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Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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Like in real life, you’ll need food, shelter, and resources to survive the world of Minecraft. Fortunately, all these things can be provided by Minecraft villagers. 

Minecraft villagers are assigned jobs when they spawn and each comes with different items. Building relationships with villagers will allow you to trade items, giving you access to resources that are only available through trading. 

However, not all villagers are equal. In this guide, we’ll explain all Minecraft villager jobs in the simplest way possible, so you know which ones to prioritize. 




Job Site Block: Lectern
Job Description: Provide enchanted books, clocks, name tags, compass, and more

Librarians offer great value to Minecraft players. You can purchase enchanted books from these workers, including treasure enchantments. These can be used to enchant various items using an anvil.

Librarians are also easy to spot due to the red book on their head.

Besides enchanted books, you can also purchase clocks, compass, bookcase, and lanterns from Librarians. They also take paper, books, and ink sac from players in exchange of emeralds.

Their site block, lectern, can be used to hold a book that multiple players can read at the same time.



minecraft villager jobs

Job Site Block: Grindstone
Job Description: Offers enchanted weapons, bells, and minerals

Weaponsmith is one of the most valuable villager jobs in Minecraft. They can be identified through their black eye patch and gloves.

As their name suggests, players can obtain various weapons from this villager. A novice weaponsmith offers players iron axe and sword. That upgrades to a diamond axe at expert level and diamond sword at master level.

You can also sell coal, iron ingots, flint, and diamond to weaponsmiths for some emeralds.



minecraft villager jobs

Job Site Block: Smithing Table
Job Description: Trades shovels, hoe, and pickaxe 

Toolsmiths are one of the best Minecraft villager professions. As their name suggests, Toolsmiths offer various tools, including shovels, axes, pickaxes, and hoe. Tools offered by this villager can be purchased using emeralds.

Players can also earn some emeralds from Toolsmiths by selling coal, iron ingots, flint, and diamonds.

They spawn near a Smithing Table, which can be used to upgrade diamond gear to netherite gear using netherite ingots and smithing templates.




Job Site Block: Blast Furnace
Job Description: Trades armor, iron, and chain

Armorers is a villager job focused on armor and shields. Low level armorers accept coal and iron ingots in exchange for emeralds.

The best trade you can get from an armorer are from expert and master levels. You can get a complete set of diamond armor from them, which includes leggings, boots, helmet, and chestplate.

For expert and master-level armorers, you are only allowed to perform up to three trades within a certain period.

This villager in Minecraft works around the Blast Furnace, which are similar to furnaces but can only smelt ore blocks, raw ore, and tools made of chainmail, gold, and iron.




Job Site Block: Fletching Table
Job Description: Trades arrows, flint, and crossbows

If Farmer is among the most common villager jobs, Fletchers are the rarest villagers in Minecraft. Despite that, Fletchers are not after the most fanciest things in the game. In fact, they would trade you emeralds for some sticks.

Due to this, trading with a Fletcher offers a lot of advantages if you manage to find one.

Besides sticks, Fletchers also buys flint, string, feather, and tripwire hook from players for some emeralds.

Players can also get tipped arrows, enchanted bows, and enchanted crossbows from them.




Job Site Block: Brewing Stand
Job Description: Sells magical items, Bottle o’ Enchanting, and Redstone Dust 

Clerics work around a brewing stand, which already gives you an idea of what they have to offer.

This Minecraft profession offers various items depending on the level. At higher levels, you can trade emeralds for an Ender Pearl or Bottle O’ Enchanting. You can also buy redstone dust, lapis lazuli, and glowstone from Clerics.

All item transactions with the Cleric has a trade limit of 12, except Rotten Flesh for some Emeralds which has 16.




Job Site Block: Cartography Table
Job Description: Trades frames, maps, and banners

Cartographers can be easily identified due to their golden monocle. Like in real life, Minecraft fans can buy maps from these villagers. These NPCs sell blank maps, flags, frames, and treasure maps.

You can also trade paper, compass, or glass pane to them in exchange of emeralds.

Cartographers work on a cartography table, which can be used to upgrade maps in Minecraft. Upgrading maps allow players to see more than they originally could, allowing you to explore more sites.


Mason(JE) / Stone Mason (BE)

Mason/Stone Mason

Job Site Block: Stonecutter
Job Description: Trades various bricks, terracotta, and quartz

Mason or Stone Mason is the only Minecraft villager job that has different names for Java and Bedrock edition.

This villager wears black clothes and players can spot a hammer in its belt.

When it comes to trading, Masons sell bricks, chiseled stone bricks, polished andesite, polished granite, polished diorite, block of quartz, and more.

You can also sell clay balls, stones, granite, andesite, and nether quartz to Masons to earn some emeralds.

Their site block, stonecutter, can be used to make copper and stone blocks in smaller quantities.




