Tower of Fantasy: Best Team Comps For Beginners

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Tower of Fantasy Best Team Comp.

Tower of Fantasy has a lot of similarities to Genshin Impact but with a few minor changes to make things interesting. Since the game relies mostly on getting new characters and incorporating their strengths to make a strong team, we will show you the Tower of Fantasy best team comps.

After the massive success of Genshin Impact, many companies have tried to recreate the magic by developing tons of games like Genshin Impact. However, none of them have even come close to what Tower of Fantasy has achieved.

That is why we will talk about the best DPS, Tank, Support, and Free-To-Play teams. On top of that, we will also mention some specific teams in each category that you can try out. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the Tower of Fantasy best team comp for beginners.

Tower of Fantasy Best Team Comp

As aforementioned, there are a lot of team compositions that you can try out in the game. However, some of them have a good amount of synergy and can allow you to bring out the full potential in all characters. So, if you are a new player, we will show you some of the best team comps for each category.

Best DPS Team Comp

Tower of Fantasy Best team comp
Tower of Fantasy best DPS team comp.

Starting off with the DPS team comp, we will talk about what DPS is and what characters are ideal for it. Damage per second – or DPS – allows you to deal a lot of damage in quick succession.

Since these characters have a high damage output, they are naturally squishy and do not have a lot of utility in terms of healing or shielding. However, having a good DPS team allows you to excel in PvP, thanks to your damage and how quickly you can kill the enemy.

Tower of Fantasy Best DPS team comp
The best DPS team comp consists of Samir, Nemesis, and King.

Ideally, the best DPS team comp in Tower of Fantasy consists of Samir, Nemesis, and King.

The reason why this is the best DPS team composition is that you have everything you need. Samir is a high DPS character that can shred through enemies swiftly. On top of that, if you are facing someone with a massive shield, you can use King to destroy it.

Finally, having Nemesis means that you have tons of utility and sub-DPS in your team.

This composition uses Samir’s Dual EM Stars and King’s Scythe of the Crow as the main DPS to activate Attack Resonance. Thanks to your Attack Resonance, you can increase your damage by 10% while playing solo and up to 40% while playing with a team.

An alternate team comp for DPS.
Frigg Ice DPS team comp.

Alternatively, you can also try out the Frigg Ice team, but that isn’t nearly as good as the one mentioned above. It consists of Frigg as your main DPS, Tsubasa as your sub-DPS, and Meryl as the shield breaker.


Samir is a great DPS character thanks to her high damage
Samir character information screen.

Samir is one of the best DPS characters in the game right now. Her weapon – Dual EM Stars – allows you to deal tons of damage quickly. Plus, the best part is that she has a Charge rating of 10.7. This allows you to quickly charge your other weapons to deal even more damage.

Her weapon has lighting elemental with the elemental attack Volt and a DPS resonance. The reason why this is so good is that Samir can paralyze her enemies. While they are paralyzed, your attacks will deal enhanced damage, and the enemy will not be able to guard.

Plus, your Volt removes all buffs from the enemy as well. So, if they have any HP or other buffs on them, you can easily negate that.

As she is a DPS character that uses a pistol, she is naturally a ranged damage dealer. The ideal way to play as her is to keep your distance and attack the enemy. If they get too close for your liking, use your abilities to back off and continue fighting.

Samir has an ability that allows her to launch herself in the air and slam the ground. This can be used to either reposition yourself or deal damage to all surrounding enemies.


Nemesis character art in Tower of Fantasy
Nemesis is one of the strongest characters in the game right now.

Nemesis is one of my favorite characters thanks to her abilities and her overall design. She seems like a mix of Asuka and Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Nemesis is a great utility character that provides a lot of support to your team.

If the other members of your team are low on HP, you can call Nemesis to heal them. When you dodge, she will trigger a healing chain that heals her and nearby allies for 67.6% of Nemesis’ attack.

That’s not all. If you land your attacks at the perfect time, you can activate a magnetic field to slow down all enemies. This makes it easier for you to move back to reposition or attack them while they can’t move freely.

