The Callisto Protocol Launch Trailer Is Splendid Terror

The terrifying world of Callisto is soon upon us.

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • The Callisto Protocol Launch trailer shows us new gameplay.
  • We get a look at some new monsters in the game.
  • A game that will truly close off 2022 with a bang.

The Callisto Protocol is a game we can’t stop talking about, and rightfully so. It is a game made by the brilliant mind behind Dead Space and its evident from the gameplay sequences in the game. However, where Isaac Clarke was an engineer on a mission, Jacob Lee is a convict trying to escape a nightmarish prison. The launch trailer for the game allows us to get ready for easily one of the best ways to close off 2022.

The Callisto Protocol is almost here

This is a game that has been talked about time and again, it comes from a very talented team at the helm and in a lot of ways is the perfect survival horror game that could cap off 2022 as one of the best years in gaming by far.

With the launch trailer of The Callisto Protocol, we are shown even more new gameplay for the title, with the music scored by Kings Elliot, scored for the trailer.

The Callisto Protocol is a fantastic homage to the forgotten survival horror games of old. With many fans greatly excited for the title to launch on December 2nd, 2022, the new trailer shows us a mix of gameplay and cutscenes to help us get excited for visiting the first adventure on the dead Jupiter moon of Callisto.

Monster from The Callisto Protocol inspired by Gore
Gore in The Callisto Protocol

The trailer shows us action sequences we have long missed in titles like the Dead Space trilogy, and the music brilliantly punctuates the atmosphere and setting for the game which further amplifies’s our excitement for the game to release.

The Callisto Protocol is releasing on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC on December 2nd, 2022. You can pre-order the game right now and if you are a fan of survival horror games, this is one game that won’t disappoint you.

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