Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting First Impressions

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Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting is definitely a departure from what the previous DLCs for Vampire Survivors were doing. How much of a departure you might ask? About a couple dozen light-years at least. Oh, and it adds Among Us characters too. Let’s see what sort of shenanigans this DLC has to offer.

So, What’s New?

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting Crewmate
Polus Replica Starting Position

Emergency Meeting combines Vampire Survivors and Among Us, now that’s a phrase I never thought I’d be saying in my life. It adds 9 unique characters from the Among Us universe, a huge new map called Polus Replica that’s set in space, a whole host of new enemies to convert to paste, and about a dozen and a half weapons to do the dirty work with.

That’s the major things out of the way. The map also comes with a new soundtrack courtesy of Vampire Survivor’s composer that’s energetic and fits the setting.

What Are My Impressions of Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting?

Treasure Chest Prize

All in all, my impressions of the Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting are pretty warm. For the price of a couple of dollars, you get a new campaign, new characters, and new tools to play around with. Depending on your attention span, this can either keep you entertained for a few hours or up to a few days.

I also want to address the elephant in the room. Why a collaboration with Among Us of all things? To that, I answer, Why not? Vampire Survivors isn’t really a serious game, and neither is Among Us. They’re practically the perfect match for a collaboration.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting Enemies
Enemy Encounter

I guess the reason many fans are skeptical of this collaboration is because of the memes about Among Us that have colored the game’s reputation in a certain way. Personally, I don’t care about that aspect. The collaboration itself has been pulled off exceptionally well, and the new campaign has many features, and the new characters are fun to play with.

Plus, the sci-fi aspect puts a nice twist on Vampire Survivors. I’m the type of person who prefers sci-fi to fantasy, so being able to play a game like Vampire Survivors in space is a welcomed change indeed. You can only vanquish so many skeletons before it becomes boring. Sometimes, you need to vanquish moon ducks as well.

Closing Remarks and Final Thoughts

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting final boss
Boss Battle

Unfortunately, we live in an era where DLCs have become the norm. Many companies intentionally release decapitated games just so they can sell you the rest of the game through DLCs. So when a game comes along that actually sells you DLCs that are worth more than what you pay for, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

That’s how Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC feels like. For the price of a cup of coffee, you get to experience hours upon hours of content. And in my books, that’s a bargain I’m willing to take any day of the week.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our first impressions of Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC. You can get it on Steam at the following link.

This preview is based on the PC version of Vampire Survivor’s Emergency Meeting DLC. The key was provided by Future Friends Games.

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