On top of that, Nemesis can also remove all debuffs from her team if she lands her attacks perfectly. This is one of the most useful supportive abilities to have on your team. Thus, this makes Nemesis a must-have in your team for this comp.

She also has the Volt element which means she can also paralyze enemies and deal additional damage to them for a brief period of time.

If you learn how to properly play Nemesis, you will never have any issues in terms of HP or having debuffs on your team. She can make her enemies tremble with fear and feel useless thanks to her abilities.


King is a great shield breaker
King can easily break shields thanks to his Scythe of the Crow.

Finally, King is a great character that has one of the best weapons in the game – Scythe of the Crow. He is crucial for your team since his weapon has the highest Shatter rating in the game. There are tons of enemies in the game that rely on shields.

Usually, it would take a long time to break their shield and deal damage to their HP. However, with King, you can break their shields easily. His weapon allows you to deal additional damage to all shields.

However, while he does the most damage to shields, this doesn’t mean that he has the highest damage. When attacking enemies normally, he will not do as much damage as Samir or Frigg.

The ideal way to use King is to call him when you need to remove a shield. Once that is done, you can recall him and use Samir to finish off the enemy. That’s not to say that he isn’t a good damage dealer.

King can swing his weapon to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. He is great for clearing out AoE targets that have surrounded your team.

The best part is that his weapon applies the burn effect on enemies. Any target that has this debuff will take 58% of his damage per second and will have reduced healing. So, you can negate the effects of the enemy healing by hitting them with King.

Best Tank Team Comp

Tower of Fantasy Best Team Comp
The best tank team consists of Meryl, Huma, and Zero.

You know what they say, the best offense is a good defense. Tanks are strong characters that have a lot of health (HP), defensive stats, and crowd control. However, they do not have a high amount of damage like DPS characters.

These characters are the front line of any team and they are used to soak up the damage from the enemy. If you are playing with other players, you should ensure that you take the majority of the damage from the enemy so that your allies are safe and healthy.

The ideal tank team comp consists of Meryl as your shield breaker, Huma as your tank, and Zero as your utility. This team has a decent amount of damage and can tank a lot thanks to having additional sustain as well.

Huma, Meryl, and King can be used as tanks in your comp as well
Huma, Meryl, and King are also a good tank comp.

You can also choose Huma as your tank, Meryl as your shield breaker, and King as an alternate shield breaker as well. While I personally do not like this comp, you can shred through the enemy shields easily. Plus, King is a good damage dealer as well.

Huma, Nemesis, and Meryl is another great tank comp that you can choose
Huma, Nemesis, and Meryl will allow you to have a lot of utility and sustain.

Alternatively, you can also select Huma as your tank, Nemesis as your utility, and Meryl as your shield breaker. This team comp is quite similar to the first one since it covers all roles. Whether you decide to choose Nemesis or Zero, depends on you.

The best part about the first team is that you have the Fortitude Resonance. This increases your damage reduction by 25%, shatter by 60%, and aggro by 800%. In team play, damage reduction is further boosted by 25.


Meryl can break through shields easily
Meryl is a solid shield breaker on your team.

Much like King in the DPS team, Meryl can be used to break through enemy shields. Using her weapon – Rosy Edge, she can blast through shields without any issue. The weapon has a Shatter rating of 12, making it the second-best Shatter weapon in the game.

She can use her Ice Shell attack to freeze all enemies for about 2 seconds. This allows you to deal damage to them while they cannot do anything in return. On top of that, you also apply a debuff on them.

The frostbite debuff reduces their Charge by 50%. This means that they cannot charge up their ultimate quickly; allowing you to reduce their overall damage potential. The best part is that once the enemies are free of your Ice Shell, they will take a huge amount of damage.

This is the primary source of your damage in this team comp. You can deplete huge chunks of HP instantly just by using your Ice Shell on the enemy and attacking them. Her attacks also apply a small knockback effect which displaces enemies.

If they are a melee character, they will have to run toward you again to attack you; allowing you to deal damage to them in the meantime.

