The Best Void 3.0 Hunter Build in Destiny 2

Eoin Black
Eoin Black
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It would usually be impossible to say that I’ve crafted the singular best Void 3.0 Hunter Build in Destiny 2, but that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and say that you’re not going to find a better Hunter build in Destiny, full stop. No Solar, Arc, or Stasis build can come close to the survivability and power that this Void Hunter build offers – and that’s a fact.

I’m going to go over my Void 3.0 Hunter build in detail. I’ll go through each individual aspect of the build, including what mods and gear I’m using with it. Copy this build slot-for-slot, and I guarantee you’ll trivialize a lot of Destiny 2‘s hardest content.

I’ve been a Void Hunter main since Hunters first got Void in Destiny 1‘s The Taken King expansion. So, if anyone understands how this subclass is supposed to play, it’s me.

UPDATE: Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk received a rework since making this build – the new version of this build can be found here.

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Hunter Build

Destiny 2 best Void 3.0 Hunter build - all armor and weapons in inspect screen.
Image via Bungie

This Void 3.0 Hunter build is all about offensive survivability. It’s got one massive Invisibility engine, with smaller systems all feeding into that to provide you with 100% uptime on said Invisibility, provided you juggle your abilities right.

Once you’re experienced with this build, you can maintain a ridiculously high uptime on literally all of your abilities. You’ll have Devour, which will keep your grenades active, Gambler’s Dodge will be keeping your melee up, and a couple of mods will help out with our class ability.

On the topic of mods, my mod choices also all feed into the systems within this build internally. As mentioned, they’ll be helping with our class ability. However, we’ll also have a mod setup to keep our Snare Bomb active without the need for Gambler’s Dodge – just in case we don’t have it at any given time. At the end of the day, you should always have a method to go Invisible with this build.

Now, that’s a whole bunch of defensive utility – but what about offense? Well, we’re running Font of Might, for one, but we’ve also got Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk to play around with. Gyrfalcon’s powers this entire build and converts our crazy Invisibility engine from being a defensive tool to an offensive one. We’ll be getting 35% more damage every time we Invis – which is always. So, we’re going to be pumping out crazy AD damage, and we’ll have that buff to supplement boss DPS, too.

There is a little bit of flexibility with this Void 3.0 Hunter build, but not much. For the most part, you’re going to need the mods and Exotic I’m using to make it work properly. At the very least, you’ll need Gyrfalcon’s. Luckily, Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is pretty easy to get if you farm Legendary Lost Sectors on a chest-piece day.

Abilities and Super

Void 3.0 Hunter Build – Super

Destiny 2 best Void 3.0 Hunter build - Moebius Quiver
Image via Bungie

Typically, I would say the Super with this build doesn’t matter too much – and I’d be right. However, with Divinity being the victim of a nasty nerf, Void Hunters are going to be in fashion for debuffing raid bosses again.

Moebius Quiver has always been the go-to Void Hunter Super, and that’s because it’s simply superior to Deadfall. Even without Orpheus Rig, we’ll be outputting decent damage with the second volley. More importantly, though, we’ll be maintaining a nice debuff on whatever target we want for a decent amount of time – provided you space out your shots. That’s amplified even more if you switch to Orpheus for Boss fights, which is an entirely viable strategy.

Plus, Moebius Quiver is great for generating Orbs, so you’ll be acting as a source of Super regen for your team, too.

Void 3.0 Hunter Build – Grenade

Destiny 2 best Void 3.0 Hunter build - Suppressor Grenade.
Image via Bungie

One of the Fragments we’re using makes our grenade Weaken targets. With that, you can run pretty much whatever nade you want. However, using it with Suppressor grenades makes our nades both Weaken and Suppress – something that’s invaluable at high-end PvE.

Often, this grenade is all you need to get your engine started at an end-game level. The fact that enemies get Suppressed from it allows you to close the distance between you and them, and the Weaken makes them easier to damage – letting you get in for a finisher to get Gyrfalcon’s up and running. Alternatively, simply killing anything hit by your grenade will grant you Invis, too.

