Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Villager Jobs

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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Villagers are amazing mobs! If done correctly, they can give you exceptional items like mending enchantment books, enchanted diamond tools as if it was nothing. You might have even seen YouTubers like PewDiePie have villager trade halls in their lets plays! 

But with over 18 different Minecraft villager jobs, it can be pretty challenging to pick the best villagers!

But don’t worry, as all of that will be answered! I will explain to you all the villager jobs, their trades, and how to identify them. Then you have a deep understanding of which Minecraft villager jobs you should pick first.

So if that sounds interesting, keep on reading.

Unemployed vs. Nitwit

an introduction to minecraft villagers

Before I tell you all the Minecraft villager jobs, we must discuss the difference between an unemployed villager and nitwits. 

So who is an unemployed villager? As the name would suggest, they are villagers who don’t have a profession. That happens due to having no available job site block.

But who is a nitwit? Well, he’s also an unemployed villager, but there’s a slight difference. That difference is that a Nitwit can’t get employed even if a job site block is available. The only thing that the villager can do is breed. So if you’re looking to get a villager to your base, make sure that he is an unemployed one! 

The way you differentiate them is with what colored clothing do they wear! The ones with green coats are Nitwits, and those who have brown are unemployed.

All Villager Jobs

There’s a total of 13 different villager jobs. Each one is easily identifiable by its appearance.


Villager Job: Armorer   

a villager with a job as an armorer

Job Site Block: Blast Furnace

Identifying an Armorer

The first villager job we are going to talk about is the armorer. You can quickly identify them by the metal mask on their forehead. 

The Trades

This villager is great to have in your base as it creates armor. You can trade coal, iron, and lava bucket for emeralds. But you could also sell those emeralds for protective gear and a shield. Plus, if you’ve maxed out his level, then you could get fully enchanted diamond armor!


Villager Job: Butcher 

a villager with a job as an butcher

Job Site Block: Smoker

Identifying a Butcher

The next villager’s job is the butcher. You can identify them with their brown headband and their white apron.

The Trades

If you’re a hunter, then this villager is going to be your best friend. He’ll give you an emerald for a specific amount of meat! But the best trade comes when you get the villager to its master level! He’ll trade ten sweet berries for an emerald which is relatively easy to get! He’ll also trade some cooked meat for an emerald. So if you’re rich in emeralds, then you won’t have to go hunting anymore.


Villager Job: Cartographer

a villager with a job as an cartographer

Job Site Block: Cartography Table

Identifying a Cartographer

This villager is relatively easy to recognize. All you have to look at is his face. If you see a monocle, then you’ve found him!

The Trades

A Cartographer will trade papers, glass panes, and a compass for an emerald. That makes him a great source of emeralds as paper and glass panes are accessible, but he also has other valuable deals. For example, you could trade some emeralds and a compass for maps that help you to find an ocean monument or a woodland mansion. Additionally, he’ll sell some banner patterns as well.

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Villager Job: Cleric

a villager with a job as an cleric

Job Site Block: Brewing Stand

Identifying a Cleric

A cleric is identified by its purple and golden robe. The backside of the robe also has a creeper head.


If you thought you could get potions from this villager, you’re going to be disappointed. A cleric will trade rotten flesh, gold, rabbit’s foot, scute, glass bottles, and nether wart for an emerald. While these trades aren’t really worth it, he has one great trade. You can trade three emeralds for a Bottle of Enchanting if you get the villager to the master level.

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Villager Job: Farmer

a villager with a job as an farmer

Job Site Block: Composter

Identifying a Farmer

You can identify them quickly by the hay hat on their head.


Farmers will trade emeralds for every crop you can grow. These include wheat, potatoes, carrots, beetroots, pumpkins, and melons. Furthermore, you can trade emeralds for great food items like bread, pumpkin pie, apple, cookie, cake, and golden carrots. 

P.S These villagers can also be used for automatic crop farms!


Villager Job: Fisherman

a villager with a job as an fisherman

Jobs Site Block: Barrel

Identifying a Fisherman

A fisherman is easy to distinguish. The villager has a brown hat similar to a fedora and a hanging fish on the bottom right corner of his work clothes.


Fisherman buys every fish for an emerald. These include cod, salmon, tropical fish, and pufferfish. String, boat, and coal can also be bartered for an emerald. But if you’re looking to buy, you can get ready-to-eat fish, a campfire, or an enchanted fishing rod.


Villager Job: Fletcher

a villager with a job as an fletcher

Job Site Block: Fletching table

Identifying a Fletcher

A fletcher is quite recognizable. You can identify a fletcher by its hat. While it’s similar to the fisherman, it has a distinctive feather on its side. Also, you can spot an arrow hanging on his toolbelt.


As the job site block suggests, this villager specializes in archery. He will trade sticks, feathers, string, and tripwire hooks for an emerald. But for emeralds, you could get many great items. These include arrows, bows, and crossbows. But if you level him up enough, he can start trading rarer things like enchanted bows, crossbows, and even tipped arrows.