Meryl is not only a great tank but also an amazing – and underrated – damage dealer!


Huma character information art
Huma is a great tank thanks to her stats and her Molten Shield V2.

Moving on to the real tank of your team, Huma. She uses her Molten Shield V2 to defend herself from all damage sources. The best part is that her weapon has a Shatter and Charge rating of 10. This makes it easier for her to charge her ultimate and destroy shields.

While Meryl is much better at taking down shields, you can use Huma as well since she has a decent rating. Like King, her elemental attack is Flame. You can ignite enemies with your attacks and damage them over time. Plus, they will have reduced healing effects for the time being as well.

Since you are a tank, you will stay in the fight for as long as possible. This means that you will apply the burn effect on almost all enemies that are fighting you. This makes it easier to reduce their HP while they cannot get healed as effectively as well.

Huma is a unique character that can switch between attack or defense thanks to her weapon, Depending on the situation, you can select the required mode and use it against the enemies.

Having a 3 Star advancement level allows her to block 10% of all damage for 15 seconds. Your dodge/branch attacks will also deal 4% of your current HP as well.


Zero character cover art in the game
Zero fits in really well with the tank team comp in Tower of Fantasy.

He is one of the best utility characters in Tower of Fantasy. He can heal your team and provide a shield as well. The best part is that his weapon – Negating Cube – can remove all debuffs and grants damage immunity for 3 seconds if you switch to it when it is fully charged.

Plus, the Flame element allows him to burn his enemies; forcing them to take damage over time and reducing their overall healing as well.

His weapon has the highest Charge rating of 13. This allows Zero to quickly charge his ultimate and deal more damage to the enemy. He can be used as a damage dealer as well but his damage isn’t that consistent despite being relatively high.

Upgrade his advancement level to 1 Star so that you can have a better time against world bosses. At that level, your allies can pick up the healing orb and gain 60% of their attack as healing. This provides a lot of utility and sustenance to the entire team.

Best Support Team Comp

Tower of Fantasy Best Team Comp
Best Support team comp in Tower of Fantasy.

Having a support team comp in Tower of Fantasy is quite useful. Support characters are used to heal, shield, and buff their team. If a member is in danger, you can protect them with your utility and allow them to stay in the battle longer.

Having this support comp will allow your team to stay healthy
Ideal Support team comp.

Ideally, picking Cocoritter as your utility, Zero as another source of utility, and Shiro as your shield breaker gives the best results. While this team doesn’t have a lot of damage, you can ensure that no one dies or gets to low HP.

Plus, thanks to Shiro, you can break the shields of anyone that is standing in front of you. This would make them less tanky and allow you to deplete their HP with your skills and abilities.

Alternate Support team comp
This alternate Support team comp allows you to deal more damage while having the utility.

On the other hand, if you want to have more DPS in your team, you can select Samir as your primary DPS, Nemesis as your utility, and Zero as your alternate utility as well. The bad thing about this comp is that you don’t have a shield breaker.

Regardless of which comp you choose, you will gain the Benediction Resonance.


Cocoritter character art
Cocoritter is one of the best supports in the game right now.

She is one of the primary sources of damage to your team. Coco is a great character when it comes to utility. She provides one of the best healings in the game and allows your allies to remain healthy and gain a damage buff as well.

Coco’s weapon – Absolute Zero – has a Charge of 12.5, making it one of the highest in the game. She can apply the Ice Shell effect on the enemy to freeze them and later apply the frostbite debuff on them as well. You can deal tons of damage thanks to her ice element.

Getting her advancement level to 3 Stars will add a healing summon and enhance her Sanctuary ability. Advancing her further can allow you to buff all your allies to grant them 15% additional damage and a healing boost.


Zero is a great fit for the support team and the tanky team comp
Zero can be used in a Support team as well.

As aforementioned, Zero is a great utility character that can provide tons of usefulness to your team. He can heal and shield his team to ensure that they are not under any kind of threat. Plus, once you advance him to 1 Star, all allies can pick up your healing orb to gain additional healing.

