The Devil In Me Curator Cut and Friend Pass Out Now

The Devil In Me Has New Content For Everyone

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Devil In Me Curators's Cut adds new content to the game
  • The Friends Pass allows you to invite a friend and play the game for free
  • Both updates are out right now

The Devil In Me was the latest entry to The Dark Pictures Anthology released at the end of 2022, and in our review, we found it to be one of the more unique and robust experiences in the series yet with new mechanics and perks. After many months of waiting, two highly requested features are now available for owners of the title and to invite friends along for the gruesome ride with The Devil In Me Curator Cut and Friend Pass.

The Devil In Me Curator Cut – Misery Loves Company

The Devil In Me was easily one of the more interesting entries in the series to date, and while some have checked out of the hotel a long time ago, you can now avail a return trip to the hotel and bring a friend along for the ride. Along the way, you will be able to explore new scenes and content that was previously inaccessible to you via the curators cut, which takes players to new choices, places, and more that were not in the main story. The latest trailer shows off a bunch of accolades as well for the title which warrant a visit to the hotel.

You will be able to play with friends on the same platform, PC to PC, PS4 to PS4, and so forth, If you are looking to bring a friend along for a trip to the hotel once again, this entry is definitely worth the visit. With the addition of the curators cut also warranting a separate playthrough of the title as well.

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