The Fastest Way To Get A Mount In Biomutant

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Mounts come in different forms and sizes and are one of the most exciting things in the game. Find out the fastest way to get a mount in Biomutant.

Mounts were very prevalent in the Biomutant trailers, especially in the Biomutant World Trailer. It featured some land mounts, flying mounts, and even some mechanical ones. The huge mech suit, the mechanical hand, and the horse-like mounts are some that stand out.

There are three different ways to get a mount in Biomutant. You can purchase them from various vendors throughout the game. You can get them through quests. Finally, you can get them through taming.

The fastest way to get a mount in Biomutant is by taming one. There are no mount quests early on in the game. There are a lot of vendors that sell mounts, and they can usually be found inside outposts. However, they do cost quite a bit of money, while taming one is free.

How to Tame A Mount

To get a mount, you should have already captured your first enemy outpost. This is a quest given to you early in the game by the Sifu of your chosen allied Tribe. After conquering the enemy’s defenses and capturing the outpost, just go outside the outpost.

You should be able to see some wild creatures hopping around and just get close to them to trigger a cutscene. There should be a brown bush where you can find a special fruit called the “Pip.”

Taming the first Biomutant mount
Taming an Azure Gnoat

Pips can be used to interact with the creatures and tame them. Once tamed, you’ll permanently have that specific mount at your disposal.

Controlling The Mount

The controls of the mount are the same as your character’s. Mounts just run faster and jump farther. However, there are unique mounts that have special abilities. Biomutant automatically explains any mounts with exclusive abilities, so you don’t have to worry.

If you ever lose your mount in Biomutant, you can simply summon your mount to your location, and it will come to you.

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