I have mentioned all the necessary details about Zero in the section above. So, if you want to pick him for your team, check out what he can do and what his weapon is capable of.


Shiro is a great character to have in your support team
Shiro is an ideal character to have in your support comp.

In terms of DPS, Shiro will be your primary damage. She is a shield breaker which means that she excels against enemies with a large shield. As such, she deals the most amount of damage compared to other members of your team.

Having the Grevious elemental, Shiro can deal 137% of her damage to enemies with each auto attack. On top of that, she can also apply a debuff that lowers the defense of all enemies and make them take 20% more damage

Lowering the defense of all enemies will allow you to deal more damage with all characters. Since this comp lacks a proper DPS, Shiro more than makes up for it.

The best part is that you can reset the cooldown of her weapon’s skill by breaking a shield. You can potentially spam your abilities multiple times during a single fight; allowing you to deal even more damage.

Best F2P Team Comp

Tower of Fantasy Best Team Comp
Tower of Fantasy best F2P team comp.

Finally, let’s talk about the best free-to-play (F2P) team comp in Tower of Fantasy. Since it is a gacha game, you have to spend a lot of money on it to get good characters and weapons quickly. While this game is quite F2P friendly, you won’t progress nearly as quickly as you would while spending money on it.

Still, if you are a F2P player – first off, I respect you a lot! Secondly, we have made a team comp just for you! You can get these characters easily by playing the game and unlocking them as you go on. While they aren’t the best characters in the game, they get the job done.

Keep them in your team until you come across better characters or weapons. At that point, you can switch to a DPS, Tank, or a Support team depending on which characters you have.

The best F2P team comp consists of Samir, Ene, and Hilda. We will talk about these characters and show you how you can get them for free.


Samir character cover art
Samir is a great character that you can get despite being F2P.

We have talked a lot about Samir in the DPS section above. So, I won’t bore you with the same details again. Instead, I’ll tell you how easy it is to get Samir even if you are a F2P player. Firstly, you can use Special Orders to try and pull Samir.

However, that doesn’t guarantee that you get her. These orders use the in-game currency and allow you to pull random rewards. The second method to get Samir is to defeat world bosses. These are strong creatures that can be found across the map.

To defeat them, you need to work with other players. Otherwise, it is impossible to defeat them alone. Once you kill a world boss, open the chest and you might get Samir. Again, keep in mind that getting her isn’t guaranteed.

So, you might have to kill multiple bosses or wait to accumulate enough in-game currency to use a Special Order. Either way, you can get Samir without spending a single dollar on the game.


Een is a great character for a F2P player
You can get Ene even if you are a F2P player.

You can get Ene by pulling the limited or standard weapon banners. While she isn’t guaranteed to drop from any one of those banners, you have a high chance of getting her since she isn’t that rare.

Ene uses her weapon – the Pummeler – which is a large hammer. She can use it to deal a good amount of damage to everyone around her. If you attack the enemy with a fully charged Pummeler, you will freeze them as well.

Freezing them will cause them to remain still for 2 seconds and apply the frostbite debuff as well. Now, your attacks will deal an additional 111% attack damage. Ene and her weapon are a good source of DPS for a F2P player.


Having Hilda in your F2P comp can be really useful
Hilda is a great addition to your F2P team comp.

Finally, let’s talk about Hilda. She can be obtained from the limited-time banners and less common rolls as well – just like Ene. You are guaranteed to get an SR after every 10 rolls, so the chances of you getting her are high.

Hilda uses her weapon called Terminator which is a massive gun as you can see in the image above. She can use her elemental powers to apply the Ice Shell effect on enemies. Just like Ene, you will freeze the enemy for 2 seconds and cause them to take more damage thanks to the frostbite debuff.

She can be easily obtained by playing the game and not spending any money. So, once you get Hilda, use her in your team alongside Ene and Samir to make the best F2P team comp.

How to Choose the Ideal Team?

Now that we have looked at the best team comps in Tower of Fantasy, let’s talk about how you can choose the ideal team. There are a lot of small mechanics and details that you need to look at before you can make a proper team.

