How To Fix the Payday 3 Resolution Issue on PC

Payday 3 is out now on PC, and things are off to

Ali Hashmi Ali Hashmi

Payday 3’s Trophy List Has Been Revealed

The trophy list for the highly anticipated co-op shooter Payday 3 has

Samam Hasan Samam Hasan

PayDay 3 Roadmap Shows Multiple DLCs Planned

Starbreeze Entertainment has revealed a roadmap for PayDay 3 that highlights multiple

Abdullah Waseem Abdullah Waseem

Payday 3 Cross-Progression Confirmed for PC and Consoles

Payday 3 is making its way to PC and consoles in September

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18 Minutes of Payday 3 Gameplay Footage Leaked

18 minutes of Payday 3 leaked footage has surfaced on the internet

Abdullah Waseem Abdullah Waseem

Payday 3 Release Date Confirmed, Available from Day 1 on Game Pass

Starbreeze Studios has revealed Payday 3's release date along with a gameplay

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PAYDAY 3 Promotional Campaign Kicks Off From Summer

Starbreeze Studio's interim report reveals that the marketing campaign and gameplay for

Abdullah Waseem Abdullah Waseem

PAYDAY 3 to Launch in 2023, Official Logo Revealed

Starbreeze Studios have dropped new pre-alpha footage for PAYDAY 3, announcing a

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