Job Site Block: Composter
Job Description: Offers high-level ingredients and food

Farmer is one of the most common Minecraft villager jobs. They focus on growing different crops to supply their village with food. Farmers can be identified by their straw hats and their composter site block.

This villager sells cookies, bread, cooked dishes, apples, watermelon, and pumpkin pies. He also buys carrots, potatoes, wheat, and more for some emeralds.

At expert level, you can buy various stew from a farmer, which provides unique effects.

You can also buy glistering melon slices and golden carrots from a Master-level Farmer.



minecraft villager jobs

Job Site Block: Barrel
Job Description: Provides cooked seafood, enchanted fishing rod, and campfires

Like a Farmer, a Fisherman wears a straw hat but has a fish dangling from his belt. Clothing can also vary depending on the biome they spawn.

Fishermen buys boats and raw fish from players. They also offer cooked cod, cooked salmon, enchanted fishing rods, and campfires.

This job in Minecraft has five levels of profession development and new items becomes available for every level. Fishermen’s belt buckle also changes color depending on their level.

Their site block, barrel, can be used to store various items. However, barrels do not connect with other barrels, unlike chests.



minecraft villager jobs

Job Site Block: Smoker
Job Description: Offer stew and cooked meat. 

If you want to thrive in your world, you’ll need to develop a strong bond with Butchers. Besides selling fried meat and stew, Butchers also buy raw meat, dried kelp, sweet berries, and more.

If you are looking to earn some emeralds, trading with a Butcher is a great idea.

Expert Butchers accept 10 dried kelp blocks for a one emerald and Master Butchers trades one emerald for 10 sweet berries.

You can also take advantage of Butchers’ smoker which can cook food faster than a regular furnace.




Job Site Block: Loom
Job Description: Offer decorative items like paintings, wool, and carpets

Shepherds are villagers who engage in the production of wool. Players can get decorative items from them, banners, paintings, beds, carpets, and wool.

Players can also earn some emeralds by selling them wool and dye.

Their houses have a paddock for sheep and uses a loom as its site block. Loom can be used apply patterns to banners.



minecraft villager jobs

Job Site Block: Cauldron
Job Description: Trades horse armor, saddle, and leather armor 

As their name suggest, these villagers trades with various leather products in Minecraft.

When it comes to value, leatherworker doesn’t really have much to offer. They sell leather pants, tunic, cap, and boots. You can also get saddles and leather horse armor from them.

Leatherworkers also trades emeralds for some leather, flint, and rabbit hide.



minecraft villager jobs

Job Site Block: Use any block or table to assign a job
Job Description: Can take any Minecraft profession

Unemployed villagers in Minecraft doesn’t have any job. However, they can learn any profession, which makes them the most versatile villagers in the game.

They generate together with villages and their number depends on the buildings in that village.

Players can assign jobs to unemployed villagers by placing a job site block near them. They will also need an empty bed to rest.

You can also change their profession by changing their job block or fire them by breaking their site block.



minecraft villager jobs

Job Site Block: NONE
Job Description: Aesthetic only

If leatherworkers doesn’t offer anything valuable, Nitwits doesn’t offer anything at all. We don’t even know why Mojang added these NPCs in the game besides aesthetic purposes. But even that, Nitwits wear the same green robe, which doesn’t look special at all.

Nitwits doesn’t accept any profession and do not feature levels of development or engage in any trade.

They can also breed like normal villagers, but will just produce more nitwits.

Bonus Tip – Wandering Trader

Wandering Trader

Don’t let this confuse you. Wandering Trader is not an official villager job in Minecraft. However, they also provide valuable items like other villager professions mentioned above.

As their name suggests, this NPC trades unique items and what they offer are random. Wandering the world, these traders offer a good assortment of items from different biomes.

These NPCs spawn with two llamas after one in-game day within a 48-block radius from your location.

How Many Villager Jobs Are in Minecraft? 

In total, Minecraft has 13 villager professions available. However, there are 15 types of villagers in Minecraft, including Nitwits and unemployed.

minecraft villager jobs

There are also hostile villagers in the game, which doesn’t have a trade feature or level development.

Villagers’ clothing and appearance can also vary depending on the biome where they spawn. Due to this, you can expect to see a good assortment of villagers with different appearances in your world. This is much better compared to other games, where NPCs look similar to one another.

Villager Trade Levels

Every time you engage on a trade with a villager, both of you gain experience. As you establish more bond with that villager, he gains more experience and will level up. This will unlock better items that you can either buy or sell.

All Minecraft villager job has five levels of trade that unlock higher tier items. A villager’s level is indicated by a badge on their clothing.

Villager levels ranges from Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master.


Knowing every villager job available in Minecraft, you are more than ready to start your journey and conquer the lands of Minecraft. And what better way to start your journey than the best seeds currently available for Minecraft. 

With each villager job in mind, you can take advantage of trading to become more efficient in utilizing resources. This will allow you to survive in the early goings and help you establish a Minecraft fortress like no other.

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