped.

Modular Mine

Modular Mine description

The Modular Mine can unleash tremendous damage when you manage to lure enemies towards it. Nevertheless, it limits your ability to move throughout the map, making it an unfavorable early-game skill. However, it does excel in levels with smaller and more confined layouts.

Laser Launcher

Laser Launcher description

The Laser Launcher is another Normal Skill with a strong-sounding name, but it fails to deliver any firepower. The crisscrossing lasers are pretty underwhelming despite what the description says. However, it does remove poison patches, making it useful for specific levels.


Boomerang Description in

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Boomerang. It falls short in terms of damage output and lacks any special effects. Let alone that it has one of the worst EVO Skills in the game, leaving it with hardly any redeeming factors. Even Captain Boomerang would struggle with the weapon.

Best Passive Skills Tier List

If Active/ Normal Skills deal damage, Passive Skills do all the dirty work behind the scenes. They provide extra stats and buffs to your character, helping your survivability in the long run. Passive Skills are also required to be at least Level 1 to get most of the game-changing EVO Skill upgrades.

Hi-Power Bullet

Hi-Power Bullet Description

The Hi-Power Bullet skill speaks for itself. It increases your ATK stat by 10% for every level you put into it and allows you to deal more damage to enemies; what can be better than that?

Koga Ninja Scroll

Koga Ninja Scroll description

The Koga Ninja Scroll is an S-tier Passive Skill in because it enables you to hit your power spikes earlier. Gaining more levels is a breeze whenever you have a Koga Ninja Scroll. Unfortunately, it does fall off in the game’s later stages, so picking it up during the early to mid-game is recommended.

Energy Cube

Energy Cube description

Waiting between your attacks is super annoying. Luckily, the Energy Cube is here to save the day. It reduces your cooldown by up to 40%, eliminating the need to wait between skills. It’s perfect for those impatient players out there.

HE Fuel

HE Fuel description in

HE Fuel is finishing up this section in our Passive Skills tier list. It enlarges your weapon and ammo range by 10% per upgrade, allowing you to easily reach the back lines. It’s excellent when partnered with any weapon in the game, along with projectile-based Active Skills.

Energy Drink

Energy Drink Description

Who wouldn’t like to add passive healing to their kit? That’s exactly what the Energy Drink provides. It’s helpful during the early stage, where you don’t have your abilities upgraded yet to eliminate enemies. However, it loses much of its value the longer you survive.

Ronin Oyoroi

Ronin Oyoroi description

I’m sure you know how hard the enemies, especially some of the bosses, can hit. They can quickly take a huge chunk of your health with just a few hits. The best counter is the Ronin Oyoroi armor. It decreases the damage you receive by up to 50% and straight up looks like something out of Ghost of Tsushima.

Fitness Guide

Fitness Guide Description

The Fitness Guide increases your max HP by as much as double its initial value. After fully upgrading the Fitness Guide, you’ll feel like a damage sponge, tanking hits for days.


Exo-Bracer description in

Finally, the Exo-Bracer is a valuable addition in the early to mid-game. It prolongs the active duration of items like Molotovs, Guardians, and Soccer Balls. Besides, it’s also the Passive Skill requirement for one of the best EVO Skills in in the Defender.

Ammo Thruster

Ammo Thruster description

The Ammo Thruster Passive Skill in literally makes projectiles faster; That’s it. Fortunately, it allows you to get the Whistling Arrow EVO Skill, giving players a valid reason to pick up the Ammo Thruster.

Hi-Power Magnet

Hi-Power Magnet description in

Make your life easier by getting the Hi-Power Magnet. It simply increases your pickup range. Aside from a quality of life improvement, it doesn’t provide any competitive advantage, so it shouldn’t be a high-priority skill.

Oil Bond

Oil Bond description

The Oil Bond provides an additional Gold bonus upon collection. While Gold is a valuable resource you can use to upgrade equipment and items, it’s not worth dedicating a slot to obtain it. There are plenty of better ways to earn Gold. You should avoid Oil Bonds unless you’re specifically doing a gold run.

Sports Shoes

Sports Shoes description in

Finally, the honor (not really) of the worst Passive Skill in our tier list belongs to the Sports Shoes. While maneuvering your way through opponents is a valuable skill in the game, the added movement skill doesn’t help you that much. You’ll rarely need to go fast in the game; it might even go against you if you can’t kill opponents fast enough.

Best Weapon Tier List

To clear those zombies, you’d need the help of your trusty weapon. However, not all weapons offer the same firepower. So, here’s our take on the best weapons in

Void Power

Void Power description

Starting things strong is the Void Power. It fires black holes with an auto-targeting feature, easily making it one of the game’s most powerful weapons. Have I mentioned that the black holes were AOE? Not gonna lie; this one is OP.

Sword of Disorder

Sword of Disorder description

The Sword of Disorder lives up to its mighty-sounding name. With every thrust, it launches a snake-like projectile constructed of sharp blades. The projectile then tracks and pierces enemies, similar to the Whistling Arrow EVO skill.


Lightchaser description in

The Lightchaser is another extremely powerful sword in This weapon slashes like the Katana but also sends out blade waves with every swing. This gives it great AOE coverage, partnered with bullet-destroying potential.


Kunai description

The Kunai is probably the best weapon in, outside of the S-Grade equipment. It boasts auto-aim functionality with an apid attack rate and can dish out respectable damage. Plus, it also looks cool and makes you feel like Naruto.


