Tower of Fantasy: A Complete Beginners Guide

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Tower of Fantasy Complete Beginners Guide

Tower of Fantasy is a great game that was inspired by Genshin Impact. While most players might call it a Genshin clone and move on, that is not the case. The overall premise is the same – since it is a gacha game, ToF features new mechanics that make things interesting.

If you want to look for games similar to Genshin or just want to try out Tower of Fantasy, now is the perfect time to get into the game. I have seen many new players saying that they are overwhelmed with the game. That is why this is the definitive Tower of Fantasy beginners guide that will help you learn everything about the game as a new player.

There are tons of aspects that you need to consider while playing the game. For a new player that is diving into gacha games for the first time, it can be quite difficult to know what’s going on. With that said, let’s dive right in and check out this Tower of Fantasy beginners guide.

Complete Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide

We have mentioned everything you need to know before starting the game and while playing it as a new player. If you follow each section, you will have an easy time during the early stages of the game. After you learn the basics, you can go on from there easily.

What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a beautiful game with vivid colors
Tower of Fantasy promotional art.

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play, open-world, action RPG developed by Hotta Studio. The game takes heavy inspiration from Genshin Impact as it features gacha mechanics. The gameplay loop is also quite similar in terms of defeating enemies, bosses, and collecting characters and weapons.

However, Tower of Fantasy has a few different elements that make the game unique. If you are a Genshin player or want to dive into the world of gacha games, Tower of Fantasy is a great choice.

The best part is that the game is quite friendly to F2P players. If you do not want to spend money on the game, you can easily play it and get new characters and weapons as well. However, keep in mind that your progress will be slower. So, if you don’t mind a slow progress, you can play the game and have fun while being F2P.

Before You Begin

As the title suggests, this section will look at some of the gameplay elements that you need to consider before you properly start the game. We will talk about the controls, rerolling, the importance of character customization, and selecting a server.


Pc controls for Tower of Fantasy
PC Controls for Tower of Fantasy.

Before we talk about anything else, let’s take a look at the controls of the game. If you have played Genshin Impact, you will be quite familiar with the layout and the overall controls of the game. However, if you are a new player, worry not because we got you covered.

Show mouse cursorHold L-Alt
Tap icons on the screenHold L-Alt + Left Click
Return to the front screenMouse wheel click
Zoom In/OutScroll the mouse wheel up/down
Move ForwardW
Move Backward
Move Right
Move Left
AttackMouse Left Click
Evade/Dodge attackLeft Shift/Right mouse click
Weapon 1
Weapon 2
Weapon 3
Interact/Pick Up
Get On/Get Off the Vehicle
Use Supply (Item)F2
Change TargetTab
Open/Close Map
Top MenuEsc
Weapon Page
Relic Skill 1
Relic Skill 2
Weapon Skills
Change Relic
Navigate quest location
Going down (while climbing)Ctrl
PC controls for Tower of Fantasy.

What is Rerolling?

Knowing how to reroll is crucial in gacha games
Rerolling plays a vital role in gacha games.

If you have played gacha games before, you might be familiar with the term “rerolling”. However, if you are a new player, this term might not mean anything to you. Rerolling is a common practice in gacha games that allows you to get a strong character early on.

Within the first 30 pulls, you are guaranteed an SSR weapon as a new player. So, if you do not like the weapon you got, make a new account and start over. While this is a time-consuming process, it can help you save time in the long run,

The more you progress through the game, the fewer items you will have for free to pull an SSR. The game “forces” you to spend money if you want a weapon that you like. So, rerolling in the early stages will save you time and money.

With that said though, there is no guarantee that you will get what you are looking for. I have seen players reroll multiple times without getting their desired weapon. So, if you are willing to spend time in the early stages, rerolling is completely worth it.

Spend Time on the Character Creator

The game features an in-depth character creator
The game features an in-depth character creator – Source: Steparu

Unlike Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy features an in-depth character creator that allows you to change all aspects of your character. This is your in-game avatar which you will be seeing for the most part during the early stages of the game.

