VALORANT Haven Map Guide: Callouts, Strategies, Agents, Tips, & Tricks

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Today we’re going to help you get better at playing on Haven. Here is a Valorant Haven map guide to assist you in winning more games.

Valorant currently has 7 different maps, each with its own unique twists and features that make the game fun. It’s no secret that knowing how to play each map is one of the easiest ways to get a higher win rate and climb the ranks.

Our goal is to break down all 7 Valorant maps to help you win more games. Today, we’re going to be focusing on Haven. We’ll be talking about the different callouts, the best strategies to use, the best Valorant agents on the map, and a few tips and tricks to assist you in your games.

Valorant: Haven Map Guide

Haven Map

Haven is a map in Valorant that is located in Thimphu, Bhutan. It’s one of the beta launch maps, alongside Bind and Split, making it one of the oldest maps in the game. It’s a beautiful-looking map and is one of the most popular maps in the game.

Much like other Valorant maps, Haven has a unique gimmick to it. Haven is currently the only map with three different sites. This gives it a unique and creative twist that increases the number of plays that you can make and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

As you may have guessed, Haven is an attacker-sided map. It’s already challenging to defend maps with two sites, and Haven has three. It’s a popular and beloved map both in professional play and within the community.

Even though Haven is naturally attacker-sided, it’s still a pretty well-balanced map. This means you won’t feel helpless even if you are defending. Within the past year of professional play, Haven has a 51.48% win rate for attackers and a 48.52% win rate for defenders.

Over the past year, Haven has had a 19.37% play rate across all professional Valorant games. This is the second-highest play rate among all 7 maps. Within the past year, Haven has been played in a total of 8941 out of the possible 46158 professional matches. Teams like Fnatic, Sentinels, Team Liquid and The Guard excel in Haven and have a win rate of 67% or higher.

Haven Callouts and Strategies

Haven Callouts

Haven has three different sites that you can attack. It’s the only Valorant map with three different sites, each with multiple ways of entry. It can be tricky to try and defend all the sites, especially since there are only five players. Luckily, defenders can easily rotate between the three sites because of the relatively small layout of the map.

The best thing you can do to defend each site is to at least have a Sentinel on your team. It’s better if it’s someone like Killjoy or Cypher, who are both capable of holding down an entire site on their own. It’s also a great plus that Sentinels are great at holding off flanks when it’s your turn to attack.

As a defender, one thing that you can do to try and even out the playing field is to flank. Flanking can easily be done on Haven because of the small map size. If you can flank properly, the enemy team will be caught between you and your teammates, which you can then use to pick them off. Just be careful when flanking and make sure that no one hears you and that you aren’t spotted by other players or their utility.

You’ll have to memorize the different callouts within each site. This can help you better receive and give information to and from your teammates. Communication is essential in Valorant, especially in maps like Haven, where you need to make quick rotations to help your team.

To help you out, this next part of the Valorant Haven map guide will be about the callouts, strategies, and positions among each site.

Haven A Site Callouts, Strategies, and Positions

These are the basic callouts that you have to know when playing on A site in Haven. These are all fairly simple and don’t have many gimmicks or places once inside the site. Be careful of cheeky corners, though, especially when entering the site. These are common places to play in if you have a shorty or other shotguns in hand.

One strategy that a lot of people use is to attack from both A long and sewers. This gives you multiple entryways to the site and allows your team to cover multiple angles quickly. The common smoke spots are heaven and CT/ defender’s spawn.

Generally, most Operator players peek at A long at the start of the round or sit at heaven. The other defenders can hold sewers or play at the site. You can also boost on top of the boxes on default or quad if you have a boosting ability. This can sometimes catch enemies off-guard and help you easily get a quick kill.

There are also tons of close-range angles in A site. These are common shotgun angles that you should be aware of, especially during eco rounds. There are a few close-corners in sewers, quad, graffiti, the box in A long, and close right from A long. Make sure to get yourself familiar with these spots to avoid getting shotgunned in the face.

If you usually play with a pre-made group of 5, you can try to create your own callouts if that’s easier for you guys. However, if you play other people, these are the common callouts that they would most likely know.

