The Last of Us PC Has Been Cracked By Pirates

The Last of Us PC Version Is Already Out In Pirate Heaven

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • The port has been crakced by pirates
  • Game was cracked within an hour of release
  • Steam version is very messy right now

The Last of Us Part 1 launched on PC earlier today, and it is a game that has been revered for 2 console generations now for setting a new benchmark in storytelling, visuals, characters, and other aspects of the gaming world. After nearly a decade of waiting, the title has finally been released on PC, and The Last of Us PC version has been cracked by pirates in only a matter of hours, but there is a catch with this release.

The Last of Us PC Has Been Cracked An Hour Into Release

The Last of Us PC is easily a game that many gamers were eagerly waiting for, but the Steam reviews for the title shows that there are a lot of problems with the title, particularly high RAM consumption, and crashes.

While we can’t comment on the performance of the pirated version, the Steam version is currently riddled with a plethora of bugs and causing a lot of fans to be upset over the quality of the port, considering Sony’s track record with previous PC releases over the last few months, and the disappointment fans are facing for such a revered title.

While we are confident that Iron Galaxy, the studio that handled the port, is definitely looking to work at fixing the issues immediately, the pirated version is a toss of the coin, and may not fare better.

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