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Rizwan Anwer
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Travis from The Quarry

The Quarry is the latest entry in Supermassive Games’ lineup, and published by 2K Games, is an independent project that separates itself from the world and lore of any of their previous games. Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology. With the release of the game, we have a brand new list of achievements/trophies for the players to unlock, and while this is the ‘easiest’ one to get, we will help tell you the earliest possible places to help get this trophy. Here is how you can get The Quarry everyone dies ending!

How To Kill Everyone Ending in The Quarry

One of the more difficult trophies in The Quarry is Hackett’s Quarry Massacre – Killed Everyone. Anyone who has played any Supermassive Game knew this trophy was going to be in the list, and unfortunately, it is here.

A prerequisite for this trophy is beating the game once and familiarizing yourself with the characters, the setting, and all. Secondly, a dedicated save file, but this is optional if you feel like you can knock out this trophy in one sitting.

While killing everyone is super easy. Just fail the QTE constantly and watch your shortest playthrough play, here are the earliest possible places where you can get everyone killed in the story to get one of the fastest trophies in the game.

For this trophy you only need to kill everyone else in the game, except for the Hackett’s, their deaths do not count at all for any of the Everyone Dies trophy.

The earliest kill you can get is in Chapter 4 with Jacob. At the start of the chapter you will be Ryan heading back to the campfire with the rest of the campers, Ryan will hear a noise in the bushes and here you will have two prompts of shooting the gun. You must choose Shoot Gun -> Insistent -> Shoot Gun.

Also in Chapter 4 with Emma’s death. You will play as Emma herself and when you enter the treehouse. All you have to do is open the trapdoor.

Chapter 6 with Abigail’s death – You will be in the pool house as Abigail, and shortly after you will talk to Nick, who push Abigail against the wall. As Abigail you will have the prompt of shooting Nick, do not interact with the QTE at all, or just fail it.

Chapter 7 getting ready to kill Laura and Ryan – When playing as Laura in the police station, just head straight for the bed and sleep. Do not do any exploration or collect any items along the way. Laura will wake up and trick Travis to come into the cell, you must shoot him with his gun when given the option to. To do so, just fail the QTE when he enters the cell, and Laura will instead shoot him and leave Travis to bleed on the floor.

This in turn will lead to Ryan and Laura dying through Travis in Chapter 9.

Chapter 8 with Nick’s death – You will be playing as Laura and Ryan and come to a tunnel. Both the characters will come to scene with the monster in a cage and a cop arguing with an old woman. As Ryan, you must let Laura shoot the cage. The monster turns out to be Nick.

Chapter 9 with Dylan’s death – You will be in a scrapyard, operating a crane as Dylan, you must choose the following Warn Kaitlyn -> Sound Horn -> Fail the QTE by not doing anything or pressing the wrong buttons. If you succeed the QTE, Dylan fights off the monster.

Chapter 9 with Ryan & Laura’s death – A sequence will happen where Laura and Ryan fall through the floor and a monster will attack Ryan. He will reach for the shotgun, this is where you must shoot the monster to turn him back into Max so you can kill him in the next chapter.

After shooting the monster, Travis will stab Laura (will only happen if you shot Travis as Laura in the prison cell). After stabbing Laura, Travis will make his way to Ryan, just choose Aggressive and fail the QTE’s to let Ryan die.

Chapter 10 with Max’s death – If you shot the monster in Chapter 9 as Ryan, Max is no longer a monster. You start chapter 10 as Max. when you can control Max, you will be on an island and you have to walk to the end of the scene until you get the choice of Swim to Shore. Just choose this prompt and Max will die.

Chapter 10 with Kaitlyn’s death – During the monster attack in the lodge, you must first choose Wait as Kaitlyn, and Don’t when prompted to shoot the monster. Basically, as long as you don’t shoot the monster, you will guarantee Kaitlyn’s death.

With all of the gruesome and horrible deaths out of the way, you don’t even need to reach the end of the game.

We hope this guide helped you get The Quarry Everyone Dies ending! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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