Void 3.0 Hunter Build – Melee and Class Ability

Destiny 2 best Void 3.0 Hunter build - Snare Bomb
Image via Bungie

We only have one melee option, so there’s not too much to talk about choice-wise. Despite that, the Snare Bomb is one of the key components of this build.

When you hit an enemy with the Snare, killing them is going to grant us Invisibility. Our Dodge will regen our Snare Bomb, and we’re running a combination of Melee Kickstart and Heavy Handed to further supplement our melee regen.

Snare Bombs are going to be our main method of Invisibility, making understanding them vital to this Hunter Void 3.0 build.

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Hunter Build – Aspects

Vanishing Step

Vanishing Step Aspect.
Image via Bungie

Needless to say, the Aspects are what make this build work. Without them, all of our stuff does, well, nothing.

Starting off, Vanishing Step is pretty much a staple for any Invis build regardless of playstyle. It’s a simple Aspect that lets our Dodge make us Invisible. Without it, we lose out on one of our most consistent sources of procing Invisibility, making it mandatory for this, and other builds.

Stylish Executioner

Stylish Executioner Aspect.
Image via Bungie

Trapper’s Ambush is good in Omnioculous-style Void Hunter builds, sure, but Stylish Executioner is what allows this entire build to work. With it, we get Invisibility any time we kill a Weakened, Suppressed, or Volatile enemy.

This lets both our grenade and melee activate Invisibility, so without it, we’re losing out on two Invisibility sources.

On top of that, though, meleeing from Invisibility after activating Stylish Executioner Weakens whatever target we hit – effectively allowing us to chain Invis indefinitely. Throw Gyrfalcon’s ability to Volatile a group of targets on top of that, and you can see how this build maintains its busted 100% uptime on Invisibility.

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Hunter Build – Fragments

Echo of Undermining

Destiny 2 best Void 3.0 Hunter build - Echo of Undermining
Image via Bungie

The meat and bones of this build, like most others, come in the form of our Fragments. Our Aspect choices give us four Fragment slots to play around with – just enough to fit in all the tech that we need to make this build work.

Echo of Undermining makes our Void grenades Weaken targets. This makes our Suppressor grenades incredibly powerful, but it’s also what allows other Void grenades to trigger Stylish Executioner. Without it, you lose that synergy.

It does cost 20 Discipline, which is a lot, but we’re incorporating Devour into this build – so grenade regen shouldn’t be a problem regardless.

Echo of Persistence

Destiny 2 best Void 3.0 Hunter build - Echo of Persistence
Image via Bungie

Echo of Persistence is what enables this Void Hunter build’s indefinite Invisibility. It buffs the duration of our Overshields, Devour, and Invisibility. This build involves all three of those buffs, so the value we’re getting from this Fragment is insane.

It would be worth running Echo of Persistence for the Invis buff alone – but the other buffs make this a mandatory Fragment for any build of this nature.

Echo of Starvation

Destiny 2 best Void 3.0 Hunter build - Echo of Starvation
Image via Bungie

I’ve alluded to Devour a few times in this build guide already, but this is our actual source of it. Echo of Starvation grants us Devour whenever we pick up an Orb of Power. Obviously, we’ll be running a helmet Orb generation mod to help with this.

Getting this to proc is one of the most inconsistent parts of this build, given that the Orb generation is more difficult now on account of Masterworked weapons no longer generating them inherently.

Regardless, it’s not too difficult to activate, and once it’s active – you’ll struggle to lose it provided you’re in a combat encounter.

Echo of Obscurity

Destiny 2 best Void 3.0 Hunter build - Echo of Obscurity
Image via Bungie

Last but not least, we have Echo of Obscurity for yet another source of Invisibility. This is arguably the least-needed Fragment in this entire build, but it works too well with Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk to run anything over it.

With Gyrfalcon’s, finishing enemies while invisible gives us and our allies reserve Overshields. It also makes all nearby enemies Volatile. Echo of Obscurity lets those finishers also trigger Invisibility, meaning any risk that came with activating Gyrfalcon’s is completely mitigated.

Gear and Mods


Unlike some builds, your choice of Exotic armor here matters. A lot. This entire build revolves around maximizing the value of Gyrfalcon’s damage buff, so you obviously need to use that armor piece. However, you’re free to use whatever Exotic weapon you feel like.

