The Best Witcher 3 Mods in 2023, Ranked


Milan Zagorac
Milan Zagorac
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The Witcher 3 is one of the most popular RPGs and has been since its release. Even with the latest next-gen update, it still plays better with mods. Here are my 15 best Witcher 3 mods to improve your gaming experience.


Witcher HD Reworked Project

The Witcher 3 looks beautiful everywhere, though Toussaint is the author's preference.
Toussaint is simply magical, both within the game’s lore and when viewed as a player.

The Witcher 3 already looks good but with this mod, it looks even better. The next-gen update is just around the corner, with minimal performance impacts.

Many textures are replaced, from cobblestones to tree trunks. It is one of the best Witcher 3 mods for a reason, as well as the most downloaded.


Visual Quality of Life Mods

Witcher Senses making you sick should be optional, and thanks to this mod, it is.
The Witcher Senses are active, but the screen is not distorted.
Bye, annoying storybook recap.

These are three mods that improve the quality of life in the game. Visual clutter is annoying and the FOV changing every single time you use your Witcher Senses is simply annoying to me. 

The storybook increases loading times for no other reason than immersion, which gets tiring after the third time you load into the game.

Tint filters are unnecessary and distract from immersion, even in Toussaint.


Additional Visual QoL Mods

Darker Nights enhance the Witcher 3 experience.
You definitely need a torch or a Cat potion to make your way through the darker nights.

The lighting in Witcher is great, but these mods remove weird tints, make the nights darker, and add elements that improve the overall fantasy feel.
Most mods that modify the lighting have settings that let you choose the color scheme if you prefer something realistic more than fantasy-oriented.


All Quest Objectives on Map

Multiple quests should always be available on the map screen.
While one quest is active, the others are marked and can be highlighted for more information.

Why shouldn’t you have all your quests marked on the map? I find it easier to hop on a quest if it’s near my current location than go menu-diving to find one.


Over 9000 – Weight Limit Mod

The inventory limit is clearly 9000.
9000 is more than enough inventory space for the Witcher 3.

Geralt should be strong, so much so that you needn’t worry about storage. Simply pick up all the loot and keep moving.


Fast Travel From Anywhere

Fast travel in the Witcher 3, without mods, is painful.
Geralt can finally fast travel from anywhere, without running or riding to a Sign Post.

Using signs and dedicated locations for fast travel is now an established CD Projekt Red design choice. This type of mod is also a must-have in Cyberpunk 2077. Just load the map and you’re off to your next quest!


Always Full XP

Full XP feels good, not the grindy punishment because proper scaling wasn't implemented.
Even the gray quests, not to mention the green, yellow, or red ones, will give Geralt full XP.

The Witcher 3 has this annoying habit of having you earn pitiful amounts of XP after you finish quests that are lower level than the player’s. 

This is also due to the Witcher’s poor scaling and level system where a fully trained, experienced Witcher needs levels and more skill points to actually hunt basic monsters.


Auto Apply Oils

Auto applying oils could also have been a game option instead of a Witcher 3 mod.
Two different oils, are applied as soon as combat starts/Geralt draws his swords automatically.

Preparing for a monster hunt is part of the Witcher lore. We are forgetful, so why not have the game auto-apply the appropriate oils if you have them crafted and in stock?


Increased Creature Loot

More loot should have been one of the configurable things in the options of the base game.
More loot = a happier and less hungry Geralt.

We kill monsters, we hunt for a living and we get nothing? The Witcher is a punishing game if you want to actually earn money and purchase something. More loot for better crafting and selling opportunities is just what the doctor ordered.


Better Trophies

Better trophies is one of the more sensible Witcher 3 mods.
Trophies make more sense when they actually boost your stats and not just your image.

Once more, creature trophies in the base game are simply bad in terms of statistics and bonuses. This mod gives trophies an actual reason other than visual immersion to hang off Roach’s saddle. 


More Money for Traders

Traders should not be poor, period.
5000 gold should be enough, though you could easily tweak it to be a larger number.

It’s like every RPG wants you to run from one trader to another to sell goods. Somehow, all traders have little to no money after you sell them a leveled or rare item.

There should be no need to visit 58 traders in different parts of the game world to sell two swords and a trophy.


Less Clumsy Witcher Mods

Geralt is now invincible when jumping from any distance (except out of bounds).
Nothing beats the scare of Geralt jumping from a tower, only to take zero damage.

Geralt is a Witcher, an experienced killer and monster hunter who gets beaten by stairs in the base game. Likewise, jump off a small roof and this hunter who would put the greatest athletes to shame basically dies. 

While No Fall Damage does allow for some interesting jumps, it is mandatory if you want Geralt to function like a Witcher. 


Jump in Shallow Water

Geralt can now perform basic actions!
This action is impossible in the base game, believe it or not.

Getting out of shallow waters in the game is so bad that you simply want to quit playing the game. With this mod, Geralt can run or jump out of the water, essentially removing an obstacle that was implemented to annoy players on their tenth playthrough.


Spell Tomes DLC

360 igni from the spell tomes DLC mod.
360 Igni? Sign me up (it’s my favorite spell from the mod).

Spells in the game are quite basic and that is fine if we look at the overall Witcher universe lore. However, since this is a game and mods are a thing, Spell Tomes adds tomes that go in the trophy slot.

They drastically modify a single spell per tome equipped. Your Aard can become a dangerous weapon while Igni can literally roast enemies on cooldown. Quen becomes more than a get-out-of-jail-free card for boss battles. 


Roach Never Stops

Roach cannot be stopped.
Ah, Roach, you’re everywhere.

Roach is an icon in CD Projekt Titles, all due to its wonky behavior when summoned. Now, Roach can go anywhere, up mountains and even through rivers (though without Geralt).

This adds more to the Roach myth of appearing anywhere on the map, but that’s why we love that horse.

How to Mod the Witcher 3?

These two tools are essential for modding the game.

The Witcher Mod Manager is the first “mod” to consider, a mod organizer. 

The Witcher 3 Mod manager is a great tool to not mess up your mods.

The Witcher Script Merger is the second tool to consider, which solves the problem of mods trying to change the same game file.


These are my 15 best Witcher 3 mods. You could add as many as you want to change almost anything about the game but I feel these ones enhance the original idea while removing some annoying restrictions.

The result is a more enjoyable and entertaining Witcher 3 experience, a game that is already great and replayable.

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