Valorant Rank Distribution Explained (2022)

We’ve decided to find out the exact Valorant rank distribution. Learn where you fall between the current Valorant rank distribution.

Since the game was released, the Valorant rank distribution has always been an issue. People strongly believe that there is a great rank distribution within the game. Players are either placed too high and “throw” the game or are placed too low and “smurf” in games.

During the early days, there used to be a hidden MMR system and a flawed ranking system that caused a disparity among ranks. They’ve tried to fix these problems by introducing new ranking systems and fixing the MMR. Riot has also stuck with a soft rank reset between acts and a hard rank reset between episodes.

Boosting is also a huge issue that inflates the number of players that get promoted to higher ranks. This can cause other better players to be pushed down to lower ranks and have a hard time trying to climb back up again. Smurfing is also an issue that can cause a disparity between ranks and create chaos with the Valorant rank distribution.

Today, we’re going to find out if there are still issues with the current Valorant rank distribution and find out the exact statistics within each rank. We’ll also be talking about if the current Valorant rank distribution is in a healthy state and what Riot can do to fix it if it’s not. Here’s the updated Valorant rank distribution for 2022.

Current Valorant Rank Distribution

Riot released the API for Valorant in December 2020. This means that developers and individuals can now use the API to find out specific sets of data that weren’t available to the public before. This includes relevant data like everyone’s match history and ranks. This also helps the different Valorant stat trackers to provide more accurate and faster results. This is why were are now able to analyze and look at the data. Thanks, Riot!

Here’s the current breakdown and Valorant rank distribution for the month of May 2022.

Valorant Rank Distribution
Image Source: Esports Tales

The image above is provided by Esports Tales. It’s a reliable website that releases monthly Valorant rank distribution data with graphs. These are as accurate as they can get and are based on all competitive games in all regions.

As we can see, the rank with the most number of players belongs to Silver 1, followed by Silver 2. If you are in Silver, then that means that you have pretty average skills in Valorant.

From Silver 1, the number of players starts to slowly decrease from both sides. This indicates that the majority of players are clustered somewhere between Bronze and Gold. There’s also a huge drop when it comes to the higher ranks, with a little over 2% of players being in Diamond 1.

Additionally, players within the lower ranks, especially in Iron 1 and Iron 2, also see a huge decrease compared to the neighboring Bronze and Silver ranks. This is a great indication of a healthy rank distribution because you don’t want too many people clustered within the lowest or highest ranks.

Valorant Rank Distribution Breakdown

Here is the complete breakdown percentage of all Valorant ranks for May 2022.

Iron 12.1%
Iron 23.1%
Iron 35.6%
Bronze 16.8%
Bronze 28.8%
Bronze 38.9%
Silver 110.2%
Silver 29.2%
Silver 38.7%
Gold 18.1%
Gold 26.3%
Gold 35.1%
Platinum 14.4%
Platinum 23.1%
Platinum 32.4%
Diamond 12.1%
Diamond 21.5%
Diamond 31.3%
Immortal 11.3%
Immortal 20.5%
Immortal 30.2%

The table above shows a fairly balanced and stable ranking system, especially when compared to previous rank distributions. However, this wasn’t always the case. Riot made a complete overhaul of the rank system before the start of Episode 2, which helped slowly fix the rank disparity and MMR of each player.

They’ve also made numerous tweaks and changes to the ranking system as the episodes progressed, to make sure that everything stays balanced. Obviously, they can’t completely solve issues such as smurfing, boosting, and 5-man pre-made teams. These are a part of every online game and can’t be avoided. However, they’ve definitely done a pretty good job at keeping competitive play fun for every rank.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the exact number of people within each rank. But, as of May 30, 2022, there are an estimated total of 15,610,440 average monthly Valorant players. You can then use that number and multiply the percentage per rank to find a rough estimate number of players per rank. This gets you a pretty great perspective on how you fare against the other people within your skill range.

Valorant Rank Resets Between Acts and Episodes

Valorant unranked

As a way to find out if you truly belong to your rank, Riot does a rank reset at the end of every Act and Episode.

At the end of every Act, there is a “soft reset” that occurs. The leaderboard gets reset and everyone on it will drop to 10% of their current RR. This makes it fair for everyone and makes sure that no one becomes stagnant on the leaderboard. Everyone else not on the leaderboard is only required to play one placement game and will return to their previous rank.

This soft reset allows for lower-ranked players to put in the hard work and grind on Valorant for hours to get the rank that they want. It also allows the best players in the world to remain super competitive and battle it out on the leaderboards.

At the end of each Episode, everyone gets a reset. It doesn’t matter if you are Bronze, Plat, or Radiant, your rank still resets to the default “Unranked” status. To get your starting rank for that Episode, you’ll have to play 5 placement games. The highest you can place, even if you were Radiant, is Diamond 1.

This makes for a fun and competitive environment that allows you to keep grinding at the game. It also helps lessen the amount of “boosted” players because their ranks get dropped. Overall, you can expect your rank to drop around 1 to 4 ranks from where you were, aside from Immortal to Radiant players.

These resets are why the Valorant rank distribution during the start of Acts or Episodes is usually a little bit skewed and inaccurate. However, they do get straightened out and corrected as the Episode progresses.


And that’s the end of our article. Hopefully, we were able to give you a great look at the current state of the Valorant rank distribution and we were able to help you find out where you stand among other players.

Competitive can be a hard and challenging game mode to play. We all want to get the best rank we can before each Episode ends. It’s a representation of the hard work that we’ve put into Valorant and of course, we get to brag about it to our friends.

So, where did you end up within the current Valorant rank distribution? Leave a comment down below.

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