On the topic of weapons, I couldn’t recommend anything more than a crafted Taipan for your heavy linear, and a Funnelweb for AD-clearing.

A god roll Funnelweb is already a monster of a weapon, but with its ability to tie into our Void subclass, it becomes borderline overpowered.

You don’t have to use it, of course. If you want something with Incandescent or Volt Shot – feel free. You will have a harder time generating Orbs of Power, though, so you might find yourself lacking in the Devour, and by extension, grenade departments.


Destiny 2 Funnelweb
Image via Bungie

As I’ve just mentioned, Funnelweb compliments this build perfectly. With it, we can run the Harmonic Siphon helmet mod. This mod only costs one energy to equip, has no element, and makes rapid kills with a weapon matching our subclass type generate Orbs. There is no Void weapon capable of more rapid kills than Funnelweb.

Without Funnelweb, you’ll be forced to either run a Void helmet for Void Siphon or make your kinetic weapon your primary AD-clear with Kinetic Siphon – both of which cost three energy to equip.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk

Destiny 2 Gyrfalcon's Hauberk.
Image via Bungie

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is, for my money, the best Hunter Exotic armor piece in Destiny 2 right now – and it’s not even close. For the first time in Destiny‘s history, we’re able to play an offensive Invisibility playstyle, all thanks to this armor.

Gyrfalcon’s will give us 35% more damage every time we exit invisibility. That stacks with Font of Might and perks like Adrenaline Junkie, as well as our Weaken abilities. So, at any given time, you’re going to be outputting a hell of a lot of damage.

That’s good enough on its own, but Gyrfalcon’s ability to give our teammates reserve Overshields and to apply Volatile propels it into a league of its own when it comes to Exotic value.

You can even adapt this armor for PvP with Rat King, or amplify it even more in PvE with Heart Shadow. It’s consistently powerful and versatile enough to play a part in almost any Void Hunter build.


Destiny 2 Heavy Handed mod.
Image via Bungie

While our engines are powerful enough within this build internally, adding mods on top of all that synergy turns this from being just another Void build, into what I think is the best Void 3.0 Hunter build – bar none.

My mod setup for this build is as follows:

  • Elemental Armaments
  • Elemental Charge
  • Font of Might
  • Heavy Handed
  • Super Charged

The area that this build struggles with the most is generating Elemental Wells. However, with how many Charged with Light stacks we get per Well, and Heavy Handed only eating one stack per activation, that’s not too big of a problem. Still, if Elemental Armaments doesn’t work for you, you can swap it out for something like Elemental Ordinance.

As a result, we don’t have Font of Might active too often – hence why I’m not running Well of Tenacity. If you wanted to turn this into a pure Well build, I would definitely opt for that mod somewhere.

Beyond that, the entire point of our combat mod setup is to keep Heavy Handed active. Heavy Handed eats up a stack of CWL when we use our melee, and returns half of our melee energy. This stacks with Melee Kickstart – which I’m also using (you can use Grenade Kickstart if you want).

Beyond that, the only thing worth discussing is whether you want double Utility Kickstart on your class item or Utility Finisher. I believe both are as good as each other, but I prefer Kickstart.

Utility Finisher regens your class ability when you finish an opponent – which you do a lot of, but at the cost of 10% of your Super. There are times with this build when you’re chaining finishers together, so you can quickly drain your Super if you’re not careful. Still, this enables you to proc Devour more consistently without having to waste said Super, on account of freeing up some space to pick up Orbs. So, the choice between the two mods is ultimately up to you.

Wrap Up

That’s pretty much it for what I consider to be the best Void 3.0 Hunter build in all of Destiny 2. It doesn’t matter what difficulty you’re playing on – this build both performs well and is super fun to use. Whether you’re doing regular Strikes or Grandmaster Nightfalls, give this a whirl and see what you think for yourself.

As much as I’ve hammered home the fact that you need to use my recommendations to make this build function, they are only recommendations. Feel free to take bits and pieces and combine them with your own builds to create something unique that caters to your playstyle. Nobody’s going to hunt you down for that.

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