Katana description

The Katana is a crowd favorite among players. It goes hard in terms of looks but hits enemies even harder. It does take getting used to aiming the Katana, but it’s pretty good once you’ve got it down.

Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat description in

Feel like an MLB player and bonk zombies in the head with the Baseball Bat. It offers solid range, decent AOE damage, and is relatively easy to use. On top of that, the Baseball Bat can also create space with its knockback and provide extra damage with its bleed effect.


Shotgun description

Like the Katana, the Shotgun shoots pellets in the direction your character is facing. This means that it requires a bit of aiming, which can be hard for beginners. However, it does deal significant damage and has an acceptable range. It’s best for vertical levels since it’s easier to aim it there.


Revolver description in

The other firearm is lowkey the worst weapon in It may look powerful, but is pretty useless against huge waves. While it attempts to compensate for its slow fire rate and 6-bullet clip with high damage, it proves insufficient. Fun fact: the Revolver’s “It’s High Noon.” description references Overwatch’s Hero, Cassidy.

Best EVO Skills Tier List

The final tier list encompasses all the EVO Skills in the game. These are the most powerful skills and must-haves if you want to survive through the waves of zombies coming your way.

Divine Destroyer

Divine Destroyer description

The Divine Destroyer is one of the many drones in It offers top-tier firepower, along with healing capabilities, making it extremely useful in long fights. Acquiring the Diving Destroyer takes 15 stars/levels, but it’s definitely worth it if you can get there.


Supercell description

Don’t mistake Supercell for the creator of Clash of Clans, but they both bring the boom, though. Unleash a set of thunderous bolts with shockwave blasts, dealing crazy AOE damage within your range.


Destroyer description

The Destroyer is another S-tier drone in the world of It fires a bombardment of missiles, leaving behind a wake of destruction in its path. What distinguishes The Destroyer from other EVO Skills is its non-dependence on a Passive Skill. This frees up a slot for other possible buffs.

Quantum Ball

Quantum Ball description

The Soccer Ball may not look like much, but it’s actually a pretty useful tool. However, it gets even more effective when you evolve it into the Quantum Ball. Let loose a handful of fast and speedy metal balls wreaking havoc around your screen.

Whistling Arrow

Whistling Arrow description in

Be like Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy and guide an arrow straight through your enemies’ hearts, literally. The Whistling Arrow is great because it can kill enemies from a distance, pierces through multiple enemies at a time, and you don’t even need to aim it.


Defender description

Next, we have a personal favorite of mine in the Defender. It creates a shield made of deadly spinning wheels around your character, stopping bullets and zombies in their tracks. It’s surprisingly flexible and can be used both offensively and defensively.

Fuel Barrel

Fuel Barrel description

What makes the Fuel Barrel rank this high in our tier list is its insane map coverage. It takes up a huge chunk of the screen, slowing and burning anything that attempts to step foot on it. It also slowly creeps its way to your character, creating a safe and fiery space.

1-Ton Iron

1-ton Iron description

The 1-Ton Iron EVO Skill makes you feel like Superman, chucking weights in all directions. It’s incredibly effective in wide maps since it passes through and squishes everything that blocks its way. No one is stopping the flying weight, not even the Bosses.

Death Ray

Death Ray description

If you hate zombies in all forms and sizes, then you’re going to love the Death Ray. Call upon the power of eight laser beams to annihilate the monsters around you. It deals an insane amount of damage and requires no aiming at all to be effective. It also works excellently in Boss Fights if you can stay close to them.


Caltrops description in

Rounding up this section in our EVO Skills tier list is the Caltrops. If the stench of the Durian won’t keep enemies away, the Caltrops definitely will. It’s a massive metal spike ball of destruction, launching spikes in all directions as it moves and crushes enemies. The large size already covers a ton of space; add the flying spikes, and it basically hits everyone on screen.

Sharkmaw Gun

Sharkmaw Gun description

Don’t discount this EVO Skill just because its speed and rate of fire are decreased. It brings an upgraded damage output along with a bigger explosion. It’s great for clearing waves of slower enemies. It also brings a bit of nostalgia, thanks to it looking like the bullets from Super Mario.

Thunderbolt Bomb

Thunderbolt Bomb description

The Thunderbolt Bomb feels like putting lightning in a bottle. You then throw that bottle at enemies and let it create havoc. It’s excellent since it doesn’t require a Passive Skill slot to evolve, giving you more flexibility towards your overall build.

Inferno Bomb

Inferno Bomb description in

It’s fitting to put the two bombs back to back since they come from the same Modular Mine Active Skill. Like its brother, the Inferno spreads havoc, but in a flame manner instead. It also requires two Active Skills instead of the traditional one Active, one Passive formula that the other EVO Skills follow.

Magnetic Rebounder

Magnetic Rebounder description

The Magnetic Rebounder is another pretty useless skill. It’s literally a giant boomerang. Honestly, the skill looks cool and has the potential. However, it’s quite underwhelming how much damage the skill does. Some of the 5-star Active Skills can even outpower it at times. It has some value in some of the tighter vertical levels, though.

Force Barrier

Force Barrier description in

The Force Barrier creates a protective area around your character that does a bit of damage and applies a slow. Unfortunately, the damage and slow aren’t enough to make the Force Barrier worth it. The other EVO Skills just provide way better damage, protection, or both. However, the Force Barrier is definitely great for the early Chapters.

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