Haven B Site Callouts, Strategies, and Positions

B site is the middle area that connects directly to the A and C sites. Going through the B site is the quickest way to rotate from one end to the other. Generally, it’s easier to retake B site because you have three different entry points as a defender. It’s also a very small site, so there aren’t many hiding spots.

A common thing to do in B site is to wall off the main entrance if you have a Sage. Operator players also like peeking from default or on top of the giant metal box. So be careful when trying to contest from the window.

As attackers, the most common strategy is to simply go through the only entrance in B. You can peek out of the window or peek from grass to contest any players watching B site. Others also try splitting to push garage and B main to cover more angles. Common smoke spots include A link, C link, and sometimes B main.

Generally, only one player defends the B site. Sometimes, people choose to only leave utilities like a tripwire, alarm bot, or wall to hold the site. This is because players defending the other sites can easily rotate to B within a few seconds. You can smoke off the window as defenders if you don’t want them immediately contesting B main.

For the most part, the callouts on the B site are pretty easy to remember because they are quite simple, and there are only a few of them.

Haven C Site Callouts, Strategies, and Positions

Finally, we have the C site. The C site is the last site that is connected directly to the garage area. It has a long main entrance, commonly called “C long,” and you can also access the site by going inside the garage.

The callouts in C are pretty simple. The site features a ton of open space and a few boxes here and there for cover. Most people also consider garage as a part of the C site since it’s usually used to attack it as well.

One strategy that most people use when attacking Haven’s C site is splitting into two groups. One attacks C long, and the other tries to take control of garage. This gives you a lot of space to work with, and you can even cut off rotating defenders by pushing to C link from garage. Common smoke spots include garage window, platform, CT spawn, and sometimes logs.

Defenders usually peek at C long with an Operator at hand. You can do this by peeking from platform or from back site. Generally, there should be one player on C site and another holding garage. Other players also like to play on top of default or the other boxes if they have a boost ability. Logs is also a great area to play from, especially since you can quickly back off when needed.

As defenders, you can try smoking or throwing a molly at C long entrance and garage to try and hold off enemy attacks. Just be careful of agents like Jett, Raze, and Omen, who can all go through your molly with ease.

Best Agents and Common Team Compositions for Haven

Next on our Valorant Haven map guide, let’s take a look at some of the most common agents that professional teams use for Haven. These agents fit the build and playstyle required for Haven and can help you get that little boost you need to win games.

  • Astra, Breach, Jett, Killjoy, Sova
  • Breach, Chamber, Omen, Raze, Sova
  • Chamber, Jett, KAY/O, Omen, Sova
  • Skye, Breach, Chamber, Jett, Omen
  • Jett, Omen, Sova, Breach, Killjoy

Remember: These lineups are based on team comps that are used in professional play. These teams have dedicated hundreds of hours playing Valorant with these lineups, so don’t expect much, especially if you’re playing with random players. These lineups are best used when you are playing with a team of 5, where you can use teamwork to get the best out of each agent.

We’ve still got you covered, even if you’re a solo type of player. Here are a few of the Valorants that we recommend when you play on Haven.



Jett is an amazing agent overall. She has one of the highest pick rates in both competitive and professional play. Riot even tried to nerf her to try and balance things out, but that didn’t do much since players are still picking her in their games.

She’s a versatile agent that can be used in two ways. You can opt to play a more aggressive duelist role and entry for your team or play an Operator role who gets frags from long range. You kind of get the best of both worlds out of Jett, making her an excellent pick on almost any map.

Jett can also provide a bit of smoke for your team. She also has her Updraft ability, which can help you get to higher angles and peek at enemies from different heights. Jett does require a bit of mechanical skill to use, especially because of the changes to her dash. A good Jett can be scary to face on Haven.



Raze is another great agent to use on Haven. She has great utility in her satchels, allowing you to reach higher places that other agents can’t. All of her abilities also do some form of damage, making it easier for you to kill opponents or push them away from site.

She’s also a great agent to use as a beginner. Her movement skills do require a bit of practice, but her other skills are pretty easy to use and can easily be thrown out. Her Paint Shells and Boom bot abilities are amazing skills in Haven. Both can be used to force enemies away from her site or force them to eat up the damage. Raze’s Showstopper ultimate is also a great way to scare enemies or snag some easy kills.