Since the character customization can take a long time, you can select from a series of preset characters. They are already customized, so, you can pick one preset and choose that character. You can change some things about that character as well such as hairstyles, clothing, and accessories.

Once you are happy with your character, you can start the game and begin playing.

Selecting a Server

Depending on which region you live in and where your friends play, you can select that server. Since there is no cross-play between servers, you need to make sure that you choose the server where your friends are playing. This will make it easier to play with them and earn bonus rewards.

Quests and Exploration

Tower of Fantasy features a massive world that is filled with details
The beautiful open world of Tower of Fantasy.

Just like other MMOs, Tower of Fantasy features a great story and an amazing open-world map. The game has a post-apocalyptic world where humans have created a new civilization on a planet called Aida. The game features heavy sci-fi themes and gorgeous scenarios.

The map is quite large so you’ll spend most of your time roaming or gliding around to explore it. To make the most out of the game, you need to try to explore as much as you can.

The entire world is filled to the brim with details that you will have a wonderful time trying to discover and learn more about the game.

Main Story

Learning the story from various characters in Tower of Fantasy
Listening to characters is important as it can give you the lore of the planet.

Just like Genshin Impact and other MMO RPGs, Tower of Fantasy has a great narrative that will keep players hooked. There are tons of main quests that will allow you to learn more about the world of Aida and know more about its inhabitants.

Some of the main quests are extremely interesting while others might be a bit boring for most players. However, it’s no surprise that the game has an amazing story that you definitely should follow and try to learn as much as you can about.

Gameplay Basics

While playing the game, you will notice that all targets are auto-locked during combat. This allows you to easily attack them while dodging and using your abilities. Combat is quite basic in the game. You should get the hang of it after fighting a few basic enemies at the start.

The main thing that you need to know in terms of gameplay is the roles. Depending on your style, you might prefer one role over the others. That is why we have explained all the primary roles in the next section.


Nemesis character art in Tower of Fantasy
Nemesis is one of the strongest characters in the game right now.

There are three primary roles in Tower of Fantasy. Various characters fall under different roles – DPS, tank, and support. In this game, your weapon combinations will determine your role.

Pairing characters of the same role will give your team a bonus which will help you perform better. For example, if you combine two DPS characters, you will gain the attack resonance. On the other hand, combining two tanks will give you the fortitude resonance.

Samir is a great DPS character in the game
Samir is one of the best DPS characters in Tower of Fantasy.

Damage per second – or DPS – allows you to deal a lot of damage in quick succession. Since these characters have a high damage output, they are naturally squishy and do not have a lot of utility in terms of healing or shielding.

However, having a good DPS team allows you to excel in PvP thanks to your damage and how quickly you can kill the enemy.

Huma character information stats
Huma is a solid tank that can go on the offense or defend her team.

Tanks are strong characters that have a lot of health (HP), defensive stats, and crowd control. However, they do not have a high amount of damage like DPS characters.

These characters are the front line of any team and they are used to soak up the damage from the enemy. If you are playing with other players, you should ensure that you take the majority of the damage from the enemy so that your allies are safe and healthy.

Cocoritter character cover art
Cocoritter is a strong support that can heal and buff her team effectively.

Support characters are used to heal, shield, and buff their team. If a member is in danger, you can protect them with your utility and allow them to stay in the battle longer. Having a good Support in your team will allow you to sustain yourself and give various buffs to your allies.


Meryl holding the Rosy Edge as her weapon of choice
Meryl is an Ice user with her weapon, Rosy Edge.

Each character – or weapon – has its unique element. They include things like Flame, Ice, Volt, and Physical. Depending on what type of enemy you are facing, bringing out the relevant weapon is suggested.