While you can choose any three characters and form a team, they won’t perform to their full potential unless you find characters that synergize with each other. If you ensure that your team ticks all the boxes, you will have an easy time in both PvE and PvP.

Shield Breaker Role

Having a shield breaker is crucial to have in your Tower of Fantasy team comp
Breaking shields as fast as you can is extremely important to destroy enemies in Tower of Fantasy.

One of the most important things to look out for when picking characters in your team is the shield breaker role. Under abilities, each character’s weapon has two types of abilities – Charger and Shatter.

Before we talk more about this role, let’s find out why having a strong shield breaker is important in your team. Most enemies have a large shield that can tank a lot of your damage. If you do not have a character that doesn’t excel in breaking shields, it will take a long time to defeat that enemy.

Also, keep in mind that having a high Shatter rating doesn’t mean that the weapon will deal more damage. It means that it excels in destroying shields swiftly.

So, while choosing your team, make sure that at least one character has a good Shatter rating on their weapon. Otherwise, you won’t be able to defeat a lot of enemies in quick succession.

Now that we have talked about the shield breaker role/Shatter mechanic, let’s take a look at some of the best weapons for it.

Scythe of the Crow

King holding the Scythe of the Crow
King holding the Scythe of the Crow.

Firstly, the best weapon that has the highest Shatter rating of SS and 14.30. It is a fire element weapon and King is the simulacra for it. On top of that, it also has a good amount of damage and the weapon looks cool as well!

Rosy Edge

Meryl holding the Rosy Edge as her weapon of choice
Meryl’s character information while wielding the Rosy Edge.

The second-best weapon for Shatter damage is the Rosy Edge. Meryl is the simulacra for it and it has a Shatter rating of 12. This weapon is infused with the ice element.

Chakram of the Seas

Weapon information for Chakram of the Seas
Chakram of the Seas weapon information.

Finally, with a Shatter rating of 11.70, the Chakram of the Seas has Shiro as its simulacra character. This weapon deals physical element damage.

Charger Role

Tower of Fantasy Best Team Comp
Charging your weapon is crucial in Tower of Fantasy as it allows you to deal more damage.

Charge is an excellent stat in the game that allows you to deal tons of damage. While attacking enemies, you will build up a Charge for your other two weapons. This can be seen by a white progress bar on the outline of the weapon.

The higher Charge your primary weapon has, the quicker your other weapons’ Charge will build up. Once the bar is fully charged, you can press the weapon to discharge it and deal more damage to the enemy.

Now that we’ve discussed the Charger role, let’s take a look at some of the best Charge weapons in the game right now.

Negating Cube

Alternate skin for Zero holding the Negating Cube
The Negating Cube is a solid weapon choice for the Charge type.

The best Charge weapon in Tower of Fantasy currently is the Negating Cube. It is a fire element weapon with a Charge rating of 13. Its simulacra character is Zero.

Icewind Arrow

The Icewind Arrow is a great choice and is the third-best Charge weapon
The Icewind Arrow is the third-best Charge weapon in the game.

Having a Charge stat of 11.50, this ice element weapon is an amazing choice for its simulacra, Tsubasa.

Absolute Zero

Tower of Fantasy Best Team Comp
Absolute Zero in-game preview – Source: 4Bro

As the name suggests, this is an ice-element weapon that has a Charge stat of 12.50. The simulacra for this weapon is Cocoritter. I like this weapon a lot due to its unique look and great damage output.

Support Role

The Support role is crucial for any team comp. Usually, a Support character will provide utility for their team to ensure victory and sustain them. They can either heal, shield, or buff characters on their team. Plus, they are also known as sub-DPS characters which means that they are a good alternative until your DPS characters’ cooldowns are back.

While you can technically make a team without having a Support character, you will have a tough time. Having a healer or someone that can provide you resistance will come in really handy.


And there you have it, those are the Tower of Fantasy best team comps. After trying out multiple teams and characters, these teams performed the best and were efficient in fulfilling their role.

We would love to hear your thoughts about these team comps as well. Have you tried them out? Which team do you think is the best in the game right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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