Overall, Raze is a heavy damage dealer and works great alone or with her team.



If you’re looking to play a controller agent and be the one providing cover for your team, Omen is a great choice in Haven. Omen has an insane range on his smokes. You can be causing a distraction in mid and still be able to provide cover for your team. That’s what makes him such an amazing and valuable pick in Haven.

Omen also has a blind and teleport ability that you can use to set up your team or get some kills for yourself. This allows Omen players to utilize different playstyles. He’s one of the few agents who can be effective when playing passively or aggressively.


Brimstone Valorant

If you’re new to the game and are trying to learn a new smoker agent, Brimstone might be the one for you. Brimstone is the simplest smoker agent in the game, all you have to do is point and click and you’re good to go. He also has very decent ranged smokes, making him great in Haven.

By deploying his Stim Beacon, Brimstone can also boost his team’s speed and fire rate. This makes for a great way to enter sites and quickly move throughout Haven. Brimstone can also provide great post-plant help by using his molly or ultimate to prevent enemies from defusing the spike.

Overall, Brimstone is very easy to use and fits into any lineup. Using him in Haven can help you become that missing piece that your team needs. Increase your Valorant win rate with Brimstone.



Chamber is one of the newest agent additions to Valorant. He is the first true “Operator agent” in the game and has a kit that is fully suited for an Operator player’s playstyle. One thing that makes Chamber a good agent in Haven is his Trademark ability. You can leave a trap anywhere on the map and have it guard that area even though you are nowhere near it.

Additionally, Chamber also has two skills that are quite literally a powered-up Sheriff and an Operator. He also has a teleport ability that can allow him to get out of tricky situations quickly.

Chamber can act both as a duelist and a sentinel, making him very powerful in the right hands. On Haven, he can be a huge threat on defense and be able to hold sites alone. He can also guard flanks and help the team create a balanced economy.



Next up, we have Killjoy. Killjoy is a very powerful sentinel agent on any map. Her value soars higher on a map like Haven, where sentinels are basically a requirement to win. She can use her bots, turrets, and other gadgets to easily help you win rounds.

Killjoy is an amazing sentinel that can easily hold a site on her own. She is most effective when holding down C site since she can also use her utility to guard garage. This frees up your other teammates to hold down the two other sites.

Killjoy also has great utility to use on retakes. She can easily watch flanks and play post-plant using nano swarm lineups. Overall, she’s a great pick on Haven if your team is missing a solid sentinel to hold down sites.



Sova has been consistently in the meta ever since the game launched. He is one of the original Valorant agents and requires some skill to play. Sova is great on Haven because his utility can allow you to easily spot enemies and find where they are on the map.

A great Sova player feels like having wall hacks on your team. He can shoot Recon Darts to find enemies, use his Owl Drone to check corners, and use his ultimate and Shock Darts to deal some extra damage or play post-plant. This is essential on a map like Haven, where there are plenty of different corners to check and has some areas that can allow you to get the maximum value out of his Recon Dart.

Overall, Sova is a well-rounded initiator that easily fits in any team. As long as you have some lineups, Sova is an amazing agent to use on Haven.



The final agent we’re going to talk about for our Valorant Haven map guide is Skye. She is Valorant’s animal lover and has skills that can greatly increase your odds of winning on Haven. Her skills are all helpful to the team and can provide useful information on the battlefield.

Skye’s Guiding Light ability can be thrown from various places and can surprise enemies. Her Trailblazer can be used to check the many different corners in Haven. Skye also has an AOE heal that can basically get her team to full health and an ultimate that seeks enemies.

Skye is a valuable addition to any team composition and becomes more valuable if you don’t have a Sage around. She can also play a duelist-like role and lead the charge or simply set her teammates up for success.


That’s the end of our complete Haven Valorant map guide. We’ve compiled our best tricks, best strategies, and the best agents and team compositions to choose from. These can help you get better at playing on Haven and help increase your win rate.

Make sure to check out our complete Valorant map guide for Bind. This will help you improve on your Valorant map knowledge even more.

Comment down below if we left something out of our Valorant map guide for Haven.

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