If you are not sure about which element to use, you can always use a weapon that has Physical damage. That will allow you to deal a good amount of damage to the target. Various characters and weapons excel in different elements. So, make sure that you collect all types of elements to gain an advantage.

Each element has its own strengths and powers. For example, you can use Ice to freeze the enemy and they will take extra damage for a brief duration. Flame will ignite the target causing them to take burn damage over time and have reduced healing.

World Bosses

Fighting Rudolph as a world boss in Tower of Fantasy
Fighting a world boss in Tower of Fantasy.

World bosses are like raid bosses in any MMO. They appear in different areas from time to time and will require a full team to beat. You have to work with other players to take them down. Usually, these bosses are quite difficult and have a lot of HP.

So, make sure that you are properly prepared for the fight or you will die constantly and make your team lose as well.

Starting Guide to Weapons

Tower of Fantasy beginners guide
Having good weapons will allow you to perform better.

The main purpose of Tower of Fantasy is to collect characters and weapons. The higher rarity your weapon has, the stronger it will be. So, trying to get rare weapons is the main purpose of the game – like most other gacha games.

However, weapons have various abilities like Shatter and Charge. For a new player, this might sound random and wouldn’t make sense. That is why we have explained both these mechanics so that you can choose the ideal weapon for your characters.

Having a good rating in both these stats is crucial since it will make the combat easier and allow you to perform better in PvE and PvP.

Shatter and Charge

King holding the Scythe of the Crow
The Scythe of the Crow is the best Shatter weapon in the game.

Having a strong shield breaker is important in your team. Most enemies have a large shield that can tank a lot of your damage. If you do not have a character that doesn’t excel in breaking shields, it will take a long time to defeat that enemy.

Also, keep in mind that having a high Shatter rating doesn’t mean that the weapon will deal more damage. It means that it excels in destroying shields swiftly.

So, while choosing your team, make sure that at least one character has a good Shatter rating on their weapon. Otherwise, you won’t be able to defeat a lot of enemies in quick succession.

Alternate skin for Zero holding the Negating Cube
The Negating Cube is a solid weapon choice for the Charge type.

On the other hand, Charge is an excellent stat in the game that allows you to deal tons of damage. While attacking enemies, you will build up a Charge for your other two weapons. This can be seen by a white progress bar on the outline of the weapon.

The higher Charge your primary weapon has, the quicker your ultimate will build up. Once the bar is fully charged, you can press the weapon to discharge it and deal more damage to the enemy.

How Does the Shop Work?

Like all gacha games, Tower of Fantasy features an in-depth shop where you can spend your time browsing through all the options. However, for a new player, all the various options can be quite overwhelming. That is why we have mentioned each option in a separate category.

Crystal Dust Shop

The Crystal Dust Store
The Crystal Dust Store

This shop allows you to purchase the Advancement and Booster modules to enhance your weapons. These modules are quite rare and can be bought from this shop or earned from the Bygone Phantasm. Whenever you get the chance, buy it from this shop for convenience.

Crew Shop

The Crew Store is a great place to buy shards and crystals
The Crew Store is a great place to buy shards and crystals.

The Crew Shop allows you to buy Omnium crystals and various shards. While they are quite expensive, these items allow you to progress your level further. If you have enough money to buy these items, make sure that you get them before it’s too late.

Weapon Store

This is a great place to buy various weapons
The Weapon Store allows you to purchase various weapons.

Finally, the weapon store is a great place to buy weapons. You can even buy duplicates to lead to a fusion core to upgrade your weapon. Usually, this process is quite difficult but if you have the currency and find an ideal weapon, make sure to buy it.

Daily Routine

Doing daily tasks in Tower of Fantasy
Working on daily tasks can help you progress through the game – Source: 4Bro

Now that we have talked about all the basic mechanics of the game, let’s talk about what you should do when you log in. Since Tower of Fantasy is a gacha MMO game, you can easily fall behind if you don’t play daily.

