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The default Valorant keybinds are already good. However, there are still a few ways to improve them. Here are some of the best Valorant keybinds you can use.

Valorant is a unique new competitive tactical shooter created by Riot Games. Most tactical shooters focus on gunplay and using grenades a lot. Valorant took this a step further and introduced unique abilities for each agent.

The abilities replaced things like smoke grenades, incendiary grenades, and flashbangs. They added a whole new element to the tactical shooter gameplay and made way for new strategies and tactics that players can use.

However, this also meant that each skill needed to have a different keybind. This increased the number of buttons you needed to press during combat. You have to find different keys for movement, your four abilities, weapons, the use and drop controls, and communication buttons.

At first, the default keybinds weren’t the best, and a lot of people were complaining. Riot did listen to the community and changed the defaults to better ones. But these keybinds can still be improved, which is why most professional players still change them.

Keybinds are just as important as having the best Valorant crosshair settings and the best aim sensitivity. Here are some of the best Valorant keybinds in 2021. This helps you get an edge over your opponents and helps you become more comfortable using your agent abilities.

Best Beginner Keybinds

Best Valorant Beginner Keybinds in 2021
Great Valorant keybind settings for beginners

As a beginner in Valorant, you might not be used to pressing different buttons in-game. First of all, I suggest trying out the default keybinds and trying to get used to them. They are already relatively good and easy for newbies to pick up.

Don’t worry, many pro players and streamers don’t change their keybinds and stick to the default settings. These include players like 100T Asuna, G2 mixwell, and n0ted.

Now, if you aren’t comfortable with the defaults, you can make a few changes.

Movement and Ability keybinds

Ability 1E
Ability 2Q
Ability 3C
Ultimate AbilityX
JumpSpace Bar
CrouchLeft Control
Use ObjectF
WalkLeft Shift

Overall, these are very subtle changes and should only take a while to get used to. These changes are mainly geared towards comfortability and some better skill keybinds.

I also suggest removing both cycle to the next weapon and cycle to the previous weapon if you don’t use them that much. Sometimes when in combat, you can accidentally move your scroll wheel and change to a different weapon.

Pro players with similar keybinds include FaZe babybay, T1 brax, and shroud.

Best Experienced Valorant Player Keybinds

Best Experienced Valorant Player Keybinds
Best Valorant keybinds for experienced players

These next set of keybinds are fit for veteran gamers. They improve the default and beginner keybinds by making use of the extra mouse buttons. This greatly frees up more of your fingers, allowing a greater focus on movement.

Movement and Ability keybinds

Ability 1Mouse Button 1
Ability 2Mouse Button 2
Ability 3C
Ultimate AbilityF
JumpScroll Wheel Down
CrouchLeft Control
Use ObjectE
WalkLeft Shift

These keybinds are amazing since it transfers most of your skills to a completely different finger. This allows you to be able to move while casting specific abilities.

It’s very useful if you are a Duelist main and like playing Jett. These binds allow you to use your Tailwind while simultaneously pressing your movement kills. This eliminates most accidental dashes in different directions.

Unfortunately, this setup can only be used by people who have some extra mouse side buttons. This makes use of your mouse fingers more, specifically the thumb. Luckily, most gaming mice nowadays offer at least two extra side buttons.

If you are looking for a mouse upgrade, be sure to get one of the best Valorant gaming mice available in the market today.

Pro players with similar keybinds include C9 TenZ, TSM Wardell, and Rise Shanks.

Best Unique Valorant Keybinds

A unique set of keybinds for players who aren't comfortable with more traditional settings
Unorthodox Valorant keybinds for players

The last set of keybinds are best for players who simply aren’t content with the other keybinds and want to try something new. It’s quite unorthodox but might be great for players who prefer using their mouse hand than their keyboard hand.

Movement and Ability keybinds

Ability 1Mouse Button 2
Ability 2Mouse Button 1
Ability 3Middle Mouse Button/ Mouse Button 3
Ultimate AbilityC
JumpSpace Bar or Scroll Wheel Down
CrouchLeft Control
Use ObjectE
WalkLeft Shift

Most of your skills are bound to your mouse, making your keyboard hand very free for other things. Unfortunately, this puts a heavy emphasis on using your mouse hand fingers. It can be quite uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it.

There aren’t too many pro players with these keybinds, but TSM Subroza has the closest settings.

Best Valorant Keybinds for You in 2021

Finding the right keybinds is an essential part of your game. Getting comfortable with them and committing them to muscle memory early on will help you when you need it the most. It is usually recommended to stick with your keybinds for a while before deciding to completely change them.

You can choose any of these keybinds and then further customize them to your liking. At the end of the day, the best keybinds are still the ones you are most comfortable with. This gives you the highest chance of success.

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