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Wallpapers add a sense of personality to your PC and mobiles. Putting artistic backgrounds invokes a sense of belonging and allows you to improve the overall aesthetic of your device. The internet is vast, and the choices are never-ending. 

Why not try adding League of Legends images to your computer’s background? They have a unique and charming feel and can be configured however you want. You can even set them up to match your current mood on the Summoner’s rift. 

We have listed the best League of Legends images and wallpapers for you to download. Most of these League of Legends wallpapers are compatible with devices like Pixel 3x, iPhone 13, and PC. 

With that said, there are some amazing League of Legends wallpapers available to download. Whether it’s Wild Rift, or LoL PC, the fun never ends!

Best League of Legends Images for PC

This list will be covering our top picks for League of Legends images and wallpapers for PC. The Splash Arts will be covered in a separate list below. Therefore, there is no need to confuse them with each other. With that said, you can view the list below:

1 – K/DA Evelynn

Known as the Diva of K/DA, it is impossible not to have her on the very top. Her expensive collection of cars and her irresistible aura makes her personality pop out from the rest of the K/DA. 

She is a sadistic demon assassin that is well known for delivering kisses of death on the Summoner’s Rift.

2 – Omega Squad Teemo

Never forget the scout’s code summoner! This battle-hardened veteran has mastered the ability to perform the hardest stealth operations with utmost precision. 

Known as a menace for enemies and allies alike, he is sure to add some satanic personality to your ranked games. 

3 – Star Guardians Unite!

The anguish and peril that come with being a Star Guardian are immense. However, standing united is the key to winning your battles in life. Therefore, believe in the light summoner. 

Your 0/7 K/DA does not dictate your true skill, so go forth and turret dive that 15/2 Zed. We’re rooting for you!

4 – The Wind Duo

Prepare for trouble!

And make it Double!

To ignore objectives and jump into fights.

To feed the enemy team because you didn’t gank me right.

To auto-lock and type mid fast. 

To show off our mastery then rage quit at last.



Team Wind hard ints at the speed of light

So ff now or prepare to fight!

If you got the reference, then you are worthy of bearing this wallpaper on your desktop. May you find intellectual teammates O’ wise one!

5 – Creation and Destruction

The Jungle Mid synergy is the basic necessity for winning a League of Legends match. However, it can be hard to find good mid laners while playing jungle and the opposite is just as true. 

While you can’t play two roles in a single game. It is still possible to educate these chumps on how to play their roles. Your mid laner might still not come to contest scuttle, but at least you got a sick-looking wallpaper.

Best League of Legends Wallpapers for iOS / Android

Compared to desktop, mobile features a wider personal space that lets you stay true to yourself. Unless you have a nice and caring partner, you will probably be staring at your phone alone. Therefore, adding a few colors to your life doesn’t sound that bad right?

1 – Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

Tired of seeing your favorite champion getting assaulted by the rule 34 artists? Sadly, nothing can be done about that. Many people tend to play Miss Fortune for all the wrong reasons. 

As a devoted main, it can be aggravating to see these noobs running it down again and again while you try to carry the game with your 0/10 power spike. 

Using this wallpaper as your background will give you an 80 percent performance boost. We are serious! And bad at math! 

2 – Sympathetic Seraphine

 “I miss your kind too Skarner, wanna hear their song?”

This is the face you make when you see a living Backern with an intact crystalline core. However, you need to do what needs to be done. Skarner can get his justice at a later date. In the meanwhile, all hail gamer girl bathwater!

3 – Lagoon Dragon Kai’sa

The great dragon of the lagoon has made her appearance, will you go and greet her? While certain parts of Kai’sa have witnessed strategic reductions from time to time, nothing has ever come close to the masterpiece that is the Lagoon Dargon Kai’sa skin. 

Make this your background to honor what was stolen… Or it might just be time to jump fandoms!

4 – Debonair Akshan

Being this charming can be problematic, ask Akshan, he deals with it all the time. Having the League of Legends equivalent of a sigma male as your mobile background might be too much of a stimulus check for those around you. 

You are beautiful just the way you are summoner. Your charisma though, now that needs some work. Thankfully, this wallpaper can substitute well in that regard. 

5 – Moments Before Disaster

Do you hate seeing Powder Sad? Do you want her to blow up the entirety of Piltover? VI did too and what did it cost her? The answer will have to wait till the next season of Arcane. Luckily, you can download this wallpaper to commemorate your support for her.

VI can go have fun with her cupcake while you get to break some skulls in the Bot Lane. Sounds like a good trade offer doesn’t it? 

Top League of Legends Splash Arts

Unlike other lists, we will only be rating the official splash arts according to their popularity and aesthetics. The list might or might not contain your main champion. Therefore, don’t hesitate to hit us up with your takes on the League of Legends splash arts.

1 – Elderwood Ahri

Being one with nature can feel satisfying, especially for the fox spirit of Ionia. This Vastayan has seen a lot in her life and can confidently say that this art deserves the praise it gets. 

You can think of her as a Kindred spirit (pun intended) residing in your computer. However, this wallpaper might be too charming for your tastes. Therefore, it is advisable to take precautionary measures.

2 – Tranquility Dragon Karma

There are times when you need balance in your life. The highs and lows are what make you grow as a human being. When we are unable to find serenity within ourselves, it is useless to seek it somewhere else. But then again, you’re not here for life advice. 

3 – Coven Evelynn

How would you answer when agony embraces you? The moment when the sweet experience of joy becomes a sadistic scream is the best time to garner your demons to download this wallpaper. 

Evelynn looks like the perfect model for any painting. K/DA, Blood Moon, or Shadow, she’s just too good to miss out on!

4 – Cosmic Destiny Nami

Welcome to the deep-end summoner, we have a hearty jack of all trades that can entice you into making good life decisions. Nami is charged with scattering the seeds of ‘Élan vital’ on the newborn, cold lifeless rocks and planets.

She will add your PC to her bucket list if you ask her nicely. While we can’t guarantee that this wallpaper will improve your ranked experience, it should still be enough to revitalize your desktop. 

5 – Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition

Born in the heart of the Blood Moon, there is no stopping this creature from becoming your personal favorite. Being the progenitor of all demons, it is only about time that the malignant darkness consumes everything in its wake. 

All in all, your device is your personal domain and you should have the right to choose what goes on it and what doesn’t. If the mobile wallpapers tend to be a bit too high resolution for your device then consider downscaling them accordingly.

Alternatively, you can also add your unique elements to the wallpapers by using image processing software like Adobe Photoshop or Paint 3D. Needless to say, expressing your views through your wares is nothing to be ashamed about. Take some lessons from Akshan! He will guide you well.

Which wallpaper is your favorite from this list? We would love to hear your thoughts about these wallpapers in the comments below. Let us know which background you are using at the moment as well!

Also, check out how your Elo is calculated in LoL so that you know what rank you truly deserve!

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