Plus, if you don’t have time to spend a lot of hours daily, you should choose your activities wisely. Doing the things that we have mentioned daily will allow you to keep up with other players and progress through the game as well.

We have summarized what you should be doing daily while playing the game below:

  • Login daily.
  • Do your vitality activities.
  • Complete your daily bounties.
  • Use the Claw Machine.
  • Clear a few floors in the Bygone Phantasm.
  • Visit Mia’s Kitchen.

If you want to know about these things in detail, check out the next section below.

Make Sure to Login Daily

Logging in daily is crucial to earn the daily login rewards. This is the easiest and best way to get these rewards. So, even if you do not want to play the game, make sure that you log in and collect those rewards.

Complete Vitality Activities

Vitality activities offer great rewards to all players
You get 180 Vitality daily.

Vitality allows you to partake in fun activities. You get 180 Vitality daily and it has a refresh rate of 1 Vitality per 8 minutes. Some of the activities include things like Joint Operations, Dimensional trials, Interstellar Exploration, Omnium Beacon, and Spacetime Domain.

Completing these activities will allow you to get matrices, upgrade material, gear, and so much more! So, completing them is vital if you want to get good rewards for your team.

Work on Those Bounty Missions

Bounty Missions are easy to complete
You can get up to 4 Bounty Missions per day.

Daily, you can do up to 4 Bounty missions that will give you various materials for crafting. These are easy missions that you can complete in just a few minutes. You will have to fight small enemies to complete these missions.

Use the Claw Machine

Travel to Cetus Island to use the Claw Machine
The Claw Machine is extremely fun to use.

Using the Claw Machine is quite fun in Tower of Fantasy. You can travel to Cetus Island and interact with the machine. Depending on your luck, you will get various rewards. Sometimes, you might get a lot of great stuff but that is not guaranteed. Try your luck and see what you get!

Visit Mia’s Kitchen

Mia is a sweet character that allows you to use her kitchen to taste her recipe
Mia is a sweet character that allows you to use her kitchen to taste her recipe

Mia’s Kitchen is one of my favorite places in the game. You get up to 3 tastings daily that you can spend there. Each tasting will give you a separate reward. Since this is an easy activity, make sure that you get these rewards before doing anything else.

Progress Through the Ruins

Ruins are beautiful areas where you have to fight enemies and bosses
Ruins are beautiful areas where you have to fight enemies and bosses.

Ruins are a great way to test your combat skills as you battle various enemies and bosses. These enemies can get quite difficult if you are not careful or prepared. By completing these Ruins, you can get rewards like upgrade materials, Relic shards, and XP.

Since some Ruins are massive, you will want to bring some cooked food with you to sustain yourself. Keep in mind that you cannot regenerate your HP naturally in Ruins. So, having cooked food is crucial if you want to progress further.

Enter the Bygone Phantasm

These are difficult dungeons that require a lot of skill and effort
The beautiful – but intimidating – Bygone Phantasm.

Unlocking the Bygone Phantasm can be quite a hassle if you don’t know what you’re doing. Since the game doesn’t specify how you can unlock it, many players are confused. However, once you hit level 26, you need to go to your Adventure Book and then select the Challenge Tab.

Over here, you will notice that you have unlocked the Bygone Phantasm as part of a storyline. Now, enter the area and complete the objective that you are given. These dungeons are extremely difficult so make sure that you are well-prepared.

The rewards for completing this dungeon are great.
Various rewards you can earn by completing the Bygone Phantasm.

If you successfully complete this dungeon, you’ll get rewards such as Advancement and Booster modules. These rewards can be used to upgrade your character and make yourself stronger.


And there you have it, that about coveres everything you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy beginners guide. We have mentioned everything a new player should know about the game before starting it. You should be able to understand all the mechanics the game has to offer after going through our guide.

If you have any questions or would like to know about some things, let us know in the comments below. Plus, if you think we should add some tips to this guide, we would love to hear about that as well!

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