Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC Available Now

Ali Hashmi
Ali Hashmi
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Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

Vampire Survivors is responsible for the evergrowing genre of Bullet Heaven games, and it’s one of the most popular titles on Steam. It has received a few expansions in the past year, and now it’s time for the Among Us crew to join the cast. The Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC is now available on PC, Xbox, and mobile devices.

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

Check out the launch trailer for the new expansion!

The expansion which costs £1.99/$2.49/€2.49 includes the following content:

  • A map set on the scientific base of Polus Replica
  • 9 new characters
  • 15 new weapons
  • 1 new Adventure
    • A standalone mini sidequest that remixes content from the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC. 
  • 6 new music tracks
  • 20 in-game-only achievements
  • Space ducks

The DLC is currently 20% off on Steam, and you can get it at the following link. The DLC can be enjoyed solo or with up to 4 players. The DLC is also planned for the Nintendo Switch but is releasing on a later date.

Are you going to pick up the DLC? Have you already started playing? Share your impressions in the comments below.

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