Villager Job: Leatherworker

a villager with a job as an leatherworker

Job Site Block: Cauldron

Identifying a Leatherworker

To recognize this type of villager, you need to look at his front. He wears a leather apron and leather gloves.


Like the name says, this villager works with leather. He will trade leather, flint, rabbit hide, and scute for an emerald. But unfortunately, his trades aren’t outstanding. The items are usually too expensive. He will trade some emeralds for leather pants, a tunic, boots, and a cap. He also sells leather horse armor for six emeralds. However, this villager has one excellent trade! For six emeralds, you could get a saddle.


Villager Job: Librarian

a villager with a job as an librarian

Job Site Block: Lectern

Identifying a Librarian

Due to its distinct look, this villager is easy to recognize. He has glasses and wears a book as a hat.


This villager has one of the best Minecraft villager jobs! Why? Well, he gives you enchanted books that include rare ones like mending. You can also trade paper, ink sac, and books for an emerald. He also offers you glass blocks, lanterns, clocks, compasses, and name tags.


Villager Job: Stone Mason

a villager with a job as a stone mason

Job site block: Stonecutter

Identifying a Stone Mason

This mason wears a black apron with a hanging hammer and a chisel. He also wears black gloves.


As the name says, he works with stone. Clay balls, different stone types, and nether quartz can be traded for emeralds. But a Mason will also offer quartz blocks, polished stone types (Both of which are great building blocks), and glazed terracotta for some emeralds.

P.S If you play Java Edition, the profession has a different name. It’s called “Mason.”


Villager Job: Shepherd

a villager with a job as an shephard

Job site block: Loom

Identifying a Shepherd

Shepherd is very similar to Fletcher, but he has some unique differences. First, they have hats without any feathers on their head. And secondly, a shepherd wears light clothing.


This villager does everything that has to do with wool. You can trade different colored wools and dyes for an emerald. But you could also buy some wool, carpets, beds, and banners with your hard-earned emeralds.


Villager Job: Toolsmith

a villager with a job as an toolsmith

Job site block: Smithing table

Identifying a Toolsmith

Toolsmith is easy to identify! The toolsmith has a brown apron with a hammer on the back.


This is another villager with one of the best Minecraft villager jobs. Four tiers of tools (stone to diamond) and a bell can be traded for some emeralds. He’ll also buy coal, iron ingots, flint, and diamond from you.


Villager Job: Weaponsmith

a villager with a job as an weaponsmith

Job site block: Grindstone

Identifying a Weaponsmith

A weaponsmith is a villager that is very similar to a toolsmith. They have identical brown aprons, but a weaponsmith has two differences. First, a weaponsmith has an eyepatch. Also, he wears black gloves.


This villager trades similar to the previous smith, but instead of shovels and hoes, he trades swords and axes. The other things are the same. You can buy a bell from him or sell coal, iron ingots, flint, and a diamond for an emerald. 

P.S To enjoy your new weapons even more, you can install a PvP resource pack.

Understanding Prices

Understanding Prices

Another thing you should know about villagers is how their prices work. Depending on your actions, they can either increase or decrease prices.

There are two ways prices drop. You either have to stop the pillager raid successfully, or you’ll need to transform a zombie villager into an ordinary villager. 

While both are great, to get the best prices, you need to transform the Zombie villager. But this comes at a cost. To convert a zombie villager, you need to throw them a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple. Then after a few minutes, you’ll reap the benefits!

The only thing you shouldn’t do with villagers is to hit them. That will make them dislike you, and the prices will increase. So try not to do that.

The Best Tip for Building a Villager Trading Hall

Tip for Building a Villager Trading Hall

Trading with villagers in villages can be quite a hassle. Sometimes, they’ll wander off and you’ll have to search them for some time. And other times, you’ll have to protect them against zombies and pillagers. So the best thing to do is build a villager trading hall.

Fortunately, building it is easy. You don’t need a lot of Redstone or fancy building materials. For a tutorial, check BlozerX’s video out. And to make it even easier, here are a few tips.

To get the most out of this hall, I recommend starting with two villagers for two different purposes. One of them should quickly get you lots of emeralds, while the other one provides you with rare items.

So what type of Villagers should I get? That’s up to you, but if you want my two cents, then I’d first pick a fletcher. That’s because you can quickly get a lot of emeralds with the stick trade. You only need 32 sticks. Other villagers that work for this role is farmer or a librarian.

And for the second villager, I’d pick either Librarian or Cartographer. Both have great trades that you can benefit from! A librarian can give you rare enchantments. But on the other hand, a Cartographer can provide you the location of the Woodland Mansion. Other Villagers that work are Weaponsmith, Toolsmith, and armorer.

P.S For more project ideas, check out our ultimate build list here or our ultimate list of Minecraft house ideas.


And now you know everything there is to know about Minecraft villager jobs! So which villager job is your favorite? Comment down below! Mine has to be fletcher. Not only does the stick trade give you a massive amount of emeralds, but you also can get tipped arrows.

Also if you want to build more useful builds, you can check out our Redstone idea article.


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